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Complete documented source is provided as a tutorial on Windows programming in Fortran. The source may be easily modified and recompiled if additional features or modifications are desired. Back to Special Features.

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Mixed Language Programming. The process of combining Fortran and C routines into a single application has been a major frustration to many Windows programmers. Microsoft requires use of non-standard Fortran syntax to accomplish this feat. Absoft Pro Fortrans provide a better solution: Absoft Fortran compilers are link-compatible and use standard Microsoft C calling conventions.

Example code is provided in the documentation. DLL building capabilities. Example code is contained in the documentation. Absoft's alias feature allows you to create DLLs compatible with any other configuration. Graphics Libraries. Pro Fortran includes a new, flexible graphics library called PLplot. Multiple graphs of the same or different sizes may be placed on a single page with multiple lines in each graph. Output can be to your monitor, a file, a printer or in postscript format. There are almost characters in the extended character set including four different fonts, the Greek alphabet and a host of mathematical, musical and other symbols.

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HDF precompiled libraries are included with every copy of Pro Fortran. Absoft compiler suites are source compatible across the different platforms which means in most cases, only a recompile is needed to port code from one environment to another. Multi-processing Capabilities. The VAST pre-processor provides advanced optimization capabilities for single processor machines and automatic parallelization of existing source code to take advantage of multi-processors on machines with multiple CPUs.

Introductory Software Maintenance applies: From date of purchase until version is no longer current; charges may apply afterwards. Absoft branded products include Premier Technical Support and Initial Software Maintenance at no additional charge from the time of purchase for as long as the purchased version remains the current release version.

Premier Technical Support includes free technical assistance for routine, short duration installation and usage how-to questions, limited code-related questions, access to the Absoft user forum and FAQ's and access to friendly technical support engineers via fax, email or telephone during normal support hours. Premier Technical Support is at no charge is as long as the purchased product version is current or the customer is still under Initial or Continuing Software Maintenance.

Version upgrades require separate purchase but at discounted prices. At the conclusion of the Initial Software Maintenance term i. Continuing Software Maintenance includes all elements of Premier Technical support plus all Product Upgrades issued during the month Continuing Software Maintenance term. Annual renewals of Software Maintenance will be made available at low-cost to customers who renew within their unexpired Maintenance term.

Third party products distributed by Absoft are subject to license terms and policies of their respective manufacturers. Disclaimer: Premier Technical Support cannot be used as a tutorial to assist in the design and development of applications, use of programs in other than their specified operating environment, provide instructions on general system operation or explore failures caused by products for which Absoft is not responsible under this agreement. Absoft's no charge companion home license policy allows registered users to install Fortran 95 on their home system at no additional charge.

Back to top. Extensions from all major workstations have been added to make sure your code ports from any environment with minimal effort. Automatic byte-swapping and full integration with many third party tools means porting code from virtually any environment requires little more than a recompilation without rewriting code. The F95 compiler can operate in F95, F90 or F77 modes. Additional third party products can be found on ISVs and Resources.

NEW Absoft Fortran compilers for bit and bit Linux combine state-of-the-art code generation and optimization technology with solid reliability and the industry's most complete list of tools and libraries into a single package with prices starting as low as pounds for Absoft Fortran Express. The new Absoft Fortran compilers are source-compatible with previous Absoft Fortran compilers allowing customers to obtain significant performance gains simply by compiling existing programs with the new compilers.

Absoft Fortran is fully compatible with the latest standards and the gnu tool chain. For developing Fortran in parallel environments, tools that can automatically restructure serial code for dual processors, add OpenMP directives or help build and debug complex code on a distributed cluster system are optionally available. Fortran includes a complete User Guide. PDF with clear examples of editing, compiling, debugging and running programs.

To ensure customers obtain maximum performance, options are suggested for optimizations and compatibility. Pre-built math and graphics libraries are also included. The compiler is fully source-compatible with all previous and future versions of Absoft Fortran Compilers. Huge productivity gains can be attained by merely recompiling existing source code.

For legacy applications, Absoft compilers support:. Absoft compilers are fully source compatible across all popular platforms and a simple recompile is typically all that is required to move from one environment to the next. Absoft offers dynamic license management options which can instantly change to support the platform you are currently working on. Industry leading performance and optimizations Superior reliability, compatibility, portability, support, pricing, and licensing options Fully source compatible with all previous and future Absoft Fortran releases for all supported operating systems Linux, OS X, Windows and processors x32, x64, POWER Advanced code generation and optimization technology with Cray-F90 based front-end bit version generates code for both bit and bit systems; bit version generates bit code only Easy installation for any Linux distribution.

Just upgrade and recompile to gain significant performance increases! Highest reliability - Absoft's long-standing reliability is based on a mature code base - our Cray Research-based Fortran front-end is the most commercially weathered and reliable Fortran compiler front-end in the industry.

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Absoft Fortran is fully compatible with existing Absoft Fortran compilers and the GNU tool chain, so existing Absoft customers need only to recompile their application to take advantage of significant additional performance. Live, industry-leading technical support - Absoft has the reputation of the best Fortran technical support in the industry and is the best choice for a single point of contact for customers to receive top quality support.

These features represent significant cost savings for developers working in environments where computers and compilers need to be shared across multiple systems. Absoft's Fortran Compiler for Linux is unrivaled in both ease of use and its comprehensive list of features and typically generates code that performs as fast or faster than any other Fortran compiler.

PIC code, automatic byte swapping, full integration with GNU tools and LSB compliance means porting code from any environment with Absoft requires little more than a recompilation. The easy-to-use Absoft Fortran compiler "just installs". Absoft is the only Fortran vendor offering bundle pricing on source-compatible Fortran solutions for all of today's popular computing platforms Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Customers save time and money with source-compatible Fortran solutions for all their development environments. Options for an automatically parallelizing pre-processor, OpenMP and cluster configurations will be available.

Technical support, service packs and software fixes are included with each license purchased at no additional charge.

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You need a C compiler to generate binaries from your Fortran sources. It is a very complete system with IDEs, graphics libraries , lexical analyser generators flex , parser generators bison , text processing utilities like grep, sed , a program maintainence utility ie, make , a DOS extender , and so on.

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The compiler, utilities and libraries come with source code. To link to this page from your website, simply cut and paste the following code to your web page. Free Fortran Compilers and Interpreters. All rights reserved. This page was last updated on 7 June If you find this site useful, please link to us. Free Fortran Compilers Fortran is one of the earliest imperative computer programming languages around. G95 G95 is an open source Fortran 95 compiler.

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