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Set the system HTTP proxy for your active network interface You can replace ad images with pictures of kittens, for example, by starting the a local Web server and redirecting blocked requests to localhost. The Web browser poses the largest security and privacy risk, as its fundamental job is to download and execute untrusted code from the Internet. This is an important statement. The unique use case of Web Browsers of operation in hostile environments, has forced them to adopt certain impressive security features.

How to mount OS X Lion to a flash drive/hard drive and Clean Install Mac OS X Lion

The best tip to ensure secure browsing regardless your choice of Web Browser is proper security hygiene. The majority of Web Browser exploits require social engineering attacks to achieve native code execution. Always be mindful of the links you click and be extra careful when websites ask you to download and install software. Another important consideration about Web Browser security is Web Extensions.

Web Extensions greatly increase the attack surface of the Web Browser. This is an issue that plagues Firefox and Chrome alike. Luckily, Web Extensions can only access specific browser APIs that are being governed by their manifest. That means we can quickly audit their behavior and remove them if they request access to information they shouldn't why would an Ad blocker require camera access?

In the interest of security, it is best to limit your use of Web Extensions. Each Web Browser offers certain benefits and drawbacks regarding their security and privacy. It is best to make an informed choice and not necessarily commit to only one. Google Chrome is based on the open source Chromium project with certain proprietary components :. Chrome offers account sync between multiple devices. Part of the sync data are stored website credentials. The login passwords are encrypted and in order to access them, a user's Google account password is required.

You can use your Google account to sign to your Chrome customized settings from other devices while retaining your the security of your passwords.

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Chrome's Web store for extensions requires a 5 dollar lifetime fee in order to submit extensions. The low cost allows the development of many quality Open Source Web Extensions that do not aim to monetize through usage. Chrome has the largest share of global usage and is the preferred target platform for the majority of developers. Major technologies are based on Chrome's Open Source components, such as node. Chrome's vast user base makes it the most attractive target for threat actors and security researchers. Despite under constants attacks, Chrome has retained an impressive security track record over the years.

This is not a small feat. Chrome offers separate profiles , sandboxing , frequent updates including Flash, although you should disable it - see below , and carries impressive credentials. In addition, Google offers a very lucrative bounty program for reporting vulnerabilities along with its own Project Zero. This means that a large number of highly talented and motivated people are constantly auditing Chrome's code base. Read Chromium Security and Chromium Privacy for more detailed, technical information. Read Google's privacy policy and learn which Google services collect personal information.

Google is open about the data it stores and how it used them. Users can opt out from many of those services and see what type of information Google has stored from their account settings. Mozilla Firefox is an excellent browser as well as being completely open source. Currently, Firefox is in a renaissance period.

It replaces major parts of its infrastructure and code base under projects Quantum and Photon. Rust is a systems programming language with a focus on security and thread safety. It is expected that Rust adoption will greatly improve the overall security posture of Firefox. Firefox offers a similar security model to Chrome: it has a bug bounty program , although it is not a lucrative as Chrome's.

Firefox follows a six-week release cycle similar to Chrome. See discussion in issues 2 and 90 for more information about certain differences in Firefox and Chrome. Firefox supports user-supplied configuration files. Also see NoScript , an extension which allows whitelist-based, pre-emptive script blocking. Firefox is focused on user privacy.

It supports tracking protection in Private Browsing mode. The tracking protection can be enabled for the default account, although it may break the browsing experience on some websites. Another feature for added privacy unique to Firefox is Containers , similar to Chrome profiles. Previous versions of Firefox used a Web Extension SDK that was quite invasive and offered immense freedom to developers. Sadly, that freedom also introduced a number of vulnerabilities in Firefox that greatly affected its users. You can find more information about vulnerabilities introduced by Firefox's legacy extensions in this paper pdf.

Submission of Web Extensions in Firefox is free. Web Extensions in Firefox most of the time are open source, although certain Web Extensions are proprietary. Note Similar to Chrome and Safari, Firefox allows account sync across multiple devices. While stored login passwords are encrypted, Firefox does not require a password to reveal their plain text format. This is an important security issue. Keep that in mind if you sign in to your Firefox account from devices that do not belong to you and leave them unattended.

The issue has been raised among the Firefox community and hopefully will be resolved in the coming versions. Safari is the default Web browser of macOS. It is also the most optimized browser for reducing battery use. Safari, like Chrome, has both Open Source and proprietary components. Chrome's Blink engine is a fork of WebKit and both engines share a number of similarities. Safari supports certain unique features that benefit user security and privacy. Content blockers enables the creation of content blocking rules without using Javascript. This rule based approach greatly improves memory user, security, and privacy.

