Samsung galaxy note 2 kies download for mac

You can download and install the Kies software from Samsung. Once the Kies software is installed, it will automatically start whenever you connect the phone to your computer.

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How to backup Samsung Galaxy Note 5 data, files, pictures, videos, etc.

Tip: If you find your PC cannot detect your phone successfully, please try: 1. If you have any USB 3. Before you download and install Kies, go to your Device Manager by searching Device manager and finding the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 drivers and uninstalling them. Then, download Kies and install the program.

Note: Although Note 2 can support a few formats, according to our many times of test, we found that Galaxy Note 2 can fully support p MP4 video files only. It enables to tweak the best video and audio settings freely as you want.

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Manually Install 4.4.2 (Kitkat) on Galaxy Note 2

Effects Plugins Ignite Pro. So why does transferring contacts from an iPhone 5 over to a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 feel like it takes hours? You'd think that since we can do everything else almost instantaneously, transferring contacts would be a quick, simple process. But different operating systems, SIM cards, and phone carriers don't always play well together—especially when it's between Android and iOS. If you have an iPhone and want to ditch it for a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 , Galaxy S4 , or other Android device, you won't want to lose your contacts.

Even if you've already made the switch and still have your iPhone, how exactly do you port those contacts over? Luckily, there are a few easy ways to transfer them over, whether you have a Mac, PC, or no computer at all. If you have a Mac, it's a pretty sure bet that your iPhone contacts are already synced to your Contacts application connecting your iPhone usually syncs them automatically.

You can transfer large applications easily by connecting your Samsung device to your PC.

In order to transfer these contacts to your Galaxy Note 2, you'll need to first export them to your Gmail account. To do this:. Note : If you have more than one group of uploaded contacts on your Gmail account, either delete the ones you don't need or make sure you can differentiate between the two.

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  5. The contacts are synced on your Note 2 as one huge entry unless you specifically create a group that divides them. If you don't want to sync the contacts through your Note 2, you can connect it to your computer and use Kies , Samsung's desktop software for wirelessly transferring files. Through Kies, you can select your device, click on the Sync tab, and choose which account you want to sync your contacts with under Personal information.