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The app amazes with its abundance of basic and top-notch editing tools, allowing you to tweak your photos using all possible kinds of instruments. Affinity Photo allows you to edit HDR photos, apply artistic filters and effects, play with masks and layers, and create breathtaking compositions by combining several images in one.

If you find its interface a bit much and are afraid of getting lost in all those advanced tools, you should probably look for something more suitable for your level. But Affinity Photo is worth mastering. Google Photos is a popular cloud storage service for photos and videos.

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A relatively new photo editing app, PhotoScape X has been gaining popularity with many Mac and PC users since its release in Its interface is simple but unconventional, with a number of tabs running along the top of the window. Each is responsible for a specific stage of editing. The Viewer tab allows you to browse and organize your photos. After you pick a photo, you can switch to the Editor tab, which includes a broad set of instruments, filters, and effects and a useful feature that enables you to compare the adjusted photo with the original.

The next tabs, including the Batch tab, mainly concentrate on editing and renaming multiple photos at once.

Retouch portraits

The downside of PhotoScape X is a lack of selection tools, so all changes are applied to the whole image rather than to a selected part. Gimp is a free open-source photo editing app that has been on the market for over 22 years and is available for Windows, Mac, and even Linux. Its grey interface might seem a little old-fashioned and it may be a bit sluggish when it comes to complex effects, though. Gimp offers a vast collection of advanced tools that hardly any free photo editor can boast. It has numerous enhancement options such as clone and heal brushes, layers and channels, accurate selection tools, a number of transformation instruments, and, of course, color adjustment controls.

Gimp is one of the most powerful tools for enhancing photos and is beloved by so many users for its price free and versatility. Back to blog Next Article. This website uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. These programs are a mixture of a bunch of tools for helping users in editing photos at a very basic level but for many users, they might serve the purpose.

Best Mac Photo Editing Software - Free/Trial or Cheap

But let us start off with the basics which means we will take a look at the default Photos app on both Windows 10 and macOS Mojave. While things are a bit simpler on Windows, the Photos app on macOS takes everything to the next level. But what about the photo enhancement capabilities of these apps? On Windows 10, the Photos app can sync your photos to and from OneDrive but when it comes to editing photos, you can do basic things like apply filters, set brightness, contrast and perform other things like Red-eye removal and Spot fix.

On Windows 10, the app can only do these things. This is great for people who want a straightforward app to perform minor edits. Coming to macOS Mojave, the Photos app gives you a lot of options to edit your photos. You can basically adjust the brightness, colors, white balance, sharpness and apart from that you can also edit Red eye and reduce Noise in the photos.

PhotoLemur 3 Bonus and Review - Photo Enhancement software

This is a much powerful photo editing and enhancement experience when you compare the options available with the Windows 10 counterpart. Out of both of these platforms, macOS Mojave definitely offers the best default Photos app with an amazing photo enhancement and editing experience.

If all you want to do is make minor changes to your last batch of vacation photos, they should suit you just fine. Photolemur is an automatic photo enhancement tool available for both macOS and Windows.

Photo Editor for Mac | Fotor – Free Photo Editing Software

This tool basically eliminates the confusing and tedious options like brightness adjustment, contrast settings, and more. You will be presented with an interface where you just have to load your photos in the app, and you will be able to see automatically edited photos quite easily. Once the photos are loaded, you can edit each of these photos one by one and you will have a live preview of the edited image using the very useful Before and After slider.

The slider lets you check the changes made by Photolemur to the photo and see if the enhanced image looks better than the original version. As you can see in the image above, Photolemur automatically adjusts the colors, the sharpness along with brightness and contrast making the enhanced image much more vibrant.

The background in the image has also been edited to make it have its own clarity which removes the dullness when it comes to color vibrancy. When it comes to options, Photolemur focuses on enhancing the images automatically using Artificial Intelligence. As a user control, all you get is a slider that lets you control two main things — the faces in the photo and the eyes.

Take a look at the before and after results in the screenshot above. You can choose to edit the facial and eye features of a person in a photo and then you can use the slider to adjust the amount of enhancement that Photolemur applies to the photo. Photolemur also comes with a lot of other features that will be at play when you edit photos on the app.

Take a look at all the features below. I think Photolemur is a great photo enhancement program and it is very impressive to see it edit the photos with such accuracy automatically. Most photos that I edited on the program were landscape photos, sceneries, game screenshots and a bunch of RAW images. The DxO PhotoLab is an image editing and enhancement tool for advanced users which means it is suitable for people who already have a lot of experience in enhancing and editing images. See how the image adjustment works by dragging the slider under the picture.

Mac photo editor tools

You can also automatically add color to your black-and-white photos. The program uses a smart fill algorithm to analyze and repair parts of the image that have suffered from aging. Just click the Restore button and wait for the image editor to do the photo processing for you! Professional photo retouching can be easy and fun.

Try new makeup or dye your hair. Remove skin blemishes or slim down your face. Get a Hollywood smile with the Teeth whitening tool. The only limit is your imagination! Adjust the lighting in images. Make the photos in your library look natural. Apply a range of creative and subtle filters to create different looks. Adjust clarity in blurred images and bring out textures. Remove blemishes, smooth out wrinkles, get rid of shine, and correct red-eye. Improve composition, straighten the horizon, shrink images for the Web.

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Make your colors richer while keeping skin tones natural-looking. Airbrush digital eyeshadow, mascara, and lipstick onto your portraits. Alter face shapes and silhouettes, sculpt noses, enlarge eyes. Replace the background, make it transparent, or set any color as the new background. Looking for a quick and easy way to edit pictures? You can get to work on your MacBook Pro or Mac mini right away. Stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest updates and special offers! Subscribe to our YouTube channel for video tutorials and fun contests. Leave us your email, and we'll send you the link to download the program to a computer.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Mac

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