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Crockpot Mac and Cheese -- Easy Cheesy Cook with Me Without Heating Up the House

This macaroni and cheese is total perfection, my kids absolutely adore it and ask for it every week. Sometimes I have issues with the sauce separating or being grainy from the flour, and I find that baked versions of mac and cheese can dry out easily. This slow cooker mac and cheese is practically fool proof; it comes out ultra creamy every time thanks to a secret ingredient. This crock pot mac and cheese is very simple to make.

First step is to boil you noodles. Slow cooker mac and cheese can sometimes come out with mushy, overcooked pasta if it cooks for too long. To avoid that, I use a heartier noodle like cavatappi, and I undercook it by 2 minutes before I put it into the slow cooker. The cook time for this mac and cheese varies a bit depending on your slow cooker.

I find that some of the older slow cookers tend to run on the hot side and have less heat settings. IF it looks soupy at the end of the cook time, just keep stirring and it will come together into a smooth sauce. And now for the secret ingredient reveal: American cheese! Not the kind that comes in the little slices wrapped in plastic; go to your deli and buy a block of American cheese to cut into cubes for this recipe.

This cheese melts beautifully and makes the end result ultra creamy. The American cheese, combined with cheddar cheese, butter, half and half and evaporated milk, make the sauce perfectly smooth. This is a basic mac and cheese in terms of the seasoning profile, but you can amp it up with the addition of your favorite herbs and spices, or even add some cubed ham at the end of the cook time for an extra special treat!

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This post was originally published on April 10, and was updated on December 14, with a new and improved recipe and photos. I made this for my 4th of July party and everyone loved it. My grocery store did not have white american cheese so I just used a block of orange mild cheddar cheese. When the mac and cheese was done, I topped it with red onions, green onions, and tomatoes and it was sooooo good!

I highly recommend those toppings!! Just made this.. I did skip the salt but used garlic powder instead. This is a keeper.

Watch How to Make Crock Pot Mac and Cheese!

Absolutely fantastic. And would there be any additional cook time? I served it for my Bunco group with tons of topping choices just like a sundae bar! It was a real hit! Easy for me as it was all done ahead of time. My topping were onions, salsa, bacon crispy, olives, salsa, more grated cheese, chopped tomatoes and sour cream! What is the difference in the taste?


This version calls for American cheese to help make it smooth and creamy. Can this recipe be made without pre-cooking the pasta? I have read several others that say they work well either way.

Steps to Make It

You can put the pasta in uncooked but it gets pretty mushy and thick if you do it that way. I had originally written the recipe that way, then re-tested and changed the recipe because the texture is so much better with pre-cooked pasta. Is the cooking for 2 minutes less than package directions for the al dente time, or tho longer time on the box? So for me, if it says minutes I typically cook right in the middle at 9 minutes.

I subtract 2 minutes from that and cook for 7 minutes instead. This Mac and Cheese turned out so great! Received many compliments.

Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese - Dinner, then Dessert

Followed instructions to the letter, had to turn up my older 4qt. Next to the crock, I set out custard cups filled with bacon bits, Rotel, bread crumbs crushed croutons and chopped green onions. This is a keeper! Thank You! I typically use a sharp cheddar, but have also made this with medium cheddar.

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Hope this helps! We have to travel for the holidays and would love to make before our hour travel and keep on warm. Macaroni and Cheese. Macaroni and Cheese Carbonara. Macaroni and Cheddar cheese. Baked Macaroni and Cheese. Spinach Macaroni and Cheese. Now playing Creamy Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese. Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese. Creamy Baked Macaroni and Cheese. Creamy Pizza Macaroni and Cheese.

Bacon and Blue Cheese Macaroni Cheese.

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