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We also eliminated models nearing the end of their production life, since it will become harder to find them and their supplies for sale in coming months. To make sure we accounted for all kinds of users, we tested these printers under as many conditions as possible. Still, we did print via USB, where available, to make sure that worked. Since setup is often the most frustrating and difficult part of printer ownership, we were especially critical of installer packages, print-and-scan software, connectivity issues, and the quality of mobile apps.

But of course some printers do print and scan better than others. We printed a variety of text and graphics-heavy documents to assess print quality and speed. We also tested the inkjet printers for photo quality. Paper handling is important, too, so we ran large print jobs to check for jams and slowdowns caused by overtaxed onboard memory.


Top 10 Best All-In-One Printers for Mac 12222 Reviews

We checked each machine for firmware updates they all needed them out of the box and made sure they could be applied over Wi-Fi. We listened for annoying noises that would wake us up in the night. Print costs are reasonable, and your documents come out more quickly than they would from almost any other inkjet. Most laser printers will produce sharper text, but print quality is excellent for this type of machine.

It even produces frame-worthy glossy photos, and scans look fine too. We have no complaints about the build quality. To get the up and running, you simply visit The installer walks you through getting the AIO connected, registered, and working with your computer, usually in around 10 minutes or less.

Ink costs remain a thorn in the side of inkjet owners, but the OfficeJet Pro delivers prints at a reasonable per-page price. If you buy the largest cartridges available—XXL black and XL color—a black-and-white page costs about 1. Those costs have actually gone up slightly since we last updated this guide, but they also fluctuate frequently as ink goes on sale. Bear in mind that these estimates are based on the stated page yields for each cartridge type; your real world results are likely to differ due to the ink that gets wasted during cleaning cycles.

Overall, the is a little more expensive to operate than some Brother models but cheaper than most Epson and Canon competitors. For owners, signing up for Instant Ink makes color prints and photo prints substantially cheaper, but it also more than doubles the price for everyday monochrome print jobs like recipes, school papers, and tax forms.

[Top Pick] The Best Printers for Mac in 12222 – Wireless and All-in-One Printers Inside

You can also change your mind within seven days of initial setup and still claim any promotional offers. Using the OfficeJet Pro on a day-to-day basis was a stress-free experience. The intuitive software uses modern, consistent design and language across all platforms including mobile apps. Most midrange printers print well, and the OfficeJet Pro is no exception.

Its text output is dark and sharp down to about 4 points, and the printer also produces vibrant, crisp graphics. For most users, there will be no discernible difference. Photos come out surprisingly well, too—certainly good enough to grace your fridge or go in a frame on your desk. But if you are one of those people, we have recommendations for you, too.

When it comes time to print large documents, the OfficeJet Pro can tear through them at a rapid clip. In testing via Wi-Fi , we recorded speeds of around 13 ppm with single-sided text documents, or 6. The Canon Maxify MB that we also tested has similar stated print speeds and produced similar real-world results. If speed is especially important to you, consider upgrading to a laser all-in-one ; those machines routinely reach or at least get much closer to their impressive stated print speeds. Scanning speed was similarly impressive. We tested the using the ADF to scan multi-page documents and recorded a rate of about 9 page sides per minute.

Photos scanned using the flatbed scanner glass looked great, with vibrant colors and sharp details thanks to a dpi max resolution. It stumbled only once during our testing, when it grabbed two sheets at the same time when the paper tray was almost empty. With that exception noted, the machine reliably pulled in one sheet at a time, and the rollers in the main tray had no issue when it was almost empty or slightly overfilled. If you want to print with card stock or glossy photo paper, you can choose those options when you put them in the tray; a prompt will appear on the control panel each time you close the tray, asking you for the paper size and type.

Like higher-end printers including many laser AIOs , it outputs print and copy jobs behind the large 4. The capacitive touch panel is bright and easy to use, with smartphone-style icons and swipe controls. Rivals make do with less-responsive resistive screens, which are often smaller and tougher to use. The control panel is also feature-rich, letting you do almost everything using just the touchscreen.