Safari 11 introduced an Intelligent Tracking Prevention system. This feature automatically removes tracking data stored in Safari after a period of non-interaction by the user from the tracker's website. Similar to Chrome and Firefox, Safari offers an invite only bounty program for bug reporting to a select number of security researchers. The bounty program was announced during Apple's presentation at BlackHat Web Extensions in Safari are also distributed through Apple's App store. App store submission comes with the added benefit of Web Extension code being audited by Apple.

Resetting Lost Mac Passwords with Apple ID

On the other hand App store submission comes at a steep cost. Yearly developer subscription fee costs USD in contrast to Chrome's 5 dollar lifetime fee and Firefox's free submission. The high cost is prohibitive for the majority of Open Source developers. As a result, Safari has very few extensions to choose from. However, you should keep the high cost in mind when installing extensions. It is expected that most Web Extensions will have some way of monetizing usage in order to cover developer costs.

And be extra careful when the Web Extension's source code is not Open Source. On a side note, some Safari extensions are Open Source and freely available. Be grateful to those developers. Safari syncs user preferences and saved passwords with iCloud Keychain. In order to be viewed in plain text, a user must input the account password of the current device.

This means that users can sync data across devices with added security. Safari follows a slower release cycle than Chrome and Firefox minor releases, 1 major release, per year. Newer features are slower to be adopted to the stable channel. Although security updates in Safari are handled independent of the stable release schedule and issued automatically through the App store. The Safari channel that follows a six-week release cycle similar to as Chrome and Firefox is called Safari Technology Preview and it is the recommended option instead of the stable channel of Safari.

Ka-Block is focussed on user privacy. The only time the extension makes a network connection is when a new version of the extension is released. Many Chromium-derived browsers are not recommended. They are usually closed source , poorly maintained , have bugs , and make dubious claims to protect privacy. Other miscellaneous browsers, such as Brave , are not evaluated in this guide, so are neither recommended nor actively discouraged from use.

All Web Browsers retain certain information about our browsing habits. That information is used for a number of reasons. One of them is to improve the overall performance of the Web Browser. Most Web Browsers offer prediction services to resolve typos or URL redirections, store analytics data of browsing patterns, crash reports and black listing of known malicious servers.

Those options can be turned on and off from each Web browser's settings panel. Since Web browsers execute untrusted code from the server, it is important to understand what type of information can be accessed. The Navigator interface gives access to information about the Web Browser's user agent.

Those include information such as the operating system, Web sites' permissions, and the device's battery level. To hinder third party trackers, it is recommended to disable third-party cookies in Web browser settings. A third party cookie is a cookie associated with a file requested by a different domain than the one the user is currently viewing.

Most of the time third-party cookies are used to create browsing profiles by tracking a user's movement on the web. Disabling third-party cookies prevents HTTP responses and scripts from other domains from setting cookies. Moreover, cookies are removed from requests to domains that are not the document origin domain, so cookies are only sent to the current site that is being viewed.

If they are necessary, only use them in a disposable virtual machine and subscribe to security announcements to make sure you're always patched. PGP is a standard for encrypting email end to end. That means only the chosen recipients can decrypt a message, unlike regular email which is read and forever archived by providers. GPG is used to verify signatures of software you download and install, as well as symmetrically or asymmetrically encrypt files and text. If you prefer a graphical application, download and install GPG Suite.

Read online guides and practice encrypting and decrypting email to yourself and your friends. Get them interested in this stuff! OTR stands for off-the-record and is a cryptographic protocol for encrypting and authenticating conversations over instant messaging. The first time you start a conversation with someone new, you'll be asked to verify their public key fingerprint. Make sure to do this in person or by some other secure means e.

GPG encrypted mail. Important While popular, Adium does not appear to be actively developed and may have vulnerabilities. See additional discussion in issue Download Tor Browser from Tor Project. Do not attempt to configure other browsers or applications to use Tor as you will likely make a mistake which will compromise your anonymity. Download both the dmg and asc signature files, then verify the disk image has been signed by Tor developers:.

The warning about the key not being certified is benign, as it has not yet been manually assigned trust. See How to verify signatures for packages for more information. To finish installing Tor Browser, open the disk image and drag the it into the Applications folder, or with:. To view full certificate details for a signed application, extract them with codesign and decode it with openssl :. Tor traffic is encrypted to the exit node i. This can be done by setting up your own Tor relay or finding an existing private or public bridge to serve as an obfuscating entry node.

Finally, remember the Tor network provides anonymity , which is not necessarily synonymous with privacy. The Tor network does not guarantee protection against a global observer capable of traffic analysis and correlation. Unencrypted network traffic is being actively monitored and possibly tampered with. Encrypted traffic still exposes connection metadata and could be used to infer behavior or specific actions. It is a good idea to use a VPN with outgoing network traffic not split tunnel together with a trustworthy provider.

