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Creating XY Scattergraphs with Spreadsheets

On excel we could pick a trendline wether linear, logarithmic , exponential, etc. On numbers I am trying to do the same but the equation and R2 values only show up when I choose a linear graph or a power graph and that's it, is that the only ones that those two things will show up on?

Or how can I see the equation and R2 values for a logarithmic trendline or other trendlines?

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Posted on Jun 13, PM. Page content loaded. Jun 14, AM in response to carolinac14 In response to carolinac Trend lines apply only to charts that plot a y value against an x value.

  1. How to Find the Y-Intercept of a Line of a Graph in Excel on a Mac?
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  4. All charts in the list in Numbers are Category charts except 2—the bubble chart and the scatter chart. The example below is a scatter chart, with data points connected by a curve, and a logarithmic trend line calculated from the supplied data. As can be seen in the upper left of the chart, the trend line equation can be displayed by checking the "Show Equation"box in the Chart Inspector.

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    How do I add a linear slope equation (y-i… - Apple Community

    Ten customers in your store will buy roughly twice as much as five customers. A service call five miles away will take about five times as much gasoline as a call one mile away. Staying open for three night-time hours will cost about three times as much in electricity as staying open for one night-time hour. All of those relationships can be described with linear equations. If you've got data, but aren't sure how to put it in that linear form, Excel for the Mac can help.

    Excel Data Analysis For Dummies, 2nd Edition

    Enter your x values into column A starting in cell A2. Enter the corresponding y values into column B, starting in cell B2. Remember that each x value will have a corresponding y value matched to just that value.

    Trendlines, Error Bars, and Grid Lines (Mac)

    Select all the x-values, from cell A2 down the column to the end of the x values you've just entered in. Choose "Insert," "Name" and then "Define" from the menu bar. The dialogue box will come up with "X", which you had entered above the data. Accept that name by clicking "OK," which will let you refer to all your x values using just the name "X". Repeat Step 3 for the y values in column B, except the B column dialogue box will offer you the name "Y," which you should accept. The value Excel computes will be the y-intercept.

    Excel 2013: Scatter Chart with a Trendline

    Select the Charts toolbar, select the "Scatter" option and then select the "Marked Scatter" option.