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That includes scanning to email, accessing network drives, and tapping into cloud storage services. The OfficeJet Pro is a really big printer. It will colonize your desk with its Nothing comes for free. This one can only handle up to legal-size paper, and it lacks a bypass feed for odd-size media and envelopes. Like most AIOs at this level, the includes a front USB port that accepts thumb drives, so you can start a print job without having to connect via Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately, it can only be used to print photos—not PDFs or Word files.

Top 10 Best Printers For Mac

This is because the printer lacks PostScript emulation, which is required to translate those files into a printable document. To get that capability, you have to step up to the OfficeJet Pro or But this limitation applies exclusively to the front USB port; the will happily print PDFs and Word documents if you send them from your phone, tablet, or computer.

These have ranged from total hardware failure to paper jams and fax glitches. Like we said, all printers will find a way to let you down. Still, we stand by our pick. User reviews at shopping sites are also largely positive—either 3. It uses most of the same inks as the , and print quality appeared to be nearly identical in our testing. Better, it can auto-duplex print and scan albeit with two passes. During our time testing the machine, we had zero issues with Wi-Fi stability or getting print jobs to start except when we forgot to load paper.

Printing on card stock and glossy photo paper worked perfectly, too. Like the OfficeJet Pro , you can add a second sheet input drawer to avoid this annoyance.

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Though presented as a member of the OfficeJet family, the stands apart from the , , and in several respects. For starters, it ditches the behind-the-control-panel paper output for a more conventional folding paper collection arm. The build quality is a bit less robust, as well, but this is still a far better-built machine than most printers in the same price range.

The capacitive touchscreen control panel is smaller but uses the same menu system. The panel is a little harder to use simply because you have to be more precise with your touches, but is no problem with a little practice.

Who Should Get This?

What other corners have been cut? The scanner glass is only large enough for letter-sized documents, though you can still scan legal sheets via the ADF. We think most people can live with that. Power users will never be satisfied with an inkjet all-in-one, no matter how competent it might be. Besides basic printing, the M can work as a scan, standalone copier, email sender, and fax machine. It can print from and scan to a USB drive, and it can be connected to smartphones, laptops, computers, and tablets.

Navigation is done through a inch color touch screen, with the additional feature of a command input option.

Buying a Printer for Your Mac: What to Consider?

Paper is handled with sheet and sheet trays, and a duplexer for two-sided printing. Printing speed is also great, the first page out in as fast as 8. Overall , the LaserJet Pro M is a wise choice for the business and individual user, who is prepared to spend some money on a quality printer. It can do one-sided and two-sided printing, faxing, scanning and photocopying.

Feeding is through a sheet tray, and the printing speed is 4. Price wise, it is very affordable, making it ideal for the small office or home environment. In summary , it is one of the printers for Mac that is versatile, economical, and affordable; which are characteristics much in demand in the small and medium business world. This is a monochrome, laser, low-cost printer that is small enough to be easily placed on a desk.

It also comes with a built-in duplexer for two-sided printing. It is a light printer, weighing only 15 pounds, and measuring 7. Thus, it can easily be moved by one person. Its printing quality is good for text, but not good enough for pages that contain detailed pictures. However, photos of not a very demanding quality can be printed with ease. It has a printing speed of 27 pages per minute, which is enough for the average office requirements. This is a color, multifunction printer with many capabilities for the small and medium office.

It is a multifunction printer, providing printing, faxing and photocopying services. In addition, it comes with a Premium free service for scanning to searchable PDF or editable Microsoft Office formats. Its outstanding characteristic is connectivity. Navigation is excellent, through a 4. Feeding is through a tray, and a sheet feeder, with an optional sheet tray. That makes a total maximum of sheets. It also has a one-sheet manual feed tray. Its auto-duplexer feature permits two-sided printing. Its size is Therefore, it requires at least two people to move it, and cannot be placed on a desk.