Don't just blindly sign up for a VPN service without understanding the full implications and how your traffic will be routed. If you don't understand how the VPN works or are not familiar with the software used, you are probably better off without it. When choosing a VPN service or setting up your own, be sure to research the protocols, key exchange algorithms, authentication mechanisms, and type of encryption being used.

Some clients may send traffic over the next available interface when VPN is interrupted or disconnected. It may be worthwhile to consider the geographical location of the VPN provider. See further discussion in issue There is an ever-increasing amount of Mac malware in the wild. Macs aren't immune from viruses and malicious software! Some malware comes bundled with both legitimate software, such as the Java bundling Ask Toolbar , and some with illegitimate software, such as Mac. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac is an excellent program for ridding oneself of "garden-variety" malware and other "crapware".

You could periodically run a tool like Knock Knock to examine persistent applications e. But by then, it is probably too late. Maybe applications such as Block Block and Ostiarius will help.



See warnings and caveats in issue 90 first, however. An open-source alternative could be maclaunch. Anti-virus programs are a double-edged sword -- not so useful for advanced users and will likely increase attack surface against sophisticated threats; however possibly useful for catching "garden variety" malware on novice users' Macs.

There is also the additional processing overhead to consider when using "active" scanning features. Therefore, the best anti-virus is Common Sense See discussion in issue CylancePROTECT may be worth running for the exploit mitigation features and when locked down is much harder to locally bypass than traditional AV, but it's effectiveness at detecting malware on macOS is questionable.

It's core feature is an algorithm derived from a machine-learning process which aims to identify malware based on various characteristics of a binary executable. Cylance have a whitepaper pdf with information about how it works. On macOS it complements Apple's built-in XProtect by continuously vmmap'ing the memory of active processes to watch for patterns that indicate bad things happening. Local privilege escalation bugs are plenty on macOS, so always be careful when downloading and running untrusted programs or trusted programs from third party websites or downloaded over HTTP example.

If you're unsure about whether an application or file is safe to open, upload it to VirusTotal to be scanned and to examine its behavior. It is enabled by default, but can be disabled , which may be necessary to change some system settings, such as deleting root certificate authorities or unloading certain launch daemons. Keep this feature on, as it is by default.

A new security policy that applies to every running process, including privileged code and code that runs out of the sandbox. The policy extends additional protections to components on disk and at run-time, only allowing system binaries to be modified by the system installer and software updates. Code injection and runtime attachments to system binaries are no longer permitted.

To verify SIP is enabled, use the command csrutil status , which should return: System Integrity Protection status: enabled. Gatekeeper and the quarantine system try to prevent unsigned or "bad" programs and files from running and opening. XProtect prevents the execution of known bad files and outdated plugin versions, but does nothing to cleanup or stop existing malware.

QuarantineEventsV2 , which may pose a privacy risk. To examine the file, simply use strings or the following command:. See here for more information. To permanently disable this feature, clear the file and make it immutable :. If Bluetooth is not used, the metadata can be cleared with:. QuickLook thumbnail data can be cleared using the qlmanage -r cache command, but this writes to the file resetreason in the Quicklook directories, and states that the Quicklook cache was manually cleared.

Disable the thumbnail cache with qlmanage -r disablecache. Also see 'quicklook' cache may leak encrypted data. Additional diagnostic files may be found in the following directories - but caution should be taken before removing any, as it may break logging or cause other issues:. To clear it, use the following commands:. To remove them, and prevent them from being created again, use the following commands:. DocumentRevisions-V and can be cleared and locked with the following commands - caution should be taken as this may break some core Apple applications:.

The Siri analytics database, which is created even if the Siri launch agent disabled, can be cleared and locked with the following commands:. Recent iTunes search data may be cleared with the following command:. If you do not use Apple ID-linked services, the following keys may be cleared, too, using the following commands:. See also Breaking into the OS X keychain. Also be aware that Keychain does not encrypt the names corresponding to password entries. In addition to passwords, ensure eligible online accounts, such as GitHub, Google accounts, banking, have two factor authentication enabled.

Look to Yubikey for a two factor and private key e. One of two Yubikey's slots can also be programmed to emit a long, static password which can be used in combination with a short, memorized password, for example. In Addition to Login and other pam modules you can use Yubikey to secure your login and sudo, here is a pdf guide from Yubico. Yubikey are a bit pricey, there is cheaper alternative, but not as capable, U2F Zero.

Here is a great guide to set it up. One way is to use a symmetric cipher with GPG and a password of your choosing. You can also create and use encrypted volumes using Disk Utility or hdiutil :. See also the following applications and services: Tresorit , SpiderOak , Arq , Espionage , and restic. Like all wireless devices, the Mac will broadcast all access point names it remembers e. You may want to spoof the MAC address of the network card before connecting to new and untrusted wireless networks to mitigate passive fingerprinting:. Finally, WEP protection on wireless networks is not secure and you should favor connecting to WPA2 protected networks only to mitigate the risk of passive eavesdroppers.

