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Mac: OS X Lion Compatibility

Then this week, inexplicably I'm suddenly unable to login to my gmail account with Jump. I've verified that everything is working with gmail and my network and uploaded diagnostics data to Jump through the desktop app. Every time I try to login by entering my gmail account and password, simply nothing happens and the app remains grey in my menu bar.

I can log into my MBAir running Mountain lion without any problem using either encrypted or nonencrypted vnc. I have tried adding new user accounts, changing passwords, reseting the VNC password, but all I get is the Mac Credentials challenge.


It will not take any combination of username and pw I can give it. I have firewall off, and all settings identical to the computer that works. Please sign in to leave a comment. Windows: Jan 9th Can not connect to machines after installing Microsoft Windows update. Android: Can't connect to computers after updating to Jump Desktop 7. Update: OS X Lion Stuart Shames August 01, Jump Desktop Support August 14, Stanley E.

Welson August 14, Jump Desktop Support August 19, Scott Gregg October 30, Jump Desktop Support November 01, Jump Desktop Support November 05, Jon D'Angelo November 22, Jump Desktop Support November 22, Cola Bret December 23, Dustin Encelweski January 11, Dan Daranciang February 03, But move the same feature to my desktop, a Not only because a huge screen like the inch can easily display multiple full-sized windows with little problem, but also because if you full-screen an app on one display, this is what you see, by default.

But what if you could full-screen Mail on your secondary display, while your primary display was still being used for other apps? There might be a utility to that.

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Or, to take a somewhat more common use case, what if you want to full-screen a video in QuickTime Player on your secondary display while working on your primary display? Granted, there are challenges here. But full-screen apps are also treated as their own spaces, which makes it tricky if you want to put an app in full-screen mode while still leaving other windows available in that space.

But thus far, Apple seems to have other fish to fry with its next update to the Mac operating system.

Using Full Screen Apps with Multiple Monitors in Mac OS X 10.7

The list could probably go on. What it comes down to, I think, is that Apple sometimes gets overenthusiastic about an idea, without thinking through all of the repercussions, and such is the case with this process of bringing iOS and OS X into a more perfect union. In fact, as long as the company is looking to unify elements of iOS and OS X, it could do worse than figuring out a way to bring the idea of multiple apps on the screen to its mobile operating system. Click a resolution setting to set it for the monitor.

Using Six Multiple Screens in Mac OSX Mavericks - Pros & Cons

You can quickly see the dimensions of an image you are considering for use as your wallpaper. You can then use Preview to crop the image if you would like to change its dimensions to better fit your monitor when used as wallpaper. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.

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