How to connect two monitors to mac mini

I do not own a mac mini but I have seen this done many times in retail stores that want to show off the versatility of such a small desktop.

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The mac mini has two video outputs: a mini-display port and a mini-DVI port. I do not know why apple decided to go with two different adapter types but it works just the same as you will need two separate adapters to use two displays anyway. From there, you just buy two "dongles" display adapters which hook up to your respective screen input jacks VGA or DVI and you're set!

There is no problem at all, you only need to use a simple adapter with each port - one adapter comes in fact with the Mac.

Adding a Graphics Card for Dual Displays

Hey just for interest, found this Apple connector. Hi all and thanks for your replies but the information I provided in my question has been changed and is wrong. I do not use a Mac mini. I use a 24" iMac, model.

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This is the last model to feature a mini dvi port instead of the newer mini display port. So my question is how can I connect two dell monitors that have lots of connectivity to a 24" iMac.

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Thanks again :. I hope this helped someone who is looking to add 4 or more displays to their or Mac.

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  8. These new chipsets have a shamefully low limit for monitors. Heck, the old Macbook Pro was capable of more. I also hope Apple trains their employees better on Apple-supported options to add additional displays, since they all had no clue about eGPUs or Airplay. One senior advisor even told me over the phone that the info I was requesting on adding a 4th monitor was confidential; I wish I was making this up.

    It worked perfectly out of the box; no drivers or configuration needed, just plug and play. They are lightning fast and the eGPU only uses one Thunderbolt 3 port.

    Run More Than 3 Monitors on the & Mac Mini - James Parsons

    You can find that here. Update Feb 20 setGpu now supports Mojave! I just tried it and it worked great. If it helped you, make sure you donate to his project as your donations make things like this possible. Update May 6, If you are noticing your screen flickering, this may be your power management feature trying to switch back and forth between your onboard and eGPU.