For outgoing SSH connections, use hardware or password-protected keys, set up remote hosts and consider hashing them for added privacy. You can also use ssh to create an encrypted tunnel to send traffic through, similar to a VPN. If enabling sshd, be sure to disable password authentication and consider further hardening your configuration.

A skilled attacker with unsupervised physical access to your computer can infect the boot ROM to install a keylogger and steal your password - see Thunderstrike for an example. A helpful tool is usbkill , which is "an anti-forensic kill-switch that waits for a change on your USB ports and then immediately shuts down your computer". Consider purchasing a privacy filter for your screen to thwart shoulder surfers. Superglues or epoxy resins can also be used to disable physical access.

Nail polish and tamper-evidence seals can be applied to components to detect tampering. You can use it to monitor process execution, network activity, and much more. Note although man audit says the -s flag will synchronize the audit configuration, it appears necessary to reboot for changes to take effect.

See articles on ilostmynotes. You can also use Wireshark from the command line with tshark. It consists of a kernel extension that monitors for executions, a userland daemon that makes execution decisions based on the contents of a SQLite database, a GUI agent that notifies the user in case of a block decision and a command-line utility for managing the system and synchronizing the database with a server. Binaries can be white- or black-listed by unique hash or signing developer certificate.

Santa can be used to only allow trusted code execution, or to blacklist known malware from executing on a Mac, similar to Bit9 software for Windows. Note Santa does not currently have a graphical user interface for managing rules. The following instructions are for advanced users only! To install Santa, visit the Releases page and download the latest disk image, the mount it and install the contained package:. By default, Santa installs in "Monitor" mode meaning, nothing gets blocked, only logged and comes with two rules: one for Apple binaries and another for Santa software itself.

Applications can also be whitelisted by developer certificate so that new binary versions will not need to be manually whitelisted on each update. For example, download and run Google Chrome - it will be blocked by Santa in "Lockdown" mode:. To whitelist it:. A log and configuration server for Santa is available in Zentral , an open source event monitoring solution and TLS server for osquery and Santa.

Clients need to be enrolled with a TLS connection to sync Santa Rules, all Santa events from endpoints are aggregated and logged back in Zentral. Santa events can trigger actions and notifications from within the Zentral Framework. Note Python, Bash and other interpreters are whitelisted since they are signed by Apple's developer certificate , so Santa will not be able to block such scripts from executing.

Thus, a potential non-binary program which disables Santa is a weakness not vulnerability, since it is so by design to take note of. If you want to play music or watch videos , use VLC media player which is free and open source. If you want to use torrents , use Transmission which is free and open source note: like all software, even open source projects, malware may still find its way in. Manage default file handlers with duti , which can be installed with brew install duti.

One reason to manage extensions is to prevent auto-mounting of remote filesystems in Finder see Protecting Yourself From Sparklegate. Here are several recommended handlers to manage:. In systems prior to macOS Sierra Disable crash reporter the dialog which appears after an application crashes and prompts to report the problem to Apple :. Disable Bonjour multicast advertisements :.

This worked to create a new account but my other account along with all my files on it is now gone. Please help! Very helpful… I used Stage 1, 2 and 3 and after a moment of indecision on my part could not believe I did it … it worked perfectly. Hey, sorry if this is a silly question. Once I did the initial batch of steps everything ran smoothly. Upon reboot I am taken to the Welcome Wizard screen.

This tutorial says to setup a new user account. Help please I have lot of assignment to do on it. But now after rebooting when I start my Mac it loads for one second then again shuts down. Please help ASAP. Thanks OS X daily. I got through the second option until the last step — the old account was grayed out and I can not select it. I did notice it mentions having to enter the information exactly as before?? This is the most helpful article I have read, this helped me reset my Mac password that I forgot, thanks this is so great!

My account was not setup to allow unlocking with Apple ID so used the 2nd method, it worked as expected. Any ideas? If I reset the password- without the CD or boot drive, will everything on my Mac be lost? What will happen? I am a complete computer dodo, and my macbookpro is 6 yrs old running on lion.

Now I can upgrade to Yosemite. Rebooted my old password using the second method. Entering command lines is scary but after one misentered command it all went through. The keychain issue a couple of people mentioned two years ago got me today for a while. The instructions above worked great Thank you! That prevented me from logging in to iCloud at all. AppleSetupDone is the best way to fix this problem. When I followed those directions — The setup kept looping around and made me do it over and over again. I ended up having to find a way to add back the.

