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Guys like when the girl is really wet because it feels good for them and they know that the girl is turned on and she likes what the guy is doing. Guys like gross things. They like it because they know that whatever they are doing is pleasuring you because they think you're super wet. What did I just read? Seriously so cheesy and wonderful and I love brussel sprouts. Plus mac n cheese is great for reheating the next day at work. This was incredible. I used all 4 chipotles in adobo seeded and my husband and I who both love spicy food thought it was the perfect amount of heat.

The smoky flavor is divine. Really, SO good. You are a genius. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I have never before been so excited about a meal! OMG this is amazing, probably my new favourite pasta dish. To follow up what the other folks from the UK said about chipotle paste, two tablespoons of paste in place of the four chipotles is a good start. I made it tonight but added mushroom and kale sauteed with garlic instead of the brussels sprouts, threw the whole dish in the oven for 10 minutes topped with a wee bit of daiya and panko and I could not believe how spectacular it was!

This recipe is a keeper!! I absolutely loved this! Although I found it was a bit too cashew-y when it first came out of the blender. I added some turmeric, cumin chili powder and lemon juice and it waste much more tangy! I just made the sauce using sunflower seeds instead of cashews, and it tastes wonderful! Thanks Isa! This was so good. I made it with steamed kale since brussels sprouts are way out of season. Made this for dinner tonight. It is delicious. I did have to scale back a bit on the chipotles even after de-seeding.

I guess we have a lower tolerance for spicy. Thank you so much for the recipe. Sorry if this has been asked before, but does miso paste go bad? What a nice twist on mac n cheese. Used roasted cauliflower and kale that were in my fridge and only one unseeded chipotle. This looks amazing! Do you think dried, ground chipotle peppers would work? If so, any ideas how much to use? This looks sooooo amazing! The 2nd time around I did one chipotle and a roasted red bell pepper, perfection!

Now it feeds my family of 4 I doubled the Brussels too! Just noticed that it was always supposed to feed 4. Oops, now you know why AFR is my favorite cookbook…portion control and I are not friends. Just made this last night — seriously wow! This is amazing. Thank you so much Isa.

Thank you again! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Today I made this for the second time! And I replaced the miso for 1 tsp of dijon mustard to be soy free. This is incredible! I baked it and ate two portions, yum!

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I made this tonight — unfortunately no brussel sprouts in the house but the pasta and sauce alone was delicious. Really creamy, smokey, slightly spicy — just so good.


I did cook up some green beans and used them to clean up the left over sauce. So easy, so good. I made this tonight for dinner and loved it! I had to reduce the chipotle to 1 instead of 4 my kids are wimps but I saved some of the smokey sauce in the can and added it to my serving of Mac and cheese and it was delicious! This was my first time trying a recipe that uses cashews as a replacement for dairy and I have to admit it was very good. I just made this tonight, came out amazing!

I used ancho chile powder instead of the chipotle chili I have no tolerance for spice. For the veggies I subbed power greens swiss chard, baby kale and spinach and grilled portobello mushrooms. This is insanely delicious. Also doubled the brown rice pasta and sprouts. It was perfect for our palates. My husband and I, both meat eaters, recently watched a scary documentary about the current disgusting meat practices in our country there are studies being done by the industry to try out things like maggots and bacteriophages to kill microbes on the meat. Pretty sure I can never eat meat again, and recipes like this make me really hopeful that we can survive a vegan diet!

No animal products for two days now and going strong! Going to try to Beet burgers tonight and the vegan sausages in a stew tomorrow night. The transition can be really fun, sounds like you have a good attitude about it. You can always let me know if you have food questions! Sometimes I miss comments here but facebook is pretty reliable. Sounds so good but I recently have developed a cashew allergy. Can you use soaked almonds? Any suggestions Isa? Yep, someone has already done blanched almond somewhere in the comments. With brussels a bit out of season in the markets I frequent, I did this with sauteed cabbage and a nice pot of black beans in day-old sofrito as an accompaniment.

Ooooooh my this was SO much hotter than I had anticipated. I doubled the cashews and water and it still makes my mouth burn. But in a good way. I loved how creamy and smokey it was! Just made a double batch for dinner. We only had 1 lb of sprouts, so we supplemented it with roasted artichokes.

