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Template Calendar for Excel, portrait orientation, 1 page, with US federal holidays, observances, festivals and celebrations.

Other calendars for Looking for a calendar in a different style or layout? See our list of all calendar templates. Word templates for Calendar templates.

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Download Excel Calendar template 9. Download Excel Calendar template Monthly calendars January. Other calendars: Weekly schedules Birthday calendars Blank calendars Perpetual calendars Perpetual photo calendars. When I print a calendar on my iMac it is not printing everything I have on my calendar. It gives a short summary or sometimes says, "2 more.

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When you print a calendar using the Calendar app on your Mac, there are a few different templates that you can choose from. If you go with a Month view, then it can only fit so much data onto the page before it has to start making a decision about what to no include, and therefore you get the "2 more" entry printed on the page. There is a way to get everything in a printable format, however - but you won't be able to use the monthly calendar format.

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Instead, use the list format by following these steps:. Select "On Date" from the "Ends" drop-down menu, then select a date to print the events through. When you go to print this, all events for the selected days will be printed, including timed and all-day events. You can still select the monthly "mini calendar" that can get printed at the top of the list views as well.