AppleSetupdone and then changed my password like this. Be sure your spacing is correct — If you want to learn how to add back the. AppleSetupDone follow these directions 1. AppleSetupDone 4. As I have read over and over in this — you have to type carfully. They are right. Spacing and capitalization is very important. I have no idea what all of this stuff means… I hope I can do it correctly… Thanks Rick. My mom passed away and that computer has my last videos and pictures of her on it.

Every option I see above deletes and reboots the computer. It really worked. Thanks a lot. The second option is the greatest. After deleting. AppleSetupDone, it allows you to create a new user with Administrative. Thank you so much, did help me big time, instructions were clear and easy to follow. The guy at the apple store tried to resolve this with one service representative, he was absolutely clueless on how to do this. Again many thanks. God bless. I need to regain admin access on os x My kid brother got on and did something and now the system auto logs in as a user but without admin privileges.

Is there a way, using terminal or anything else, that I can either reset the admin password, look it up in a file and decrypt it somehow, or do any of the tricks listed above without the ability to act as root user or admin or boot SUM etc. Yes follow the instructions to reset the admin account password. Setting up a new admin user will let you change the old admin password. But with the time and advancement, when internet took over the whole industries, locating such companies has not at all remained challenging.

Every person is guilty of this mistake at one time or another. A company that has bern around for more than two deczdes is a good bet. It starts and then throws me out. How do I reset just my password and will affect everyone else? A friend bought a new MacBook Air in Dubai. This worked perfectly. I used the last option, luckily I had my installer Boot DVD it realy worked for me great and thanks for the help. Okay so I followed every step, my problem is when I reboot it takes me to the set up wizard page so I follow those instructions then it takes me back to the set up wizard page it just keeps doing this over and over again.

Please help!! It worked like a charm…. Just a quick questions….. I tried to update the keychain it asked me to but it isnt accepting the new password…. Nothing seems to work. Doing the same with an install DVD in the drive results in nothing. I have tried everything and simply cannot get into Single User Mode. Would replacing the hard drive remove all password and allow me to reinstall the operating system?

I thought the keyboard might have been suspect, but when the password screen comes up, I can type characters just fine. There was a firmware password set up. Now all I have to do is get reacquainted with OSX after being on the dark side for many years….. None of the above worked for me.

The single user terminal never came up. What other option, no matter how wild, might work? The above trick works but you must enter into Single User Mode with the proper command sequence on boot, try again. Well appreciated for this method 2. Been fighting with a locked out MacBook Pro for months. After reboot the grey screen comes on as soon as the progress bar loads, the unit shuts down!

Help pls! I have followed your suggestions step by step and I am very grateful and very happy with your fantastic help. All works perfectly as before.

Forgot Mac Password? How to Reset Your Mac Password (with or without CD)

Very big thank you for your great help. This worked for me! I hit it as it was restarting and it never worked, hehe. Silly me. Anyway, everything else worked like an absolute charm! I hit they keys as it was restarting and it never worked. The 3rd action using the disc worked like a dream,thank you so much.

I had tried all sorts before this. It says that. Thanks man steps worked for me , after boot and create new user account- it shows the desktop how can I reset the previous account? I clicked on Users and groups and shows the other user as inactive please help. Thanks a lots for the tutorials. Plus after i typed it in a lot if lines said device is write locked.

Worked well for me. All programs think its a fresh install like user. Also iTunes, iPhoto, everything gone. Any advise would be appreciated greatly. To top it off my son locked his iPad, which will not synce to mbp. Any help would be a life saver. I have FV2 codes for Everything worked wonderfully. The only issue is that after I logged in with new password it asked about the updating the keychain with the old password. What to do? Never touched a MAC before to be honest. I went through this to create a new account and reset a password without a cd. It worked, but now my bookmarks are gone!

I googled and did not see this mentioned anywhere. Can anybody help? I figured it out. My mac os I have no login password when I power up so I did not know it logged me in under an admin account. Bingo- my setup was all back! This worked for me in terms of it creating a whole new account on the Mac. But omg now there are certain things missing — Like Safari the Internet browser. Would anyone please be able to help me with this? I would be so greatful if anyone could offer advice on how I might be able to fix this. Thank you!!! This completely worked!

I almost missed that the tutorial said that. This is a great guide but I think that the language in the steps can cause a bit of confusion. When my system turned on again nothing had changed. The second time around I did the following in single user mode: 1. I created my admin account and then granted admin for my old account. This method worked for me. It worked! Any suggestions please? It worked marvelous! My MacBook told me that no such file or directory exists. Please help. I followed these steps and am transferring files from my old mac.

The firewire cable is still connected and everything. Hi i have followed the instructions to the letter, as soon as i click to create a user account, it suddenly pauses after 1 — 2 seconds then repeats the whole brand new set-up cycle again with video and everything. I now effectively have a macbook air that is in a permanent loop! This is useful indeed. And it is also a huge big humongous security flaw….. Thanks Much. Worked for me just like butter. Thanks again. I did this and now I get the spinning circle, no sound and it eventually shuts down.

