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Crafter 26 Jun pm. Why is there so many sentry gun codes? Which one is the real on? SteveTheHero 31 Mar pm. It crashes.. Any info on how to use Cheat Engine or something to change this so it works would be great. American Gamer 26 Nov, pm. Gabe Newell 22 May, pm. Gabe Newell 20 May, am. What bind do you put in to access the console?

Gakko 13 Feb, am. For some reason the game won't recognize the binds after following all this :. Share to your Steam activity feed. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Sign In Create an Account Cancel. When the character has taken damage, the edges of the screen glow red and the character's heartbeat increases. If the character stays out of fire, the character can recover. When the character is within the blast radius of a live grenade, a marker indicates the direction of the grenade, helping the player to either flee or toss it back to the enemy.

The player takes on the role of various characters during a single-player campaign. The characters' involvement in the plot occurs simultaneously and overlaps the events in the game. As such, the player's perspective changes from one character to another between missions. Each mission features a series of objectives; the player is led to each objective with the heads up display , which marks its direction and distance.

Some objectives require that the player arrives at a checkpoint, while other objectives require the player to eliminate enemies in a specified location, stand their ground to defend an objective, or plant explosive charges on an enemy installation. After completing the campaign, a special epilogue mission is unlocked for play.

The mission itself has no bearing on the campaign plot, and focuses on an SAS squad fighting terrorists that have hijacked an airplane and taken a VIP hostage. The main campaign features 30 collectible pieces of intel that award the player with game cheats and visual filters such as infinite ammunition, cluster grenades, and increased contrast.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare features team-based and deathmatch -based multiplayer modes on various maps. Each mode has an objective that requires unique strategies to complete. If the points are even when the time expires, Sudden Death mode is activated in which there is no re-spawning and the team who either has the last man standing, or achieves the objective first are the winners. If the player is in either of the two matches, then there is an Overtime match, in which the next team to win is rewarded the victory.

The player's performance in the multiplayer mode is tracked with experience points , which can be earned by killing opposing players, completing challenges, completing objectives, or by completing a round or match.

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As the player gains experience, they advance in level, unlocking new weapons, perks, challenges, and gameplay modes. The highest obtainable level is 55, but on the console versions of the game, the player has the option to enter "Prestige" mode, which returns their level to one and removes all accumulated unlockables. This process can be repeated up to 10 times with a different insignia being given each time. As the player advances in levels and goes up higher in prestige, they earn the ability to customize their classes; this includes selecting their main weapon, sidearm and special grenade type.

Additionally, the player can select 3 perks, one from each of the three "Tiers", that can customize their character further. Perk effects include, but are not limited to, extra ammunition, increasing bullet damage by the player, or dropping a live grenade when the player is killed. The player is also given the choice to complete challenges in order to receive even more experience points; challenges include achieving a certain number of kills with a specific weapon, shooting down a helicopter or performing a number of headshots.

Additionally, when the player attains a certain amount of headshots with a specific weapon, excluding sidearms, the player unlocks extra weapon "camos", or camouflage, to use for that specific weapon. During the single-player campaign, the player controls six different characters from a first-person perspective. Finally, the player may control Yasir Al-Fulani, the president of an unnamed Middle Eastern country in the game before he is executed, although he has no freedom of action beyond turning his head.

The game's non-playable characters NPCs feature prominently in the story: Captain Price and his right-hand man, Gaz voiced by Craig Fairbrass , serve as mentors to Soap. The antagonists in the story include Imran Zakhaev voiced by Yevgeni Lazarev , the leader of the Russian ultranationalist party and the main antagonist of the game; Khaled Al-Asad, the commander of the revolutionary forces in the Middle East and an ally of Imran Zakhaev; and Victor Zakhaev, the son of Imran Zakhaev and a priority figure in the ultranationalist party.

