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How to Assign a File Type to an Application in Mac OS X Lion

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Bytes are often used to represent a Network-attached storage NAS is dedicated file storage that enables multiple users and heterogeneous client devices to retrieve This was last updated in April Related Terms. NET Framework. NET Framework is a managed execution environment for Windows that allows software developers to create a software application in It serves as the fundamental user interface , but also works behind the scenes, managing processes and applications.

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For example, when you double-click an application icon, OS X launches the corresponding program and provides memory to the application while it is running. It reallocates memory as necessary and frees up used memory when an application is quit. While the OS X interface remains similar to the original version released in , it has gone through several updates, which have each added numerous new features to the operating system.

Below is a list of the different versions of OS X, along with their code names. This page contains a technical definition of OS X.

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