I have some very sentimental pictures on there, can anyone help?? Hi Thanks for the tip — it certainly works. Unfortunately, you fail to point out that it also wipes the computer of all files and settings, so I have lost a whole load of work and all my email and contact settings too. Thanks for that. Perhaps you should consider this sort of thing before giving advice — however effective it may be. But it does work, and it did NOT wipe out al the settings or files!

Those are still stored on the computer under the original user name that i forgot the password to, so you should re-check that Marc! I typed in every thing correctly and it rebooted. Then as its powering up, it had a loading looking bar. Thanks so much for this help! So, I forgot my password a few days ago and followed the above steps in order to get back into my computer.

They worked, and I can now access my account again; however, a lot of the apps no longer work, like photobooth or ms word. Does anyone know what I might have done and if there is any way to fix it?

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  8. Thank you so much, I was able to reset my password! How do I delete the new user I created and leave my old one? When I start up my computer it boots up to the new user which is no big issue…. I just have to log out and back into the old user account. Do I type in the commands. I did what it said and it did work. However now the new user which is also an admin pops up first.

    It also shows that my new account is the main admin and my previous was the other account now. How do I get rid of the new account so I can just deal with my old account now? I tried this on my iMac OS v The display on screen is completely black nothing shows at all, nor do any lights start up. Do you have any idea why this has occurred? Oh sweet baby Jesus, it worked!!! Thank your ever so much for helping me. You have no idea how much of a lifesaver you are. I will always be grateful for your help.

    You are a genius xxx. Life saver. Account imports fine, but password is dead as a doornail. Thank you for saving access to my Macbook. One Wookie is very happy, and we were able to retrieve the plans to the Death Star. Hi — did anyone resolve the problem with the keyboard not responding? It would really help to have an answer for this issue. Got the set up wizard part done, however system preferences and a number of other applications on the dock appear as question marks and do not open. Can anyone help me fix this? This worked awesome!!! Thank you. My father really should have paid more attention when setting this up at the Apple store!

    What do I do??? You saved my life! And my macbook air. Followed the steps thru Stage 2. I created a new user account. But instead of logging on, it goes right back to the beginning of the account setup. I setup an account over and over again without going anywhere. If someone has an idea of what may be wrong, please let me know.

    From another admin account. I followed the instructions to reset my Mac password without a CD, when I get to the final step to reset the password of the administrator it takes me through the process then comes up with the message reset password failed. Holly F…ing Crap… I could kiss you silly right now. I can believe I got this to work!!!

    Thank you soooo much!!! My landlord found a mac book pro in the middle of the road this morning, and thanks to this post, I was able to bypass the main log in screen in an attempt to find out who owned the laptop. Access to the laptop provided a name found on a photo; a Google name search lead to a YouTube video, which in turn lead to a former employer. I completed the first step. I got the wizard screen as you would on the very first start up.

    I tried restarting the Mac and repeating step 1. Were you able to fix this problem? I just get the PONG! Please, help. Thank you VERY much!! Tried to use the install disk and when ask to select a disk the only disk it showed was the install CD, no Mac HD was listed. So I used the rm. AppleSetupDone method and it worked great! Please friends I really need help I just brought a new MacBook Air 13inch and my password doesnt work Im locked out on the Login screen…the main first screen just after you wake it up.

    To everyone who asked this question: Will it wipe out my hard drive? Read through the threads! The answer is NO! I was able to change password with no problems following instructions. After 15 minutes I manually powered down and tried to reboot. I ended up unplugging the unit from the wall and waiting for awhile, then plugged back in and booted up. I got past the grey screen and was able to finish the rest of the guide successfully. Just holding it did not work. Furthermore for me just mount -auw worked. You can also make a usb drive into a copy of the disc if you have an air.

    Borrow a friends computer to make it. This tip worked great. I acquired a Mac from someone but had no CDs with it and was able to erase everything from the previous owner and start from scratch. I am at the moment still not able to solve this problem. I forgot my initial admin password and have successfully set up a new admin with another name and a password i remember. However, my system is set up so that i automatically log in to the admin account whose password i forgot which is useful cuz it has all my stuff.

    Is there a way to change my original admin password via the admin rights of the second admin i made? Is there a way around this??? I acquired my machine from an out of business ISP. But the screen is now just blue after the rs and it seems like nothing is ever going to happen here, so my question is, how do i solve this problem and is it dangerous to do a new restart after i did it once and pressed C? Had to do this because I bought a corporate used Macbook off Ebay that included no disk or password…worked like a charm…and I know nothing of script.

