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Proto is unique because it goes through addtional testing and certification because it is used by NASA, the military, and industrial customers including General Motors. Each of these three manufacture and sell tools under a variety of brands there are many other brands that Stanley makes that I haven't even named. The quality between these three manufacturers is roughly the same. I know its a bit of a let-down to hear that, but its a simple fact. There are a hand full of other minor players Vermont American, etc and an endless list of Taiwanese import tool companies some of which Stanley own as well as Danaher to serve the lower end consumer import brands at WalMart, etc.

MAC tool warranty, how good is it?

How do I know all of this? I personally do not think that MAC, MatCo, or Snap-On branded tools are worth the extra markup since they use the same forgings and manufacturing processes that make Husky and Kobalt and pre Craftsman. Where you need to pay attention are things like ratchets and torque wrenches.

There are different specifications of ratchets and you do pay for the difference. Some mechanics require a finer, more precise ratcheting mechanism than guys like me who just bang around in the garage on the weekends. By the way, Metwrench is basically considered a "gimick" infomercial tool brand that is not considered as a serious competitor to Danaher, Snap-On, or Stanley.

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Then again, IBM once didn't see Microsoft as a serious force in the personal computer business. Got points in my french class for that.

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You'll notice if you look through the catalogs from preceeding years that the tools are becoming more and more alike. I was also wondering what the deal was with the S-K foundry? Presumably they still make some stuff stateside? I know there are others not mentioned, Cornwell has a foundry in Ohio, I think? I feel they are a good investment for a week end shade tree mechanic but if you make a living using them I would go with the likes of snap on.

My own tools are a mix of snap on, sears, craftsman, mac, Husky, channel lock, vice grip, and a ton of cheap stuff. This doesnt count the specialty tools. I think you are nuts if you only buy from one supplier. All the dealers have their bad reps.

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You just have to learn who they are and not deal with them. I have had replacement tools from all of them along with denials. Yes I have been denied with Sears also. I Used to take tools back to them by the bag every 2 weeks when I used them for a living. I think that you got hosed on the torque wrench but it is a common practice that I have heard of from other companies. I dought you will get very far on it. Unfortunatly you will probably still end up buying a new torque wrench and and going through alot of aggrevation.

Find More Posts by robert chilton. Find More Posts by Ridiculous. Why cant you set up an account with multiple vendors? I never have used cornwall tools but this is my preference. Snap on ratchets and long extensions. I also prefer snap on wrench profile but a good substitute for smaller wrenches are Husky brand from the Home Depot. Same profile, cheap, and have a life time warrenty.

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Mac makes a better impact hammer gun IMO and their impact universal sockets have saved my but more than once. I cant stand their ratchets though. They have a real fine tooth count that is really annoying. I buy most of my socket sets from sears but they are augmented by Huskys and cheapies. I buy alot of cheap wobbly extensions at auto zone.

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Honestly alot of it is personal preference and if the dealer is good. My best advice is dont get used to buying all your tools off the truck. It is a bad habit that will make you broke in a hurry once you are out of school. I have worked with a couple of guys that owed their entire pay check to the snap on man and had to do side jobs to put food on the table and keep the lights on. Good luck with your career.

Mountain Goat, forget about a waiver, they destroyed your property, and on purpose! That makes it a criminal act in my book. Anyway, I would send the president of Mac Tools a letter explaining the situation.

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Demand replacement or payment within two weeks or so, or you will take legal action. Small claims court involves no more than filling out a form and paying a small fee which beomes part of the claim, at least in New Jersey.

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I've won several BS cases like this. It's amazing how their tone changes in front of a judge! Find More Posts by fredbert.

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  8. Likes: Received Likes on Posts. Has never given me any trouble unless it gets so greasy and dirty the open ratchet wheel gets clogged up. I just spray some WD on it to clean it and go back to twisting bolts off. My dad R. It was made in China I think but can't be sure. Most of my tools have been accumulated over the last 40 years a bit or a set at a time from many different manufacturers. I can't see spending top dollar for tools when the cheap stuff does what I want. Call me cheap but I still git er done! Oh, and if it breaks rarely I throw the durn thing away and go buy another cheap one.

    Life is to short to worry about such trivial things. Edwin [edit] I don't mean to put down your plight with your torque wrench. You have every right to be angry at them and I would be too. If they won't make you whole then Sue their pants off! Anybody know what kind of warranty MAC has for tool boxes? Especially the slides. Re: MAC tool box warranty? Last edited by Deafautotech; at PM. It looks exactly like the one in this ebay ad except the lock is gone. That is an Economizer box and has a one year warranty from date of purchase.

    A man is known by the tools he keeps. Originally Posted by Fedwrench. Thread Tools. All times are GMT