In , a civil war has broken out in Russia between its government and ultranationalists who seek to restore Russia to its Soviet-era glamor. Al-Asad is ruthless and has extreme anti-Western views , which prompts the United States to invade the country. The platoon attacks a TV station in which Al-Asad was believed to be broadcasting live, but discover only a looped recording.

The group later engages in urban combat in an unnamed city south of the capital. During this time, they help support and subsequently repair a downed M1 Abrams tank to assist them. The group shortly conducts two operations, one which leads them to infiltrate a cargo ship in the Bering Strait. Neutralizing the armed Russians on board, the group discover a nuclear device labeled in Arabic and retrieve its manifest. The second operation takes them to Russia in order to rescue one of their allies, a Russian informant named Nikolai working within the Ultranationalist party.

Assisted by Russian loyalist forces, Price's team succeeds in rescuing Nikolai. However, their helicopter is later brought down, forcing the group to make their way through enemy territory with support from an AC gunship before they can be extracted. Intelligence gathered from these two missions indicates that Al-Asad may be in possession of a Russian nuclear device. In the evening of the third day, the U. The assault, however, ends in catastrophe when the nuclear device suddenly detonates , wiping out most of the city along with everyone in it. Refusing to assume Al-Asad dead, Price's strike team supported by Russian loyalists raids a potential safe house in a village in Azerbaijan to eradicate the occupying Russian forces and capture Al-Asad.

Shortly into the interrogation , Al-Asad's phone rings.

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After hearing the voice of the caller, Price executes Al-Asad and reveals that the caller was the leader of the ultranationalists: Imran Zakhaev. Price informs his squad about his assassination mission against Zakhaev in Pripyat, Ukraine in In the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster and the collapse of the Soviet Union , Zakhaev took advantage of the turmoil to profit from nuclear proliferation and used his new wealth to lure soldiers from the Soviet Army to form his ultranationalist party.

Price, then a lieutenant, and his superior, Captain MacMillan, were sent on a black operation to eliminate him. Making their way through Pripyat and into Chernobyl, the two reached their vantage point in an abandoned hotel, with Price firing upon Zakhaev with a Barrett M82 sniper rifle; however, the shot only severed Zakhaev's arm. Price and MacMillan barely escaped Zakhaev's henchmen.

Following the death of Al-Asad, Price's team hold off against Ultranationalist forces who arrive to avenge him. Later, a joint task force, composed of the SAS, Force Recon, and the loyalists, attempt to capture Zakhaev's son, Victor, to learn Zakhaev's whereabouts. After ambushing him in an enemy convoy at a vehicle checkpoint, Victor flees the scene but is soon cornered on the roof of an apartment building. Refusing to surrender, he commits suicide. Enraged, Zakhaev retaliates by taking control of a nuclear launch facility. An operation is launched by the task force to take back the site from Zakhaev's forces via halo jump.

However, Zakhaev promptly launches nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles at the U. Eastern Seaboard , with the potential of causing 41 million casualties. The SAS and Force Recon, however, manage to breach the facility, seize the command room and remotely destroy the missiles over the Atlantic Ocean. They escape in military trucks with Zakhaev's forces in hot pursuit. An ultranationalist Mi Hind helicopter destroys a vital bridge and traps the joint force.

In the ensuing fight, a tanker explodes, and many of the group are either killed or injured. Zakhaev himself arrives and begins killing wounded soldiers when loyalists in a Mi Havoc suddenly destroy his Mi Hind and join the fray. Distracted, Zakhaev turns to the loyalist forces at which point Price gives Soap an M; the latter kills Zakhaev and his escort.

Loyalist forces start tending to the wounded immediately. In the epilogue, the missile incident and the ultranationalists' support of Al-Asad are covered up, thus causing the events of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was developed by a team of a hundred people, over the course of two years. While developing the story for Call of Duty 4 , Infinity Ward chose to avoid referencing current, real-life wars, and keep the series' common theme of two opposing forces of similar strength.

To enhance the realistic feel of the game, the development team attended a live-fire exercise at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms , a training facility in the California desert. This helped the developers to simulate the effects of being near an Abrams tank when it fires. The team also talked with U.