    No, neither method will erase any files except for the NOCD method which deletes a single file. This is not a normally used file by the user. If I restart my MacBook, because I forgot my password,will all of my pictures and downloads like skype and quicktime be lost? Will I have to re-download all this? I do have the CD so it can be easily done. I need help! Every time I press a key all you hear is a sound. I tried following the instructions on resetting password without a cd and it got me to the point of setting the Mac like when it was new.

    The only problem is it just keeps on going back to registration over and over again. Not sure if this will work but go into Single User Mode again, do these commands. I will appreciate your swift response. You are awesome. It worked in just as little as five minutes. Worked like a charm on osx lion MacBook Air! AppleSetupDone was deleted before rebooting. Why the change to the Terminal method? Probably for increased security now that recovery […]. You totally saved my butt. Well-written instructions.

    No its will not delete anything. Worked for me like a charm. Follow the instructions carefully. How do I now access them with my new Admin account? You saved me and my Mac!!! After long hols I even forgot that I had changed my password…. Instructions are so clear even for a non techy savvy like me :- thx again! AppleSetupDone In my case it did not remove the file. So I entered: su You will see the prompt changing to something else. AppleSetupDone and it should delete the file.

    Make sure to check if the file is deleted before typing in reboot. This is how one can break into Linux too. Nice to see someone found a way to do that trick on Mac. I already sucessfully reset the password, but when i open mail dan safari, the system ask for old login keychain. How can I solve this? Some people should just stick with making an appointment and going to the Genius Bar. Does it cost money? Shutdown mac, Turned back on and Login screen appeared. Attempted to login….

    No go. Changed passwords, restarted system, attempted login, No GO. STILL cant login to any user account. Did some research and tried Resetting Login Keychain. Still not able to login after restart. Still not able to login. Installed to a new Administraor Account and restarted the system. I have been sitting on this bloody machine for 4days straight now trying to gain access to it without having to change the password through SUM everytime I login, and It seems that no matter what I do..

    The mac just reboots with the old Account login settings once I shut it down and try to restart with a new login. AppleSetupDone and rm. I have even tried enabeling the Automatic login and restarting. Nothing is working. Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can fix this problem, without having the Discs to restore Factory settings? I get the apple, the spinning round circle, and then blue. Then grey with a big black square in the centre, only for a moment. Then blue again. Then grey, then blue… and it stays on blue. Tried to restart though and same problem occured again. Any help hugely appreciated.

    Tried stage 1 after that nothing happened. Please help soon. I am surprised a person can get a shell or command prompt without being prompted for user name and password. Seeing the machine loads certain files in a specific order with file names, system files used in the boot would have to remain named correctly, the best thing to do is create your own file system and conversion where you boot and everything you look at is in a way unzipped as you browse. You could really make things confusing by encrypting the directory structure and any type of registry, where when it is decrypted it get placed in a temporary ram disk or temporary store on hd so then you stay compatible, with all but detour anyone with a common knowledge of the directory structure, they then will have to attempt to recognize the hd fragmentation in comparison to other drives they have studied….

    How to do this not sure, I am still working on distributed session and user management with php considering a high level of information encryption so I figure by the time I get to studying file systems and hard drives more in depth I will be a weary old man who has forgotten why he started, so if you encrypt files that are the same throughout installations, make sure they look like one big clump with a hundred different files un-determinable, like save ten bytes in Florida, ten bytes in Minnesota, 10 bytes in California, ecetera.

    So yes your right it is almost impossible. I appreciate the help, but after using the no cd method it booted up as if I was setting up the new user account. Thing is, it asks me what language to use. I select English, but it just reloads back to the same language screen over and over. I tried safe boot, it just gray screens with the wheel running forever. Any suggestions? What should I type next? If I use the option 2 with the disk, will I lose the files I have on my computer?

    If this is the case, you can use methods to reset a forgotten Mac password to get around the user login […]. Question 1: This has no effect on the information on the hard-drive does it? This wont whipe the harddrive clean will it? Question 2: Once shes created her new account, i dont think the information from the original one will be there…how would you access it? Or am i wrong entirely? What do you mean by profile? Do you mean Short Name? Also, how would I separate each profile name, would use a comma?

    Your code worked for me, but I have a problem. It was the only code that actually got some where. Once I was able to use your code it went back to the same login in screen that I am trying to get away from. Thanks a lot this thing help me alot but i have one question. Does using the above simply create a new user account? By that I mean that browser history and passwords would not be accessed? Also what about if particular folders were password protected, could they be accessed?? If someone can get physical access to your machine, they can get in no matter the platform.

    Encryption is the solution. Filevault is OS X only. Apple did recently hire a heavy-duty security guy. I agree with other posts. People say Mircosoft has bad security thinking, but this is redicilous. I have forgotten my firmware password on MacBook Air. Do you know the work around please? I just tried it out on my mac I bought straight from the apple store, Lion and all, and it worked perfectly.

