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See more detail on Print Replica content here. Support for reading most PDF files within the Kindle application, including functionality such as zoom and pan, highlighting, note taking, dictionary lookup, and bookmarks. Too basic!. It work, but It is very, very basic.

How to Read Kindle Books Free on macOS 10.14

In books for study you might want to ad notes and highlight. Nothing of this is possib le. It makes it almost useless for anything than novels. Amazon needs to fix this ASAP. You simply can't see technical diagrams, which makes the books worthless Crashes on Start. Why does Amazon even release this without testing with the latest Mac OS? Who does that? I can't make this review any longer because the app won't even start. Lion What do you think about Kindle for Mac? Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web?

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"Required" Kindle Update Incompatible with Mac OS X 10.7.5

Note that you don't need an View full description. Softonic review Why it's taken Amazon three and a half years to release an official Kindle reader for Macs only they know but judging by its simplicity, there's no real justification for it on technical grounds at least. Inquisitor Instant search for Safari.

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Download Kindle for Mac 1. Free Download for Mac.

How to Use the Kindle App for Mac

User reviews about Kindle for Mac. More reviewed onNovember 16, I need to read my books for a class project!!! How about updating your OS. Obviously it is behind. The software is built for the latest OS. Amazon would not be able to tell what version OS you have when it sent the upgrade email.

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  • How to Install the Kindle Ebook Reader App for OS X | Mac Mojo;

Exactly--so why did Amazon send it? My OS is three years old--hardly ancient. Forgive me for thinking that it should be my decision about whether and when to "upgrade," not Amazon's. Well, my debate about whether to switch to e-books has been resolved. I will never again give Amazon control over my access to my books.

Amazon has to make decisions on what they will allow to access their servers to access the content for whatever reason - one of which may be security issues. They have decided they won't let any OS older than That's their prerogative.

Have Your Mac Read eBooks To You [OS X Tips]

You can still access your content through a web browser using the Cloud Reader found at read. Upgrading is never a customer's decision. Because app and software developers need to stay employed. And vulnerable to security exploits and missing newer features.

Have Your Mac Read eBooks To You [OS X Tips] | Cult of Mac

You're being very foolish not to keep it up to date. You have the right to do that of course, on your own, but don't expect the rest of the world to spend extra money and time and resources supporting obsolete systems just for you.

Kindle on Mac

The world moves on and just like owning a car that requires leaded gas, how you keep your toys fueled is your problem. I believe we are missing the point here.

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Granted in a perfect world we would all be current with the most recent computers and upgrades. The reality is that we cannot all be in that position. Saying that I would like to add that it would have been helpful if Amazon included a disclosure along with the message that the software must be updated.

Please do not install the update. Meanwhile students, people on limited income, or those who have not upgraded to the most recent operating systems due to bugs and incompatibilites that will not support business software are no longer able to view books that they have purchased because these disclosures were not included with the urgent message that software need to be upgraded. Try this version. My, J.