Modern Warfare 2 hacks

Marines who were recently in combat to get a feel for the background, emotions, and attitude of Marines in combat. Veterans were also recruited to supervise motion capture sessions and the artificial intelligence design of the game. The development team designed the online multiplayer component to be balanced and rewarding for new players while still offering something for experienced players. An early idea to implement air support air strikes and attack helicopters involved players fighting over special zones to access a trigger for air support against enemies.

This idea was discarded because it discouraged the type of deathmatch gameplay they intended. The killstreak reward system was put in its place to encourage the improvement of player skills. Players were allowed to select weapons before matches to get accustomed to weapons more easily and minimize weapon hunting. Maps were designed primarily for deathmatch games—the developers felt such designs suited other types of gameplay as well.

Map layouts were designed to minimize locations players could hide from enemy gunfire. Most of the music for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was written by British composer Stephen Barton , who had also contributed to film scores by Harry Gregson-Williams , to whom, composed the main theme of the game. Several music tracks from the game are available on Infinity Ward's "7 Days of Modern Warfare" website, and some are available at Barton's own web site. The game runs in a native resolution of p on the Xbox and PS3.

Certain objects, such as cars and some buildings, are destructible. This makes distinguishing cover from concealment important, as the protection provided by objects such as wooden fences and thin walls do not completely protect players from harm. Bullet stopping power is decreased after penetrating an object, and the decrease is dependent on the thickness and surface type of the object.

The game makes use of a dynamic physics engine , not implemented in previous Call of Duty titles. Death animations are a combination of pre-set animations and ragdoll physics. Console versions of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare run at a consistent 60 frames per second , and the Wii version runs at 30 frames per second. The various criteria are meant to minimize players dying immediately after rejoining a match, or being "spawn-killed" due to players simply waiting for others to "respawn". The game engine has also been used for the development of two other Activision games.

An enhanced version of the original engine was used in Call of Duty: World at War , the fifth installment in the Call of Duty series after Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare , [14] while a slightly altered version has been used for the James Bond video game Quantum of Solace , as well as GoldenEye using a heavily modified version.

On April 27, , the day before the release of the game's trailer, Infinity Ward launched a website called "Charlie Oscar Delta" to provide information on the game. Charlie Oscar Delta features a ranking system that allows users to complete missions to increase their rank and compete for prizes. The beta test was designed to test the servers, find glitches, and help balance out the weapons. It was originally only for residents of the U. The beta concluded on September Alpha missions The Pit - Complete the training course found in campaign mode.

Sniper Fi - Use sniper rifles, claymores and Predator Drones to hold off waves of enemies. Evasion - Use silenced sniper rifles and stealth to slip past enemy patrols. Suspension - Push through invading forces on the bridge to reach the safe zone. Bravo missions Overwatch - Rain down death from an AC gunship to escort your partner. Bomb Squad - Race through the Favela market place defusing bombs along the way. Big Brother - Fire explosive ammunition from the Vulcan gun of a Black Hawk helicopter, providing cover fire for your teammate. Two-player only Race - Speed you snowmobile down the mountain avoiding various obstacles and enemies.

Charlie missions I'm the juggernaut Hidden - Evade enemy patrols and Ghillie snipers near Chernobyl. Breach and Clear - Breach enemy defenses in Gulag and escape. Time Trial - Launch your snowmobile across the chasm before time runs out. Run through flags to gain bonus time. Homeland Security - Use sentry guns, thermal sights, claymores, and rocket launchers to defend against waves of enemies. Grab the intel and escape. Delta missions War Driving - Laze targets for the Striker armored vehicle in suburbia, house to house and room to room. Intel must be collected from three different buildings.

Wreckage - Use C4, grenade launchers, RPGs, sentry guns, semtex, and more to destroy every vehicle on the bridge. Acceptable Losses - Sabotage the remote airbase with silenced weapons and a heartbeat sensor. Terminal - Pummel your way through enemy riot shield ambushes. Echo missions Wet Work - Breach two rooms full of enemies and hostages to secure the oil rig. High Explosive - Kill ten Juggernauts using only explosives and your knife.