It turned out so great! Then sauce was a perfect combo of creaminess and spiciness. Ok so I used olive oil infused with lime on the sprouts, hacho miso I know so little about miso which is chocolate colored, and 3 big chipotles. The sauce turned a little darker yellow than I would have liked but it was face rocking amazing! Just made it and this was amazing! This is going on heavy rotation in our house. I am housesitting and prepping this right now. I love chipotles, but wish I could find them organic. Any suggestions for subbing the nooch?

I know nothing is a real substitute, but wondering what your thoughts are. This was fantastic! I used 4 chipotles and yikes, this was spicey. This particular can of chipotles was much hotter than the last can I used. Next time I will check the sauce after adding 2 or 3 peppers.

Still, it was so, so good! This looks so delicious! Do you think mellow white miso from Miso Master would work well in this recipe. Loved this mac and cheese and my husband did too. Not too spicy but nice and smoky. I did add a bit of vegan sour cream at the end as it needed some creaminess, was a bit dry after warming the sauce with the pasta. Will definitely make again. My non-vegan husband even loved it.

The sauce would be great on nachos or other Mexican dishes. I will definitely be making this again. Made this tonight and it was soooo good. So if you are a spice wimp, or cooking for kids, maybe take it down to 2 chipotles. I have pals who I know will easily Glutenify this for themselves, friends, and families, thanks!! I made this tonight and loved it. My sauce was a bit too spicy for me, so I left the sprouts on the side to be able to alternate bites with something cooling. It was perfect that way.

Made this again it was so good. Very good recipe and probably much better for you! Good value for money that you can get a lot of meals out of this too. The hardest part about reading this recipe is being in a condo without all my stuff frozen raw cashews, nosh, etc …this sounds so good and all I have is the Brussels sprouts! Just made this tonight — it was amazing!! Used only one seeded chipotle which gave it a great warm flavor, without being spicy. This was my first experience with brussels sprouts can you believe it? I will definitely be making this on a regular basis!

Thank you for such an awesome and quick mac!! LOVE this recipe!!!!! You are the best, I have an easy mac and cheese recipe now with NO margarine or oil that tastes so yummy. Just as easy and delicious as advertised! To make it even easier I replaced with 2 whole not seeded leftover chipotles from a can of chipotles in adobo sauce that were in the freezer, and instead of roasted brussel sprouts, I served with reheated frozen broccoli. I used half the amount of chipotles which was just right for me.

This was delicious, quick and easy. Thanks Isa for another great recipe! Very good. Could I use some amount of soy sauce in place of the miso? I imagine if I buy miso it will sit there forever except for making this recipe again if my family likes it. Substituted macadamia nut butter for the cashews and proceeded to down 2 of those 4 servings in 1 sitting. Previously suspicious of that nutritional yeast business, consider me now officially converted.

Thanks for the recipe! Super good. I left out the chipotles and added Sriracha afterwards to my bowl. Very tasty and most triumphant vegan food! So the only modification I made to this recipe was to double it. This was a completely terrible idea. I should have quadrupled it! We ate most of it in one go and only had a little leftover.

Just made this for dinner for my husband and I and WOW! It was pretty amazing. Love the texture of the brussels in there. Great recipe! Will definitely be making this again. Isa, I have made this twice in the past week. Yeah, this was delish. Now I just have to find another recipe for the rest of the can of chipotles this week! For those who are concerned with the spice level, I noticed the hottness became toned down upon reheating leftovers that is if you have any! OMG, Brussels are my favorite veggie and I am a hot and spicy freak too. I just made this and am wolfing it down right now.

This dish is fab. Since going vegan, I think this is the best cheese sauce recipe I have had so I will be using it elsewhere in my cooking. This was great!! Used penne whole wheat pasta instead of macaroni. But it still tasted awesome. The best mac and cheese ever! Even though a blender malfunction left the sauce not quite as creamy and smooth as yours, it was still delicious. I doubled the recipe and had no issues…I was a little concerned about that many chipotles, but it was warm, not spicy. Thank you, Isa!!!!

This looked so darn tasty that I had to give it try.


I did this sans Brussel Sprouts and think it turned out well. I like the heat so blended in four full chipotle peppers, seeds included. Love the smoky kick! Thanks for posting this recipe. Very excited to check out your books now. I just made this last night and it ruled! Definitely harder to scrap the seeds out that way, and lots more kick.

