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In later releases of OSX What should have been a quick change of settings turned into a 10 minute battle with El Capitan to change the default mail client! I tested an email link from a website to check that this was a system wide rather than an issue specific to Tweetbox. I set the default email reader to be Airmail a second time. Like Liked by 1 person.

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Like Like. Your documents will still be available on other devices using iCloud. Hello, I do not think you need to be concerned. I interpret this message to mean, iCloud documents currently on your mac will be deleted, however, when you re-enable iCloud they will sync back down again. Did you try to open and close the Preferences panel for 5 or 6 times? You will sadly find that the problem still lives……. Just been rebuilding my Mac and forgot about this issue until after I had again set up all my photo library. Now have just installed MS Outlook and got to the point where I encountered this same issue with trying to make Outlook the default mail app.

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Thanks tomtominc! Thanks for this — I was having the same issue and this did, indeed, resolve it. One thing to be aware of, however, is that after re-enabling iCloud on my Mac, it proceeded to re-upload my entire photo library — all 30GB of it — to iCloud even though the library was never deleted anywhere. Takes a while and could cause some grief for anyone on a metered connection. Following the directions here log out of iCloud, reboot, etc. The instructions on this link to the Apple developer site did work.

Can confirm that this worked perfectly on my Thank you! I think it depends on where the problem is… Corrupt launch services database, or Icloud corruption. I rebuilt LaunchServices first using Onyx, but that did not fix the problem. Then I found this article, and following this article fixed my problem.

Any tips. I am trying to defualt my email to gmail or outlook. Just changed the default email reader under Mail preferences, then restarted my computer. The restart solidified the change and my chosen email program CloudMagic for Mac is now the default every time.

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Which version of OSX are you running? Did you restart the Mac when signed out? Wow, this is a major PiTA!

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  7. We have over Macs and users and just made the mistake of upgrading to El Capitan and Office from So this is the best anybody has come up with yet??? This is absolutely ridiculous!!! Hey, that does indeed should like an major PiTA. I recently changed my default mail client again, running Perhaps AppleScript could automate the process? Please come back and let me know the outcome. Ok, the lsregister command does more than reset mail associations, it resets all associations including custom file associations and the default browser, etc. The following worked for me.

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    Go to Mail prefs and select Apple Mail as the default mail program. Yes, this one worked. Switch to Mail 1st — then click on another heading in preference, then back and with to email client of your choice. Then it sticks……. Spoke too soon. Now it does not work. Still stuck with Entourage — but want to use Airmail…. This is maddening.. I have OS I have tried them all. Under general in the Apple mail Outlook is already set to default but it always opens Apple Mail!

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