Armor Piercing - Kill all fifteen Juggernauts on the oil rig. Kill or be killed. Team Deathmatch - Work with your team to kill opponents and reach the score limit. Mercenary Team Deathmatch - Team Deathmatch with random players, no parties allowed. Demolition - Two teams are on defense and offense. The offensive team's objective is to plant a bomb , while the defensive team defends a certain area. You are able to respawn in this mode and during halftime the teams switch sides. Domination - Capture and defend three objectives spread across the map. Ground War - Large team based games.

Consists of Team Deathmatch and Objective game types. Headquarters Pro - Your objective is to capture and defend the headquarters on a map from enemy forces. After a base is destroyed by the attacking team, a new headquarters will be located on the map. This gives both teams the ability to take over the base first. The longer a base is held, the more points you accumulate to win the match. Sabotage - A bomb based game mode, where the bomb is neutral and both teams try and destroy the others base.

Search and Destroy - No respawning. Two factions with one playing defense and one playing offense. Offensive Team has one bomb and two locations to choose from. Defensive team must protect these sites from attackers. There is a short interval and both factions switch sides. Team Deathmatch Express - Team Deathmatch with shortened wait time between matches. Hardcore Ricochet: Headquarters Pro - Headquarters with friendly fire, limited HUD, extra bullet damage and ricochet damage for team killing.

Resurgence - Mix of team game modes on the maps in the Resurgence map pack. Hardcore Resurgence - Resurgence with limited HUD, extra bullet damage, and ricochet damage for team killing. Hidden Modes: These game modes were found hidden within the game's files, however never made it into the actual game. Global Thermonuclear War - Two teams must battle against each other to gain the most control over a central nuke. Once the maximum points is reach by one team, it detonates and the game ends.

Arena - A single flag is spawned in the map. The team to capture it, or eliminate the other team first, wins. The rules are incredibly similar to Search and Destroy, in that each team member has one life, and must wait for the round to end to respawn. The rocky terrain and cliffs provide plenty of sniper positions while the downed AC provides temporary cover. There are also several underground caves that allow for flanking.

Afghan Derail Snow map with three primary building structures One at each end and one slightly off the middle A derailed train runs from one spawn to the off middle building providing limited cover from sniper advance. A frozen river bed bisects the map and provides high visibility for snipers. NB: Thermal is less effective but still usable with white targets blending well with the snowy terrain. Derail Estate A Mountain chalet tends to host the majority of the action on this map.

It is somewhat defendable but can be approached and breached from three sides. A few outlining buildings also provide good views of the approach to the estate. Watch for enemies in the boathouse region if leaving via the front door. The map is taken from the single player mission "Loose Ends". Estate Favela A Brazilian shantytown with tight confined spaces. The map is a small village with various buildings and tight alleyways.

Expect plenty of close quarters combat. Favela Highrise Rooftop of a highrise office building. Both teams starts on opposite ends of two separate office buildings and converge on a central rooftop. The central rooftop has small huts and shacks with a helicopter perched on a helipad. An open trench links bases and runs underground to the across the map. Watch for snipers on the cranes both in and outside the map especially at the apex of the cranes outside the map which command a near perfect view of the battlefield Also be aware players can access the roof of one base and the upper level of the other.

Highrise Invasion Alleys and buildings, some of which are scaleable, make up this map. Taking place in an Afghan city, the many streets make for some intense encounters and several building make for excellent flanking maneuvers. Karachi Quarry Set in a stone quarry, this is the map with the biggest difference in elevation.

Players can snipe each other from high and low, take positions inside warehouses that have windows overlooking the battlefield. The huge marble blocks littering the area is perhaps Quarry's most distinguishing feature. Quarry Rundown A small and very open Brazilian town with a river crossing the town in the middle of the map, resulting a intense fire fights from all angles. Rundown Rust An old abandoned mining facility.

