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Specific periods apply here in terms of the closing of accounts, which differ from account statements under law and must be carried out at least once a year. Banks generally offer a function that can be used to set a limit for all transactions carried out offline and online. This allows you to determine what amount or sum can be transferred within a specified period as a maximum. Even though this might entail a loss of convenience, setting up a limit can reduce damages, should the worst happen.

Even if reading such contracts is not your favourite pastime, studying the terms and conditions makes a lot of sense. Banks specify different requirements of their customers in respect of security precautions. Using an up-to-date security solution is either recommended or even mandatory by most banks.

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If gross negligence or fraudulent intent on the part of a user is proven, he might certain cases excepted be required to pay for all damages in full Art. Antivirus software fends off malware before it gets onto a device. Innovative products with proactive technologies, Cloud connections and spam protection etc.

Security holes must be closed as quickly as possible so cyber criminals cannot exploit them for their attacks. The access data for an account is of value in all respects and should be regarded as such. Every account requires a separate, strong password. A common mistake is for users to use their birthday as their PIN because it is easy to remember. It is easier if you use a secure password manager to remember the password for you.

A login name in combination with a password is the minimum requirement for secure access. It is better if additional login factors are used such as a biometric factor. User reviews, required permissions and the reputation of the app provider and the shop are all elements that should be checked before any download. The number of users who also use mobile devices for online banking is increasing.


Many attackers try to trap potential victims via email. To do so, they send mass emails that are frequently visual copies of original emails. The look is supposed to increase confidence that the links included are not dangerous but are frequently used for phishing , and that attached documents have to be read urgently in almost all cases those documents contain malware. Unfortunately, such social engineering attacks work all too often.

Therefore, users need to be on their guard to be prepared for non-technical attacks as well. Financial services providers do not send important, personal messages via email. Dridex — the comback king mTAN fraud relies on conventional Trojans. Related articles:. Secure passwords Long and complex passwords are an important part of your protection. Also, how about something like AqBanking, which abstracts the online interface allowing for back-ends to multiple protocols e.

As a long-time and generally happy user of Moneydance, it is disapponting that I cannot continue to use it after moving to Germany. Now I need to switch just because I cannot do online banking - and really, there is no point in getting personal finance software without that feature. Maybe providing a well-defined interface would at least allow third parties to develop plug-ins, if infinitekind isn't interested to pursue this.

In any case, the lack of support for HBCI llooks like a missed opportunity! Why do you need to switch PF software just because you cannot do online banking with Moneydance in Germany? What do you mean when you say that there is no point in getting PF software without an online banking feature? PF software has been very useful in managing bank accounts since, at least, the mid's. Note: PF software predates modern online banking by, at least, 10 years. Dear james falknor, you will probably agree that most people don't have the time nor the desire to enter all their expenses and income by hand.

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So let's assume this is not an option. If you disagree with me on this point, then we simply have different requirements.

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Hence a good interface is needed. At the minimum, I would need a good export option at the bank into an OFX file or similar format, which I download and then import into PF software. This is cumbersome, but was also necessary in the US, e.

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This worked nicely from Moneydance, e. In Germany, using the largest bank Deutsche Bank, I have as sole export option a csv file, which I don't get to import properly into Moneydance tried both text file import extension and csv import extension. DB offers the quite secure standard of HBCI for online banking, as most German banks do as far as I can tell which would even allow to pay bills etc.

Notice that in Europe many more bills are handled via bank transfers than via credit card, so being able to pay bills from the software becomes an interesting feature. In summary, Moneydance doesn't support HBCI, so there is no electronic interface that would allow me to get my checking account expenses and income into the software, which makes it unusable for me. I've buyed Moneydance recently, because it has the unique feature of letting me structure my accounts in a deep fashioned way as I see them.

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HBCI would have made it much easier. So if you going to support this, it would at least be nice to see a schedule I support this, too. Moneydance would be an option, but only with HBCI.

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  4. Maybe he could adapt the software slightly to work as an interface for moneydance. Looking forward to your long mentioned web connect implementation as a first step to cater more for non-US customers. I was interested in your program, but unfortunately it's of no use to me with HBCI. Hopefully at a later point. Hey MD is a great programme and much more sophisticated than other progrmmes on the german market. You have an extream advantage with MD. Please count in my vote. Next thing they're out of the EU and don't want to know what Europe is anyway, so good riddance System closed this discussion on 31 Mar, PM.

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