    Pretty paranoid now! That password is big joke if that can change so easily! Apple should inform more of this to basic users so they could protect data and files much better! Cmd-s boot in SUM 2. Thanks for saving my bacon. What a relief to know there are people out there who are not as thick-headed as I am! Agree this is the easiest and best. BUT got caught on number 5. You need to put passwd shortname — not shortname passwd as I read the instruction at first. Followed directions and hit reboot, now I just get a grey screen and the circle of death, any fixes for that????

    Just typing in lines of apparent nonsense to me does not help new users. You need to say exactly what and where to do things. In other words, you need to annotate each number of your instructions, as if a third-grader who never saw a computer before was trying to follow them.

    This applies to everyone giving advice here. You are familiar with Apple products, so you assume others are. Can I just click on some command to delete all emails from my phone at once? Thanx for any advice. Back to the password reset. I heard that you had to change the amount of ram in the computer. For example if there is 2 GB of ram, take one out, then turn the computer on and the Firmware Password would be gone.

    Then you would put the ram back in. Is what you said an easier way of doing it? Also, could you please be more specific in the process of resetting the cmos. How long do you have to unplug the machine for? Also, do you plug the machine back in then hold the power button or do you do it while it is unplugged then plug it back in to turn it on.

    Also, I am doing all of this on a recent generation iMac. Please help me out; I would very highly appreciate it. I have an old Imac I set up for my wife and the PW was lost. I found this artical while looking for better instructions. I used the Command-S trick. This worked slick, Thanks! What next?? I get the same thing. Did you get it figured out? Simple really, simply Fustrating for such a simple thing lol.

    OK I got same problem. If you would of read carefully then you knew that the answer would be NO — because it deletes your user so it deletes all the files on it too. The steps here do not erase the original account. Go through the steps mentioned above and create a new user and it will have admin rights.

    After logging in as the new user, the old user acct still exists.

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    Reset the password on that acct and you can log in and all the data will be intact. Let me restate something, just to be clear: These steps do not erase any data from the Mac. All data will be safe. Hi I did the above and I am able to get into account but it seems to now have lots of software missing, like advanced photoshop type of software I had here before…can u help please why this is?

    I even called Apple, and the only advise they could give me, was to take it to an Apple store. These instructions worked perfectly and saved a lot of time!!! Thanks so much!!! Help please!!! Sorry if i insult you as i currently think you may be new to mac. Are you hitting the power button then command S or just command S? I do not see anything where I can check the filesystem or mount the drive as writable after I click command S. For best practice, follow the instructions to do this from your phone.

    This does work to reset a Mac password, you must follow the instructions. This is for advanced users. If you are a newcomer to the computer world, call the official Apple Support that came with your Mac. Yes, but what keyboard are you using that still has an Apple logo on it? Must be retro Mac! Wow, just tried it, and it worked like a charm. I did this and was about to click reboot when my computer shut off. Now it will not turn on or connect to the charger.

    BTW should add my thanks to whoever posted this, forgot my manners. Would be screwed without this tip. Thank You. Much appreciated. Im now getting the welcome intro. This method of the second account is fantastic!!!! After step 1 on the instructions without the disc, my computer would get past the apple symbol and the loading circle.

    What do i doooo!!!!!! I hit reboot the comp restarts, the grey screen with apple icon appears for about 5 secs… but then -everything shuts down! When I restart, the same thing keeps happening. What gives???? I just locked my mac using find my mac app through i cloud and put my mac on 4 digit passcode now i can unlock my mac how can i do it?? Hope it helps :. I did the re-start and set-up following the second method command prompt. That will create an empty file to indicate setup wizard to stop running, but without an account it will do no good.

    I am having the same problem as Dayn. I go through all the steps of the Welcome Wizard and after the final step the Wizard starts all over again. Help please! The above would not work for me as I could not get the reset window to appear after the 3 failed attempts. The user being the administrator as well and the main password for the computer, Mavericks OS.

    Thank you for the guidance to help fix this. If anyone is still on this thread, can you help me? I get to the terminal, type in the first command fsck -fy and then get a series of checking notes. This is for advanced users, you could really mess something up by not entering exact precise syntax at the command line, there is no confirmation and everything is taken as literal command like a robot with no undo.

    Use at your own risk. I have a Imac pro I installed high sierra a day later I turned it on only for it to stay stuck on apple loading bar. Ive tried just about every thing. Am able to reset Admin password successful without any difficulty after reading and applying your procedures you gave. Not really! Worked well for me but a couple of discrepancies in the instructions.

    Note: this may not be necessary but I did not take any chances. I have been working on my password problem all day with many different ways and this one finally worked. Make sure you enter all Terminal commands exactly as shown. Another point of confusion — This does NOT affect any data or configuration other than password and user ID that you are trying to change. It is completely safe as shown. Mac OS Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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