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We need a project manager to help get our launcher project going again and developers to work on adding an auto-update mechanism to it. This project, ioquake3 , is entirely volunteer-driven.

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We spend more money on hosting ioquake3 and its servers than it gets in donations. We need help from build and release engineers to update and maintain our installation process for Windows , macOS , and Linux. We need to make ioquake3 the best and easiest way to play Quake 3 on Windows , Mac , and Linux, develop new games, and play mods. Please immediately update ioquake3 to the latest test build before you connect to any online servers. Despite the name, the test builds are in fact way more stable and secure than any release at this time.

Please share this news with any other Quake 3 players you know.

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These kinds of exploits are even worse in the regular Quake 3 client, nobody should be using that anymore. Ideally, we would distribute these security fixes automatically, similar to the way browsers like Chrome and Firefox distribute updates. Games on consoles, or in Steam, require updates in order to go online and happen automatically now.

This way, we could distribute an update first so that nobody who is online is vulnerable in an ideal scenario. Until then, please update your test build as often as you can to get the latest security changes. Update : the id master server is back online, the in-game server browser is working again.

We will continue to look for a way to work around it in the event of future extended downtime. Our original post appears below. You would have seen the error message in the screenshot above:. The master server is what game servers that you play on talk to, in order to communicate their availability to your copy of Quake 3: Arena. Since at least March 11th the official Quake 3: Arena master server offered by id software at master. We operate a master server at master. We have repeatedly reached out to id software to notify them of the issue, suggesting resolutions for it, and received no response.

You can watch for the resolution of this issue on Gibhub , but even when we resolve the issue for ioquake3 players, people using the original id binaries will be out of luck unless they switch to ioquake3 or id software brings their server back online. There are third-party server browsers such as Qtracker and XQF will continue to work if directed to our master server.

This same methods works for connecting to other servers when you know their address.


Two major updates have come to desktop and laptop computing recently. OS X If you run into any issues with either this new operating systems or old ones, let us know on our community forums.

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That is a lot of fragging! The folks from the open platform for building, shipping, and running distributed applications called Docker demonstrated a containerized version of ioquake3 at Dockercon. Not just the server, but also the client. They were already my favorite container project when I started using Docker for our Discourse forum installation. Your testing will give us a chance to see if everything checks out OK on more systems than the ones we have access to.

Please report any issues you find with the test builds on the forums , in IRC , or on bugzilla. If the build fails, then, oh no! Somebody screwed up and let me write code again.

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A bot is dispatched by travis to our irc chat compound irc. The author will then receive the depicted ghost of shame in the mail within weeks. In the future we hope to figure out a way save the builds Travis creates to the ioquake3 website so that we can offer you more expedited builds. If you already have ioquake3 installed on your intel Mac running It should run fine under Mountain Lion, if you have Gatekeeper enabled with the default setting you will have to right click and then select Open on the.

Skip to content Summary: As an initial notice, I want to warn ioquake3 players and server operators that precompiled test builds downloaded from our website may have been compromised.

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  4. What I will do: The test build page has already been modified to provide no links to download the test builds. Thank you Thanks to Daniel Beck from the Jenkins team for helping to resolve this issue. Thank you, Zack Middleton zturtleman.

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    Board Licensed to: B. Please don't block the ads. Posted 14 October - PM The error itself told you what the problem is: Your user has not the rights to edit the Files! Have you copied the Updater in a Local Folder or are you starting it direct after download? Just click on the UrbanTerror This post has been edited by Knightork : 14 October - PM. Posted 14 October - PM Im on mac os x Posted 15 October - AM I'm on If the App has not the rights to create the new Dir q3ut4 and the other files, it can't update!

    But be sure it's running very well on Mac OS X If bet the User u are logged in has only read access to this Dir. This post has been edited by Knightork : 15 October - AM. Posted 15 October - AM Quote If the App has not the rights to create the new Dir q3ut4 and the other files, it can't update! Is this File in your Dir already? Then try to delete it. After testing I had a Update to But never had a new install in Posted 16 October - PM badnightfox, on 16 October - PM, said: Oh, its just that i repeatedly tried to redownload.