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Hope it helps! Actually, I figured what I was doing wrong. This is such a great app. Have just installed SMBUp and all works well so thanks very much for your installation tips. Have one annoying issue though which I wondered if you might know about. Any idea what it might be? X and Why not just stick with AFP then? I installed the full SMBUp package on two different machines one I did find AFP to be slower when using it in the past.

Now, if I need to increase storage, I can easily do so by popping in a couple more 8TB drives. It seemed more of a lack of understanding on my end though. I had processes running in the background, doing numerous tasks. However … they used different users and rights when writing files, therefor causing permission issues. Just used your straight forward instructions to get my wdtv to share files from my mac, simple and worked first time, a rare event for me, fantastic, thank you very much, so happy right now. Awesome Wayne! I installed smbup and it was working until this morning when it kept giving me a jsone error and crashing.

I cannot open the program to attempt to remove or uninstall it. Hope this helps …. Anyone out there willing to chime in who actually tested this? Super thank you. Right mouse button does not work, but the Delete button on the keyboard has worked! Glad to hear that worked! But after I restart the software :. The application must shut down. Exception Error Number: 1. I tried to delete SmbUp,delete all related files on my mac and download again, but same error at startup. As of this writing 1.

Get it here. The only 3DS I know is a Nintendo? Say you 3DS has the IP address Finder will ask for username and password if the share requires this. But … your 3DS would need to run a Samba service and have a share available. SMBUp will not fix that issue — unfortunately. As far as I know the search function is disabled by default in Spotlight, but it can be turned on, but has to be turned on again each time you reboot or Log Off.

Hey everyone, I have installed SMBup on My Mac Mini and while I have had success accessing one of my shared drives over my network, there are still a few others that are inaccessible. Will any of this help, or i ma missing a step somewhere? Any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated. As a developer of other applications, I have noticed that Apple is making it more and more difficult and significantly less fun for developers.

With each version of MacOS certain new limitations will be imposed. in Sick-Beard | source code search engine

This is simply not correct and very misleading. Do a full system backup first. The article is more than 2 years old and at the time, with the equally old macOS version, going back to normal worked. Hi I have a problem. Maybe someone else can chime in here? I am not aware of its limitations or how to set it up right, however. Interesting — I had forgotten about that feature. This article is from , so about 4 years old, and I myself no longer use this option — mostly because I no longer have the need to have an SMB share on my Mac. I would recommend checking out the SMBUp website to see if there is additional info made available since then that may help.

Support us by doing your shopping at Amazon. Content may not be reproduced without explicit permission of the author s. You can contact us through the "Contact Us" form. Linking to our page s however is very much appreciated. Tweaking 4 All. Search for:. Easy - Anyone should be able to do this. Related Articles - Jump straight to an overview of related articles if any Google Plus - Share this page What is the Problem? SMBUp — Configuration window. SMBUp — Share a drive or a folder.

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SMBUp — My share is finally working! Related Articles.

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Thanks Jose! Nice write-up. Short, to the point and it works! Hi Eduo! Great, thanks. May 10, - AM - michael Comment Link. May 17, - PM - partimers Comment Link. Hello, thanks for this article, and thanks the author of SMBup. May 18, - PM - partimers Comment Link. Thanks Partimers! May 19, - AM - vladsold Comment Link. Hi Vladsold! Thanks, tom PS still have to donate to the beer fund-which i will do. Hi Tom! Any ideas? Please help me! I have MacPro mac osx Please let us know which setting worked for you.

Jul 22, - PM - martin Comment Link. Hallo, ich habe das selbe Problem.

Mac OS X SMB Fix solution: SMBUp

Mein iMac ist per Lan Kabel angeschlossen und hat auch alle Freigaben aktiv. Ruhezustand bei Netzwerkzugriff beenden ist auch aktiv. Verbindungen sind super, aber der iMac geht trotzdem Schlafen. Now there are 2 ways to do that. Sorry for my bad English. Hi Roland, Combining paths like that is probably not possible. Hi Etop Udoh! Two suggestion I found there, worth trying: To re-enable windows file sharing you could try two things: 1.

Hey Etop Udoh! Hi Gustav, My Dell Laserprinter has a scan option that allows to scan to a shared folder. If i add a user, it adds that user to all shared folders… if I delete a user, it deletes in all shared drive…. Any help would be appreciated. Question 2 is still in the works!

Still trying to activate different folder with different right. Great product and fantastic instructions.

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Again, this program and your instructions rock!! Thank you!! Hi Toni! Thank you, the truth is that it is not. I will try to reinstall OSX Yosemite. Impossible, I can not get it to work. I try to get back to Yosemite. Thanks for everything. Dec 27, - PM - martin Comment Link. Any help appreciated. Hi Martin! Feb 25, - PM - shaz Comment Link. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Feb 26, - AM - shaz Comment Link. Hi Hans, Thanks for the quick response. Hi Shaz! Thanking you in advance, Kim. Thanking you in advance, and I really appreciate all your help.

Hi Zhenkai Jiang! Just to be clear, I have had a Mac since my first K Macintosh in , so this comes as a rude surprise for me. I don't want my Desktop to look like my iPhone, either. I'm glad it worked for you, I just don't have the time to invest right now to reinstall Snow Leopard, especially because the Mail format has completely changed and downgrading has been made nearly impossible well, a complete PITA anyways. Have you started from a fresh install?

I know that's a pain the the ass and a very 'Windows' solution but it can make a difference. I think some of that legacy PowerPC stuff baked in caused some of the issues and Lion was the first version without it. But desktop looking like iOS? You must be running a different OS to me because X release has. I guess I'll try wiping and re-installing again. Really don't have any other choice as the thing is dog slow now. The fact that you guys, using a variety of HW, are having decent experience gives me hope.

That's not legit. Only way to do that is to pirate OS X. The OP said he doesn't want to do that. I've got a Snow Leopard install I've been trying to get going. I bought the copy, it's legit, and I'm hoping I can do this without having to dl a full image somewhere. Second, not an attorney but Running osx on non apple hardware is not "illegal".

How to setup SABnzb and Sickbeard Part 2

EULAs are not criminal issues. They are contracts. Breach is legal however the party being breached has a right to sue you for damages. However in these types of cases where its personal use, showing and getting damages is very difficult and if you pay for it legally not even sure what the argument is but im not a litigator putting aside the fact that the chances of Apple finding out and bringing a lawsuit are next to none.

What is illegal is violating the DMCA. That can be done by modding osx to copy it or something to that affect. Did not read or try. Just had it bookmarked for when I build my esxi monster. No, you can't. My friend. I think the OP appreciates your willingness to answer his question but your answers on both fronts were just wrong.

Installing Sick Beard

For the OP let me summarize. Apple doesn't support it of course and you are in breach of their EuLA. But there is nothing criminal with that just recognize what that means. Once you have that up and running in your exsi call them again and tell them you want to upgrade to Lion. They will send you a special code to download from Mac AppStore since Mountain Lion is now the latest. Sure… but I have 6box, althub, dognzb, drunkenslug, nzbcat, nzbgeek and usenet-crawler not mentioned, along with torrentRSS feeds: showrss and demonoid. Say, the ones with gaps were checked and then the next one hung preventing the rest?

Are they checked in a specific order? Or just downloaded in parallel? Those are all newznab based, its highly probably that they were able to catch up a quick check of a different indexer shows almost 24 hours of history. They are queried in parallel. Ah, I was thinking of those messages as the state before downloading, not after. Seems odd that.