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Forgot a page, or continue scanning later, or another day? The content de-skew allows to correct page skew based on the page's content. Further improving visual appearance, storage size as well as OCR results. It also allows to embed the barcode content into the PDF document - through this the barcode parameters can be found e. It even recognizes difficult images with colored background, overlapping and distortion. The Imprinter allows ExactScan Pro to print flexible text into the scan. To support you with high speed pages per minute and higher scanners, ExactScan comes in an Enterprise-ready flavour.

After initial installation and activation we provide you with support and free software updates for at least two years. For ExactScan v2 we provided over free updates in 7 years! We also listen to customer feedback and constantly implement new features, functions and new scanner support. Adapting to OS updates, new scanner models and vendor's driver updates consume significant development resources.

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To update to new versions after the first two free years we provide upgrade licenses at a reduced price to fund continous support and development. Built-In Scanner Drivers ExactScan is a modern scanning solution, including more than different drivers for document scanners from Avision , Canon , Fujitsu , HP , Kodak , Oki , Panasonic , Visioneer and Xerox , which otherwise don't come with a manufacturer's Mac driver and thus wouldn't work at all.

Paper Size Detection Auto-Crop This auto paper size detection recognizes any page size and allows the user to create multi-page documents with different sizes. Skew Correction De-Skew ExactScan has sophisticated image algorithms which can recognize automatically, how the images and documents have to be cropped and de-skewed. Blank Page Detection ExactScan recognizes empty pages to save storage space and edit time.

It can also delete the blank pages of your document to save storage space. Solid Colors ExactScan features an option to smooth uniform colors in the background, which results in reduced file size and a more pleasant view.


HP Scanjet - Scan driver and software support for OS X 10.7 (Lion)

This option also allows the user to focus on the image foreground. Easy Scan at Your Fingertip With the new button and profile manager you can scan paper documents much faster and easier with the click of a button: Automatic Scan to PDF or other file formats Create searchable PDF on-the-fly Define your own personal profiles and make ExactScan fitting exactly to your workflow! Individual File Naming ExactScan makes use of advanced Mac OS X user interface elements and allows comfortable editing of the resulting filename: AppleScript Support ExactScan includes extensive AppleScript support for professionals, and allows the user to: Directly access your profiles Set your resolution, color mode, destination directory, profile name and application Monitor the processing status from ExactScan after sending the scan request Agile development We are a highly agile and creative team and constantly develop and update our products based on valuable customer feedback.

Auto rotation The auto-rotation feature allows ExactScan Pro to determine the orientation of each scanned sheet automatically, therefore avoiding the need to manually pre-sort a stack before the scan. All automatic Everything in the Pro version is automatic. Very disappointing.

Adding a Printer Using OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

No longer prints PDFs. It's a bug I've seen after doing some research on my problem. I used the apple software update, and was upgraded from version 2. I'm running OS X The printer spools endlessly, and I'm stuck. I know bugs are selective, so maybe you'll be fine. But I'm now working to downgrade back to 2.

I'd suggest passing on this update. I have an HP Worked well until the download. I'm using Allows easy access to all of the features built into your printer through the standard printer interface. Bugs in version 2. Problem occurs with both the AppStore software update version and the full installer from Apple's website.


Problem and solution have been verified on Mountain Lion installations on two machines. I don't know if this affects other HP laser printers. I expect that it probably will. If you haven't been caught yet, wait until Apple releases a replacement version. Updated on Aug 24, Version 2. The issue I referred to above has been resolved. This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. Not the actual printing but the staging, or transfer from computer to printer. We're talking 80 seconds to set up one page of plain text! Before upgrade this all happened within seconds I thought this latest driver upgrade would help but I, too, had the last minute hang and not go anywhere, but I left it alone for several minutes while tending to my grandaughter, and found that it had finished in the interim.

So for me, I will continue to use my Canon scanner. Very sloppy quality control testing, if any was done at all.

HP has consistently let me down. Not sure I will purchase another product from them. This exact scenario happened with my attempt at installing. I have four friends, one of whom used to work at an Apple Store--same issue. This is obviously not an isolated event as even a previous commenter added weight to this. I got a PACE kext repeating dialog and a runaway process with fans a blazing. I not only had to force-quit the installer, but had to reboot as well to get rid of a continuing repeating loop of pop-up errors about an badly installed kext.

HP Scanjet - Scan driver and software support for OS X (Mountain Lion) | HP® Customer Support

I gave it one more shot and rebooted into safe mode, logged into a freshly created admin account--same deal. Had to force-quit the installer--which didn't end the repetetive pop-ups. Obviously this is a problematic update that needs fixing. It still frankly amazes me, and don't get me wrong, I still drink the Apple Kool-Aid, but I've been amazed how easily the Windows updates go in general, considering they are on a huge installed base of "machines of mystery" of an infinite variety of configurations not owned by Microsoft.

HP Installer can't be opened Message Displays in Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion - HP

Apple owns, develops and maintains it's own installer base that includes a much smaller number of KNOWN machines machines of no mystery --and yet we are so often plagued with bad install issues like this. You'd think this would be the opposite experience in "mac world.

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