Scroll ball on mac mouse wont scroll down

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Apple wired mouse only scrolls up Ask Question. Asked 4 years ago. Active 4 years ago. Viewed 4k times.

Jocelyn L. Can you clarify how long you have had this mouse for? Is it a mechanical issue or do you think that it is a software setting? What steps have you taken to try and get is to work. Try another mouse, or try that one in another machine. Featured on Meta.

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Mac mouse doesn't scroll down

Zoom out. Big deal. Click and hold the mouse down and you can move the image. Come on.

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I must be missing something here. Please enlighten me. How do you go to full screen and scroll an image? Why Can't we set a pref to let the scroll ball on our mouse either scroll or zoom? Is there a place to do this that I am missing? This content has been marked as final. Show 8 replies.

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I use a basic one-button Apple mouse with no scroll wheel. I found if you hold the ctrl button down when you use the scroll ball on the mighty mouse to zoom, it won't show the percentage of zoom but the desktop will expand and in fact if you are using a dual monitor, the program will push your other desktop out of the way. Move the mouse side to side or up and down and you can scroll by moving the mouse, but I think this is an OS movement with the increased desktop, not the Bridge program and the mouse.

I am not sure that there is a way By the way It did with mine. Had to reset using Display Pref to correct. There might be some advantage in having the ability to use the scroll ball for this but then it would get complicated because this is mainly used for zooming in and out in other applications and it would get quit confusing.

Scroll Wheel Won't Scroll Down (But Will Scroll Up) - May - Forums - CNET

Also the new review mode cmd B is a very nice way to work for the last selection. You could add a feature request but I doubt it would make any sense because you can already use the mouse with hold click to 'scroll' the image and why add yet another way to it? However there could be a possibility when writing a script for it that when you are in Bridge you could switch to this behavior.