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Bio-shock is an amazing first person shooter game. It has got some scientific and political undercurrents running throughout the games.

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It has some amazing weapons and one can have weird extraordinary powers as one progress through the game. The main character was Andrew Ryan in the book. But no limit is set as to how much powers can a person get.

So an obvious side-effect which appears long-term is insanity. So the player will have to decide for themselves how much of superpower will they inject in themselves while exploring the areas. A unique and challenging game that will keep you hooked. This game can be easily said to be one of the top games of all time. The setting of the game is in the world of Star Wars. During every step of the game, minute decisions can get you to be a hero or to the negative side. One can for a team of his own warriors here, train in the powers of Jedi and much more.

The 10 Best FPS games for Mac

The possibilities are endless. Here the player plays the central role of a Jedi Knight. The mission is to explore the innumerable planets and eliminate the Dark Forge which grants power to the Sith, the dark wizards. A brilliant game which one must play if they have a fascination for Star Wars.

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So grab Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic whenever you can set aside a chunk of time for this highly engrossing game. Call of Duty 4 is an awe inspiring war game in which you are a soldier navigating through the ground. Here you can drive tanks, fly aeroplanes, call for air-strikes and do virtually anything you can imagine. Modern Combat Domination is strictly a multiplayer game.

The game has six multiplayer modes and five maps. This game is typically played through matches where one begins with a limited cash to buy inventories and weapons. And as you win, your level increases and there is more items through which one can customize his character. No doubt, more will come soon.

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So here are 15 of what we believe are the most highly anticipated First Person Shooter games releasing next year. Enjoy the list, and give us your feedback in your comments below. Syndicate is a reboot from EA that is scheduled to be released on January 3 rd Its reveal was a pleasant surprise, and while it might not look distinct and unique from the other FPS games out there, it does look really good.

The game has 4-player co-op, which is a much welcome feature as well.


This sci-fi game looks really promising and it remains to be seen if Starbreeze can redeem the game. Halo is one of the biggest franchises in the industry, and the release of each new game in the series is nothing short of an event, a celebration of the genre itself. Prey was an amazing game with some interesting puzzles and FPS gameplay, and Prey 2 looks like a much bigger upgrade.

While the puzzle portals are no longer available here in this game, the game is set in a huge city with plenty of things to do. The game is massive with tons of things to do, and actually looks like a GOTY contender.

Even if Activision had not already announced that a new Call of Duty game developed by Treyarch will be released next year, we would have known it for a fact. And that is enough to get us excited. The first Sniper game was underwhelming overall, but the sniping part was a lot of fun.