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The comedian Jason Manford tells a story on stage which sounds too ridiculous to be true but, according to those who have spoken with him, , is completely genuine. Afterwards my dad, who was with me, said 'you were a bit rude to Micah Richards'. I said 'yeah, I don't know why'. It was only when I got home I realised on Football Manager he'd turned up late for training a couple of times. I decided to go see him and although this was before the Micah Richards thing had happened, the stuff he was saying was still really funny and really complimentary.

It was then that I realised we'd broken into the mainstream. Alongside Manford there a host of other famous figures who have come out as Football Manager fanatics, including fellow stand-up Kevin Bridges, Andy Murray and Stuart Broad. If anything, however, they are merely the well-known faces of an ever increasing community of people — some of them geeks, some of them natural obsessives, all of them football lovers — who share a passion for seemingly cryptic phrases and practically unheard-of footballers. Dads who played the original games are introducing it to their children while big brothers are doing the same with their siblings.

Football Manager , our most recent game, has been our most successful to date — 1. The interest is growing, which for a game that's been around for over 20 years is remarkable. The first Football Manager came out in , and back then was known as Championship Manager. The premise was a simple one — allow the user to manage any club across England's top four divisions in an authentic a way as possible. That meant buying and selling players, picking a team and their tactics for league and cup fixtures and, if the opportunity presented itself, the chance to move on to a big and better job.

The graphics were simple, as was the gameplay and range of options available to the would-be Fergie or Clough, but that to a large extent was the appeal. Louis O. Just a question, does the buyer often go bankrupt after this? If it's a club in the lower leagues or something, they should Can you help me? I follow your steps, 1 Transfer listed the players, when the offer come, view offer. Thought I had a wage cap problem, nm. Works multiple times. Alex, I haven't tried it but I'm more than sure you can.

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Ok, I figured it out. This is amazing! Instead of "press negotiate. Make a player available for transfer 2. When a club is interested click Respond 3. Set the transfer fee slightly higher than the original price If the club offered k set it to 1m 4. Wait for the club to negotiate. Click Respond when the club makes a new offer 6. Set the transfer fee to m 7.

Money Cheat!! :O

Click HOME icon in top right 8. Click on MAIL icon in upper right 9.

I don't think the position cheat works. Have you tried just altering the position value, and not using all of the other cheats at the same time? I just tested this so called position cheat and it had no impact whatsoever. Hey thanks for testing it out.

I haven't tested it out on FM Even if it doesn't work it definitely increases the player's market price. Suppose you take over at a new team in Nov with a low transfer budget and are stuck with players who don't fit in with your philosophy. That's where this comes in handy.

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If you want I can mail them to you. My attachment limit has been exceeded and I'm unable to delete the old ones. Let me know. However I am now with Athletic Bilbao. The player changes make it crazy. Most of my players are only and I am hammering everyone. I have the odd 16,17 and 18 yo but they are all so much more solid. Almost to the point you could play anyone lol. The summary section is a hidden gem. Also, it doesn't let me increase the fitness it says error when I try.

Has anyone else faced a similar problem and is there a solution? How to become a super rich club. At the end of the month you'll be offered a new kit sponsorship, then you can edit either of the two. Pumps money every week. This trick makes your merchandise sales just shoot through the roof.

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Enuff abt greed. Now abt the playas. Well developing my club's own home grown players has always given me huge satisfaction.