I also mixed the sprouts into the sauce coating. I will definitely be trying out more of your recipes in the future!!! I realized when half the ingredients were measured into the blender and the pasta water was boiling that I had neither canned chipotles nor roasted red peppers. It worked out well, but I missed that chipotle kick, so I added liquid smoke and hot sauce.

I kind of expected it to be a disaster. Still delicious! This recipe is absolutely foolproof!! I just finished making a batch of this, sans any veggies and with only one chipotle pepper. I am eating it straight from the pan. Super addictive and yummy. Hope there is enough left to share for supper we are also having quarter pounder beet burgers. So, three of your recipes in one day…an intervention may be in order…. I made this for dinner last night and almost cried it was so good! Absolutely perfect creaminess and match for the roasted Brussels sprouts. Cannot wait for the leftovers—husband loves it, too.

Holy cow, already a fan for life, what is the next level? Just made this. It tastes amazing! Smoky and spicy! I used whole wheat macaroni and canned chipotles, which I seeded thanks very much. It may sound weird to put in roasted brussels, but they are such a superfood, super healthy and a favorite of mine. Just the right touch for this dish. Wonderfully, surprisingly delicious.

Thanks very much, Isa. I made this and was too lazy to seed the chipotles so I just put in two and some of the sauce.

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I use stewed zephyr squash and zuchinni in place of the sprouts but have them as a side instead of adding them to the dish as I was afraid they would water down the mac. I used an immersion blender and broth left over from making your homemade seiten. I served with the squash and seiten sauteed then simmer with your pantry BBQ sauce from another recipe.

I wanted something smokey AND pasta and these recipes really hit the spot s. Loved this!! I have swapped the cashews for ground almonds which has smoothed out the texture to perfection at the same time as cutting down on effort. Know what? Had to cut right down on the chipotle though. This is the best mac and cheese recipe I have tried. The brussel sprouts are a fantastic addition, and we have tried it with kale chips too, that was also very tasty.

Made this tonight and it was a big hit. We both loved it! This is a recipe I would make again! We used cashews and white mellow miso. The only change I made was to use 2 and half chipotles instead of 4 because I am a spice wimp! It turned out delicious and still had plenty of heat for me. I made this the other night, and it was amazing. Might be my new favorite vegan mac and cheese!

I absolutely adore you and your recipes, thank you for making it easy to be vegan. Xoxo, C. This is a wonderful recipe! Lovely vegan non junk food. I do have several of your books though and swear by them made some vegan cupcakes that were to die for yesterday from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. I have to say that I made this tonight with only using the red pepper substitution and it blew me away.

I really appreciate what you do. Used a combination of roasted red peppers and chipotle powder in the sauce, and since it is CSA zucchini overload season, roasted that up instead of brussells sprouts. I do have one serious problem which is that I in weight loss mode and had to control my portion which was NOT easy. I added some Sriracha to spice it up. Good flavor. I would absolutely make this again, and I still want to try this with chipotles.

Recipe here from the Post Punk Kitchen! If you try it, let me know if you […]. I have made this several times now and I love it. Also, I had no veggie broth so I just used water. The other day I was inspired to make this and OMG super not cheesy, creamy goodness!!! And this is coming from a meat-a-tarian. Truly a plant based meal one can get excited about! First, start off with your favorite vegan mac and cheese. Finally got around to making this last night. It is a delicious dish and super simple. Alas, I had no brussel sprouts so I went without and served with a side of sauteed zucchini and tomatoes.

I made this tonight and it was so good! It was so creamy and flavorful and easy. I used kale instead of brussels because it was what I had, and it was great. Thanks so much for the recipe! Usually tomato paste and lemon juice will do the trick. You genius!!! The salty sweetness of the miso mimics cheese so well, this creamy, velvety, rib sticking concoction served with roasters broccoli and cauliflower blew my mind! Even my omni husband who hates Mac and Cheese tasted this and said it was amazing. Thank you!!!! We made this last night, and it was phenomenal. OK, no surprises there. Your recipes are always the bomb diggity.

And do not touch your eyes, mouth, or nose or any other mucous membrane after handling hot peppers. I usually de-seed them under running water.

