How to customize mac desktop icons

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how to customize your folder icons (mac)

Additional Item Information: The last section on the Show View Options panel lets you choose if you would like to see more item information about your folders or other elements lying around. Additionally, you can choose if elements like image icons show as mini-previews of files or as generic icons.

Last but not least, you can also use the Sort by: option to choose how items on your desktop are sorted. You are not the only one. Thankfully, changing not only the color, but the entire icons of folders and drives lying around on your desktop is a snap. I wish Apple would stop treating its customers like nitwits who only deserve a one-size-fits-all grey or black - wow!

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Going by other posts, I'm not the only one. Is there any way to make the borders of windows a little more obvious? How do you stretch the dock from one end of the desktop to the other like windows taksbar? The annoying spaces between both ends of the dock to the end of the screen is annoying.

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Andrew, if you want to stick with Dock, it looks like your only option is to fill the it with apps to stretch it all the way to the edge of the screen. Otherwise, you could try uBar to get something similar to the Windows taskbar.

Step One: Copy Your Icon File

I have to be honest, I'm not sure what it is you want, but from what I do grasp I think that there isn't a way to do it. Sorry about that. Still looking for a tool that would allow me to change all windows to varying degrees of transparency Pic-a-POD is an app that downloads pictures of the day from a variety of sources and uses then to change your desktop periodically.

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How to Personalize Your MacBook Desktop - dummies

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  • Just tried it and it's still the case. I wasted so much time editing icons in ResEdit.

    2 Simple Ways to Give Your Mac’s Desktop a Whole New Appearance

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    How to Make Your Desktop Folders Snap to a Grid

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