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By default, normally only your public folder is shared with read-only permissions. The Sharing window should now look like shown below. Next, you need to assign the new sharing-only user with the appropriate file permissions in order to be able to read and write to the shared folder.


It should clearly be shown as shared, and the permissions at the bottom should indicate which users have access to it. Open the folders as normal by double-clicking, after which you can drag and drop files and other folders onto your Mac.

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Here, you can add the appropriate permissions for your main Mac account, and apply those permission to all sub-folders and files. Alternatively, if you set your main PC login and user name to be exactly the same as your main Mac account, there may not be any permissions issues. Oh, the joys of sharing files!!! Sharing folders on your PC with a Mac is just as easy as in the previous examples. This section explains what you need to do on your PC and Mac. Note that this applies Windows 7 only , but the process is fairly similar for other versions of Windows.

Open Windows Explorer and click on the folder or drive that you want to share. Both methods eventually brings you to the same screen. Make sure the Share this folder checkbox is ticked. Next, hit the Permissions button. Another window appears prompting you to select which volume to mount from the list. Choose the desired destination and hit OK. Simply double-click the folder to open and start using it as normal! An alternative method to connect to your PC is to open the Network folder on your Mac.

You should then see a list of all shared machines on your local network. As shown below, my PC pops up on the list as expected. To connect to this shared folder from the Mac, make sure you are in a Finder window and choose Go, Connect to Server. Make sure Network is selected in the Finder window when it opens up. Browse the network to find the computer you want to connect to, then click on the Connect button below its icon.

Share Files from Mac OS X to Windows PC’s Easily

You will then have to enter the user name for an account on the Windows machine and the password for that account before you can connect by clicking on OK. A window will pop up where you can select from the shared folders on the Windows computer. Make your selection using the pulldown menu and click on OK. To find out the short version of a user name on the Mac, open up the System Preferences window from the Apple menu and select Accounts, then make sure the Password tab is selected.

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Connect to Shared Folder on Windows 10 from Mac OS X

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All these methods work in all modern versions of Windows. So, if you want to learn how to find the shared folders on your Windows computer or how to find the path of a shared folder, read on:.

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