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I was able to play online matches for two days since purchasing it again for mac out of nostalgia and all of a sudden ppppfffrrt.

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Every time it connects to a server, starts dowloading a 62kb file called mod. I have tried deleting all local content twice, using CleanMyMac to find any other related files besides the desktop shortcut, I was unable to find some re-installed it again but it keeps persisting.

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If anyone is able to figure out where activision hides their extra files on macs, that would help! You can see files right clicking the game in the Steam library, then selecting "Properties", then "browse local files" and after that right -click on the COD 4 app and select "Show package info". I don't know what to delete or modificate, if you guys could help me c:.

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Well if there is a profile folder in there, you could try deleting that. It will reset any stats you have though, and the singleplayer save as well.

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Unless someone else can use this info to figure out a fix? EDIT: I was able to play again. Either use the Mods:NO filter when browsing servers after you've deleted the "COD4I" mod or search for servers that don't host the mod and if the want to push download the mod. Happy fragging! What even is Cod4I anyway? I have never heard of it, is it something only macOS can get? You don't mean Cod4 X don't you?

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I'm having this same problem. I'm trying to find servers without the COD4i mod but it seems like it's a pretty standard mod, and when I use the Mods:NO filter in the server browser it doesn't seem to make a difference because all of the exact same servers come up. Ideally I'd like to figure out how to get the COD4i mod up and running but it sounds like Snelle already discovered a compatibility issue with a certain version of macOS, I'm running El Capitan Open Gametracker website. Click on server. Click on server details and make sure the server shows in shortversion variable 1.

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  8. If you want play on other servers with cod4i mod you need bootcamp and windows. Please enter a valid date. Latest News. Modern Warfare Open Beta arrives this September. Details on the new 2v2 mode coming to Modern Warfare.

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    Get Your Rewards. Current Region:. Character available first on PS4, other platforms to follow. Sold separately. Character must be redeemed by October 25, At participating retailers only. Actual platform availability and launch date s of MP Beta subject to change.

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