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The miniature Mac also has a ton of ports for connectivity, as well as a decent thermalk architecture to keep temperatures under control.

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Of course, the new Mac mini is far from a perfect piece of hardware. The integrated graphics leave a lot to be desired while the SSD storage is the bare minimum.

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Check back for more updates as more Mac Mini release date and price information starts to leak, if at all. If so, this will put it right around the same time as macOS Catalina will be made available to users, which means you will be enjoying the Mac mini alongside macOS' cool new features like Sidecar , Voice Control and Screentime.

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Keep your eyes peeled. Although if Apple were to upgrade the storage, something that may not be entirely necessary considering most creatives its target users have their own heavy-duty external drives anyway, the price might go up a little. Again, while the Mac Mini has been largely well-received due to its superior performance packed in a compact form factor, it does still leave some things to be desired.

The Mac Mini may boast impressive performance, but its price point is nowhere near competitive. These days, that is the bare minimum for desktops, and hardly enough for storing a handful of apps and software, let alone big files, like images and videos. At least GB of space to start is essential for a would-be model.

Review: Mac mini (2018) – Apple’s most versatile Mac!

The last big model came out long back in and now in , they have launched a new model. After all, why should someone buy what essentially looks like a small computer, without a monitor or any peripherals, while being pricier than the average PC? Why do people use Mac Minis for? There is a perception that Macs are only for photo and video editors, and professional photographers.

Apple Launches New Mac Mini With 6-Core CPUs; Starting At $799

Some others run web sites off it, some stream content off it to their mobile devices, and much more. The Mac Mini is a niche, but a well-justified one. Its design allows it to be so minimalistic yet so powerful you can do development, run a home sound recording studio even run live musical instruments through it, with the right add-on hardware of course.

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A good display, a mouse and keyboard is all you need to get going. The Mac Mini with its efficient, clever design, and a neat operating system does wonders. If you want, you can even run Windows on it like other Macs do.

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The last Mac Mini from is still going strong and has operating system updates to the latest Apple claims this is a more environmentally-friendly construction, a lot nicer than the model. It runs cooler too. Of course, it looks as sleek if not, sleeker than the previous models. A small form factor does not mean Apple skimped on performance. The new Mac Mini runs an 8th generation, 4-core Intel Core i3 processor but there is even a 6-core Core i5 model which costs a bit more. With its stock configuration, it can do a lot, but upgrade the RAM and you have workstation-class performance should you need it.

Re-engineered in no small way.

Blazing fast drive performance The processor might have been a good enough performance boost to be excited about, but the storage performance bump is through the roof. Apple has opted for an SSD, while abandoning the archaic hard drive.

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Read and write rates and said to be 4 times faster. The real difference should be noticeable when you power it up, load endless photo albums, large audio and video editing projects. Importing projects, writing them back, loading software, watching a movie while doing all those things is where you will notice the SSD benefit. Most of the modern software use graphics cards in all kinds of ways to enhance performance.