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Accessible from any browser, the tool enables you to quickly generate, edit and download your graphic as a native PowerPoint slide , which makes it easy to share and include in presentations. This tutorial shows how to create a timeline both manually in Pages and automatically with Office Timeline Online. If you wish learn how to make a Gantt chart in Pages for Mac, please see our Gantt tutorial here.

Creating timelines online automatically takes: 2 mins.

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BEEDOCS: Timeline 3D for Mac

Creating timelines in Pages takes: 30 mins. Open Pages and select Blank Landscape from the template gallery to ensure you'll have enough room for your Gantt chart.

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Pages will automatically generate a bubble chart that looks like the one in the image below:. Click on the chart area and then on the Edit Chart Data button that appears.

7 Best Timeline Creators For Creating Awesome Timelines

In the Chart Data table that pops up, add your project data as follows:. Keep the milestone descriptions as short as possible as these will be later displayed on the graphic and you want them to be fully visible. Use the X column to enter the due dates for each milestone, as shown in the image below. In the Y column of each milestone, on the same row of the milestone's due date, add a digit such as 1, 2, 3, or 4. These numbers will act as plotting elements that set the milestone bubbles' vertical positioning on the chart. Bubbles that have smaller plotting numbers will be shown closer to the X axis, while those with bigger digits will be placed higher up on the chart.

Lastly, in each milestone's Size column , enter a number like 10, 20, 30 to set the size of the corresponding bubble on the timeline. In my case, I used the value 20 for all my milestones. After adding all the project data, the resulting chart looks will look this:. Here, choose None from the Time dropdown menu under Value Labels.

Top 12 Timeline Makers: Project Visuals to Enrich Your Online Courses or Business Slides

Although the legend situated above the graphic gives information about the chart milestones, it may be hard to follow for the viewer. A more efficient way to communicate your milestones' details is to have them displayed directly on their corresponding bubbles. If you want to go with this suggestion, then you need to:. In my example, I kept the centered placement of the label, but selected None from the Time dropdown menu.

Next, you will need to make the label text more visible by adjusting its size and color. I chose to change the font from Regular Helvetica Neue to Bold Helvetica and decrease it from 12 to 10 points. You may also want to remove the horizontal lines from the graphic as they aren't really relevant to the timeline. Adding vertical lines to the chart will help you highlight the relative distance between milestones.

This is done from the Value X tab and requires you to:. Choose the type of gridlines you prefer from the dropdown menus under the Major and Minor Gridlines sections.

Lucidchart does more than your average timeline generator

I opted for straight gray lines of 0. Insert more intermediary vertical lines from the Axis Scale section, increasing the number of Minor Steps. Given that the uppermost milestone of my timeline was not fully included in my gridline area, I corrected that by returning to the Value Y tab and setting the Max Scale value under Axis Scale to 5. Once all the steps above have been carried out, the resulting timeline looks like the one below:.

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At this point, your timeline could use a few customizations to look more unique. Here are a few suggestions:. Change the default colors of the chart bubbles - select the milestone you want to recolor, go to the Style tab and use the color indicator next to Fill. Here is how I set the chromatics for my graphic.

Add effects - from the same Style section, you can choose to apply a series of effects such as shadows and strokes. Add a title to your timeline - select the chart area, go to the Chart tab and tick the box for Title under Chart Options. Timelines can also be created with the help of web services such as TimeGlider. While it is not as elaborate as one might like, however TimeGlider can get the job done for you if you require creating timelines for educational projects e.

You can create free timelines by simply heading over to the TimeGlider website from where you can not only create free timelines but also collaborate with friends and publish zooming timelines. TimeRime is another online timeline creator that provides easy options for creating free timelines, which can be shared online. TimeRime can help you create timelines for all types of purposes including timelines for professional and educational use. Go to TimeRime. Anyone who requires creating elaborate timelines without entangling information in a confusing sequence should use the Dipity web service.

Software features

This free digital timeline web service allows organizing web content in a chronological order. With Dipity you can share and collaborate with others to create dynamic timelines with audio, video, image, social media and text content. You can even embedd your created timelines using an embed code. To get an idea regarding what type of timelines you can create with Dipity, see the image given below.

Excel 2016 Mac: Timeline Tweak for Your Project

Most of our collected information is often saved in our social media accounts or published in the form of blogposts. TimeKiwi makes it easy to extract this data for creating timelines. With TimeKiwi you can instantly create visually appealing timelines from your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or Instagram account, blogs or pictures. The below image demonstrates a timeline created using a Twitter account.