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You can do this in one of two ways: via System Preferences or via Terminal. This will give you the MAC address for the en0 interface. Depending on how many interfaces you have on your computer, you might need to run this command several times adding 1 to the number each time. Now you can simply compare the MAC addresses listed here with the one you saw via System Preferences.

In my case, my WiFi MAC address of fe:df:dd:8a matches with en1 , so that is the interface I have to use for the next commands. Now that you have a new MAC address, you can change the current one using the following command below.

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In order to do this, you need to be logged in as an Administrator or you have to enable the root account in OS X. Just login as an admin and you should be able to run the command just fine. It will ask you for your password, though, before changing the MAC address. You need to first disconnect from any networks and then run the command.

Surprisingly, disconnecting from a wireless network in OS X is not intuitive at all. You have to press and hold the Option key and then click on the WiFi icon to see the disconnect option. So here is a rundown of all the commands I ran in order to get the current MAC address, generate a random one, update the MAC address and then verify to make sure it had actually changed.

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As I mentioned earlier, this is definitely not as straightforward as the process is on Windows, but you should be able to do it if you simply copy and paste the commands above. If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment. Founder of Online Tech Tips and managing editor. He began blogging in and quit his job in to blog full-time. He has over 15 years of industry experience in IT and holds several technical certifications. I am not particularly crazy about coding; I do it for a living as well as an off-work hobby, but I thought it'd be a prudent idea to write a GUI application for my dad in my spare time.

It validates the ID you've entered, so you cannot enter a MAC like "I am a chicken hawk" or something goofy like that.

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MAC Address Changer for Windows XP/2003

Normally, both operations would be pretty straightforward. Sometimes though, with some network adapters, programmatic reset of the adapters will fail. In that case, you'll get a message box telling you that you'll need to manually reset the adapter. The source code decently commented, I hope has been included.

Change Windows MAC Address

All the textual UI is taken from the resource, so it should be pretty easy to have versions for other languages, say German or French for instance. If anyone modifies the source code, I request that my original copyright comment headers be left intact. Some network administrators might have forbidden the practice of changing MAC addresses, so you might want to check with your sys-admin before you use this program.

This application was written out of personal necessity and if it is useful to other people, well and good.

If not, oh well, then nothing is lost anyway. The source code has been provided for interested people. Sign in Email. Forgot your password? Search within: Articles Quick Answers Messages. Nish Nishant Rate this:. Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Things to Note Normally, both operations would be pretty straightforward. If you don't have write-access to the HKLM registry key hierarchy, both operations fail. Program Usage The program can be used freely for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

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Source Code The source code decently commented, I hope has been included. Conclusion This application was written out of personal necessity and if it is useful to other people, well and good. Nish Nishant.

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