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Booklets are double-sized printouts where the sheets can be fold in half and stapled together to make it flip like a book, an A5 size book to be precise. Think newspaper if you are not sure.

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Assuming you have an 8 page document, the following will show the page arrangement of a booklet. Microsoft Word for Mac does not print a booklet directly. It does print 2 pages per sheet on both sides. But it is different from a booklet. uses cookies.

It is strange that Microsoft has missed out such a useful feature as the booklet format is clearly useful in many situations. The good thing is there exists a simple workaround, which will take 2 stages. Here are the step by step guide.

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It is a straight forward workaround. For more information of the setting on Acrobat, click here to see the guide from Adobe. Denis O'Sullivan said:.

This is an excellent workaround for booklet printing on Mac. The Acrobat Reader method worked first time.

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The only thing to note is that you need to increase the font size when you are printing an A5 booklet since the material to be printed will be scaled down when fitted 2 up to the page. Many thanks for solving a big problem for me.

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    Fold, Baby, Fold

    Here we are just making a simple test booklet, added a header, and page numbers for the footer. After you have the Booklet setup in word, you can navigate to each page, and make any edits or changes you need.

    Booklets: Print and Fold

    Depending on the type of printer you have, hopefully you can print both sides of the document. Or, if it supports manual duplex printing, you can select that option as well. Where in our case it looks like it might be time for a printer upgrade? The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.

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    BookBaby Book Printing: How To Format Your Book in Word for Mac

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