This is the smallest map of all the multiplayer map, which makes the scaleable crane in the middle a highly contested area. Players can also seek refuge in small containers around the map. Rust Scrapyard Set in an airplane scrapyard where multiple airplane hulls litter the middle of the map.

Two main buildings sit on each side of the map and provide starting points for each team. Some parts of the map are obscured by smoke that is a result of oil tanks burning. Scrapyard SkidRow This map has many narrow alleys that provoke a lot of close combat. In the middle of the map is a two-leveled building with windows overlooking both sides of the battlefield, making it the most contested area of the map.

Skidrow Sub Base A snow based map set at a nuclear submarine base. Most of the action takes place in a "courtyard" in the middle of the map.

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  • There are multiple structures with staircases and high visibility for sniping. Sub Base Terminal Based on the single player campaign mission "No Russian", this level occurs inside and outside of a Russian airport terminal. This is a small-medium size map with plenty of close quarters combat.

    The map also features an airplane, the inside often being a contested area. Terminal Underpass This rainy map takes place underneath a ruined underpass. Featuring buildings, narrow alleys and a wide channel cutting through the map, it makes up for some interesting player decisions in regard to weapon load-out. Long sight lines with great flank routes. Fantastic team games. Crash Overgrown Large overgrown Russian area this was a fan favorite from the original Modern Warfare. Sniper ghillie suits make for good cover. Overgrown Salvage A snow-covered junkyard.

    Lots of fast paced action. Salvage Storm Stormy warehouse district. Intense team games. It has a large open road through the center, a courtyard, and various buildings and walls, making this map ideal for all sorts of play styles. Strike Vacant Previously seen in Call of Duty 4, Vacant is set in a Russian office complex, this is a fairly small map with extensive inside and outside areas. Vacant Fuel A "sniper haven" according to Robert Bowling. Fuel is set in an oil refinery and is one of the largest maps. Fuel Carnival Set in an abandoned amusement park, Carnival has a lot of the things you'd expect, from rollercoasters to funhouses to bumper cars and many, many snack stands.

    Oh, yes, you will find clowns. Carnival Trailer Park A maze of trailers and tight corridors, with long sight lines along the edges. Trailer Park Weapons Primary Primary weapons is the standard weapon the player will start with every match. Intervention stats Barret. Can be thrown back and can kill a player with a direct impact. A blinking red light is visible from the thrown SemTex grenade. Can be used to easily 'dispose' of a Riot Shield user. Can kill a player if hit direct impact twice once on Hardcore mode. Can blind target for a bit and can even kill a player if hit direct impact twice once on Hardcore mode.

    Good for snipers with a Thermal Sight. The 'back' of the claymore faces the player deploying the claymore, with two red light emitted from the front. One player can deploy two at once. When a third is deployed, the first claymore deployed will explode. Can be shot, can be jumped over and it can be ran past with Marathon and Lightweight.

    Unlike singleplayer, the player does not need to equip the C4 switch to detonate it. Can be shot to kill people, can even be used for an assisted suicide. C4 Misc. Can be picked up over and over by anyone who has Throwing Knife equipped as their equipment. Bounces off some hard surfaces. The Throwing Knife is a one hit kill weapon, like the standard knife attack. It does not disable a Sentry Gun in a single hit however. Can be destroyed by enemies players.

    Emits a noise that can be heard by other players when spawned using the Tactical Insertion. Can be destroyed by either smashing it or with a grenade Semtex or Frag, even C4 can destroy it but bullets cannot destroy it. Usually best to kill the player and then stand next to the Tactical Insertion and kill the player again as smashing a Tactical Insertion doesn't give you exp. Creates a slight tunnel vision for the user with a dark border, blocking out radar and the rest of the HUD. It's possible for the grenades to not explode if there isn't sufficient impact with an object.