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Oh Dear Lord!!! I just made this using roasted red bell peppers instead of chipotles because a little certain someone runs screaming from anything spicy. This recipe is going to be a staple this fall in our house. Check them […]. They are a very mild white nut. I tried this recipe last night and it was phenomenal!!!! My taste buds were in ecstasy!

Even my non-vegan and highly skeptical boyfriend loved it and went back for seconds and thirds! Thanks Isa for coming up with this incredible recipe! Isa, thank you for making opening my world to the wonders of Brussels sprouts. You posted this months ago, but I just saw this recipe today and knew I had to try it. Very good — even the skeptics in the family liked this. BTW: Only found chipotle peppers in a jar, so used a couple of those that was enough as those babies are hot!

Plus, no jalapeno hands! Ajvar is readily available in most supermarkets here in Germany and often comes in both a mild and a hot variation. It also has the benefit of adding some body to your recipe more sauce, some fruitiness to balance the cheesy flavor.

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I find that cashew butter also works in case you do not want to blend the soaked cashews yourself. Instead of the brussels I used broccoli but just because I had it on hand. Anyway, just wanted to add these changes in a comment because someone might consider them useful. I made this for lunch with my mom yesterday — and we both loved it. I followed the recipe exactly, except for using broccoli instead of brussel sprouts.

I made this with crumbled smoky maple tempeh on top. The brussels are so perfect with the cheesy spicy smokiness. FYI: I soaked the dried chipotles for 1 hour and reserved the liquid for the sauce, scraped the seeds out with a fork. This was delicious!! Also e few sundried tomatos. It was awesome!! And thanks for the cookbook Isa Does It. I made several recipes and they are all delicious!!

I realized I got roasted, unsalted whole cashews. Will this work or should I wait to find raw? I really would like to try this recipe but my husband is uber allergic to tree nuts strangely peanuts and pine nuts are safe. Do you have any suggestions on possible cashew substitutions? By browsing through different recipes, I got a rough idea of […]. I am still fairly new to cooking, and found the recipe super easy. I used Braggs Liquid Aminos in the place of the miso, and it worked fine. Also, I dont care for spicy, so I only used 2 chipotles instead of 4.

It is the perfect amount of spicy for me. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I will definitely be having this meal on the regular! I adore this mac and cheese recipe, and make it all the time! Just made a bowl with this mac and cheese, creamy vegan coleslaw and bbq soy curls. I think my problem was my miso. There were so many kinds, I was overwhelmed. I would love to flavor profile guide to all the different varieties!

Usually have to tweak veeg-cheese recipes but it came out exactly right. I always add a little extra yeast though. We ground some fresh black pepper on to serve. Total winner! Hi, Isa. Do you happen to have the nutritional information for this recipe on hand?

The BEST Vegan Mac and Cheese (A Fan Favorite!)

I can totally figure it out myself, but if you already have it, it would save me the trouble. Looking forward to chowing down on this for dinner! This sauce is awesome! I am already thinking of different ways to use it. Also, when you say you can fast boil the cashews do you mean you can place them in boiling water and continue to boil for 15 minutes or place them in the water and turn it off?

This has become a staple for me. Pretty fawkin tasty. I still wonder what it would be like with miso instead. The end result was excellent. I look forward to making it as written! So I made my special drink with vodka, gin and olives and stared really hard at the picture. It is. And minimalist […]. I made half a recipe since it is just for me and only used 1 pepper when I saw the size of them.

The sauce was amazing-very velvety and satisfying! I am not vegan-not even completely vegetarian but am trying to get my cholesterol down and eat more healthy food. Microspot Interiors is a interior design application that is quite common amid Mac users because of it is simplicity and the price tag which is just a fraction of the price tag of most skilled style software. Pharaohs were buried in tombs that were extravagantly decorated. Interior design should be selected with the guidance of professionals.

Nutrition Information […]. Thanks sooo much for this recipe! I will be cooking it again later today and I just wanted to thank you for a completely savory and delish recipe. I make it GF and this is in my permanent rotation.


I just love your creativity. Not feeling well today, tucked up in bed with my kitties, what should I eat? I know I will make this awesome mac and cheese for the thousandth time. Never fails to amaze me, never ever, so creamy and tasty and cheesy and wonderful and yet kind to the planet.