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VLC is an open source free media player application, so it can be used on both Linux, Windows and Mac operating system. Unlike other media players, you can use this as free screen video capture software. This media player is one of the best media players available on the Internet with the built-in screen recording features. OBS also known as Open Broadcaster Software is another powerful open source video capture free product. It is a streaming program , you can use this program to broadcast a live stream on Twitch, YouTube, etc. One can also use this as a pretty good screen recording program which works great for gamers to share their gameplay with their subscribers.

Besides the regular video capture software that you need to install on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer, we have also found some plugins or extensions that you can use to capture the video.

Download Free Screen Recorder for Mac - Best Software & Apps

Here we recommend the following video capture. Loom is a free screen recorder Google Chrome plugin and Extension mainly popular among YouTubers and bloggers. It allows you to edit, resize and convert the video. It is equipped with modern techniques which make your experience more enjoyable. The demand for screen capture application is rapidly increasing. Most of the people love to share the video on social media network and platform. Free video capture software allow the blogger to share their tutorial video on the Internet without spending a single penny.

Top 10 Best Free Video Capture Software on Win/Mac/Linux

So, without any hesitation, just pick up one recorder to enjoy your recording journey. Find your YouTube niche 2. Pick a Channel Name 3. YouTube Channel Art 4. Optmize Channel Description 5.

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Channel Trailer. Video ideas 2. Structure YouTube Videos 3. Video Shooting Equipments 4. YouTube Shooting Tips 5. Best Video Editors for YouTube 6. Best Screen Recorders for YouTube 7. How to edit YouTube Videos 8. End Screen and Card 9. Intro and Outro Video Effects Background music.

Optimize Video Meta Data 3. Increase Audience Retention 4.

Top 10 Best Screen Recorders for Mac 12222 (Free and Paid)

YouTube SEO tools. Get More Subscribers 2. Get More Views 3. YouTube Analytics Tools. How to make money with YouTube 2. YouTube Money Calculator 3. Make money by Ads 4. Make money by Affiliate 5.

Part 1: Best free video capture software for Windows 10

Make money by getting sponsored 6. What's MCN? Jing includes the option to use the mic when recording, so you can narrate through your steps if that is necessary. It is the perfect tool for creating video tutorials of up to 5 minutes.

Part 1. Best 10 Video Recording Software for Mac

But did you know that you could use Quick Time Player to do screen recording too? You can choose to record your entire screen or just drag your mouse to only select and record a certain area.

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Best of all, the recording limit is only limited by the available space in your hard drive. This is a simple app that you can get from the Apple App Store.

Just as one would expect, it lets you select any part of your screen to have it recorded. The video recording only lasts for seconds on the lite version of this app. Besides that, you can also enable the mouse click feature, so that it can detect every mouse click that happens and have them included in the recording. By just clicking on the record button you can then choose to record in full screen , a specific region or only using your web camera.

Although the recordings are limited to only 3 minutes per video including watermark, they have a lot other features to justify these limitations. Moreover, you can also create a task schedule to automatically trigger recording at a day and time of your choosing. Monosnap is a screen capture application that is on par with or probably even better than the once free Droplr.

We say better because unlike Droplr, Monosnap is free and includes features like in-built image editing, the option to upload your files to your own server and finally screen recording.