    Can also kill an enemy by hitting them with the projectile directly, which is indicated by a different kill icon. Needs to be used to get Shotgun, 20 kills with grenade launcher attachment. Grenade Launcher a. Masterkey Shotgun Silencer Unlocked - Weapon Challenge Gunfire makes less noise and does not indicate your position on enemy minimap. Shortens the range of the gun and can often make sniper's two shot killers, even with head shots. Silencer Grip Unlocked - Weapon Challenge.

    Reduces recoil and muzzle rise. Can make the gun's range longer not shown on stats because recoil is reduced. Like the regular knife attack, but is quicker and has less delay between attacks.

    Call of Duty 2 Cheats and Codes for PCs

    This attachment works only with handguns. Tactical Knife Heartbeat Sensor Unlocked - Weapon Challenge Attaches a screen to the gun being used and indicates the location of other players in front of the user. Enemies using the Ninja perk does not show up on the sensor. A gun scope with a small amount of magnification. This scope is very sensitive to recoil. A gun scope with magnification and infrared thermal vision. Enemies using Cold Blooded perk does not show up in thermal vision.

    An EMP will cause the thermal scope to have the same affect as a magnification scope. Equips two weapons that can be fired independently, but disables the option to aim down sight.

    Unlock Killstreak rewards

    Increases the rate of fire for you gun, but increases recoil and muzzle rise. Improves damage when bullets hit enemies through objects.

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    Much easier for bullet penetration, and is needed to unlock Extended Mags. Extended Mags Killstreaks You are able to customize killstreak rewards to your liking. Enemies with Cold Blooded perk will not be revealed.

    Game Cheats for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - dummies

    The deployed UAV can be shot down by enemies rockets or small arms fire. The care package can be picked up by anyone once it hits the ground, including the enemy team, although picking up the package takes much longer for those whom the package does not belong to. Also disables the map screen for other kill streaks such as airstrikes. The airdropped package contains a placeable Sentry Gun.

    The Sentry Gun automatically fires at enemies in its line of sight, but it can be destroyed by enemy fire, or temporarily disabled by enemy Stun and Flash Grenades. The owner of the Sentry Gun can pick up and relocate it at anytime as long as it's not disabled. Can be destroyed by a single knife attack, but not a throwing knife. It has health. Its speed can be boosted by pressing the fire button. Can also be used to shoot down enemy air support in a single shot, as flares do not affect the missile. The user can control the direction of which the airstrike comes from. The first two will fly over to drop a small cluster of bombs.

    Modern warfare 2 Singleplayer cheats + Secret location on museum (No download)

    The third will remain hovering over the battlefield, gunning down enemies. The harrier does not move around, but instead spins to target enemies while hovering. It has health and cuts player damage against it in half. The helicopter moves around the map, occasionally stopping and change direction. Like the Care Package, the airdropped packages contains killstreaks or ammo. However, the Emergency Airdrop drops four packages instead of the Care Packages' single drop. These packages are also less accurate than the single version, requiring an open area to make sure all packages dropped are accessible.

    The packages dropped by the Emergency Airdrop have a greater chance to have higher tier killstreaks than the Care Packages. Can deploy two anti-missile flares. Once the flares have taken two or more hits the Pavelow will be vulnerable. Like the airstrike, the direction of the bomb drop can be chosen.

    Equipped with a single flare. Equipped with 2 flares. Like the UAV it is invisible on the minimap to enemies, but can in fact be shot down by a Predator missile. It has only health. Does not stop a Tactical Nuke. The opposing force hit with an EMP will also see screen distortion slightly impairing the team's entire HUD and visual line of sight.

    Results in an instant win for the activator's team. A ten second countdown is initiated when the tactical nuke is called in. A tactical nuke stops the current match's time the instant it's initiated, halting any score additions to the match's total, however, XP can still be obtained within the ten second countdown. Any killstreaks that are in the air at the time of the blast get destroyed and the player who launched the nuke receives the XP for it.

    Quicker sight aiming.