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A lot of people will either just leave their client Macs pointing directly to Apple's free NTP servers, or may have gotten as far as setting up a Mac as an NTP server and then pointing their clients to it. The problem arose when I tried to do this on our other ultra-secure network which does not have an Internet connection at all.

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With no Internet connection the Mac server itself had no source to which it could sync, without a source to sync to it would not allow any clients to sync to it. This is as far as I got before I posted this original query. The above article does not cope with this situation. I have now managed to find the solution. In a similar situation some larger organisations solve this by connecting a GPS clock to the server and configuring that as the the NTP source for their server.

The ntpd server by having this as a valid time source is then happy to itself serve to client computers. I could have done this but it would have involved buying a GPS clock and all the hassle of trying to get that working with a Mac. I did however find that there is a way to define a local computer clock - literally something referred to as a LCL. To cut a long story short, one needs to define a special local address for the Mac server to use its own clock as its own local clock source.

You then need to reload the ntpd process on the Mac server so it is forced to reread this preference file. I did this by force-quitting via Activity Monitor the ntpd process es but using the kill command or using launchctl are other methods. Posted on Jun 11, AM.

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Page content loaded. You probably found this already but it seems to be working for our server OS I cannot remember anything about actually implementing it. However, it must have worked since our clients seem to be keeping time. Jun 4, AM. My suspicion is that if the ntpd process cannot communicate with a parent ntp server then it will not accept requests from ntp clients.

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Remember my server is not connected to the Internet. Jun 4, PM. Jun 11, AM. I want to apply same method for my Mac with El Capitan operating system but i got a message like this. Jul 12, AM. Jul 12, AM in response to ademg In response to ademg. If so this seems rather clunky that it must be ran twice to get it to poll the server and sync the time. Assuming the Mac has already been configured to use a ntp server and its enabled but for some reason the Mac's time has drifted, the Apple commands do not appear to have a single command to tell the Mac to "sync now".

At least its not clearly defined in the man page to me.

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I would think that Apple would have a clearly defined command such as "systemsetup -setnetworktime" or even "systemsetup -syncnetworktime". Don't know if this helps LINK How often does this happen? At work I point the Macs to the domain controller and they update from there so I know the time is closely matched with that of the domain. What's the difference between these two options? These options can be combined, so if your clock is way off and you need to do a one-off synchronization, you should probably actually do ntpd -g -q to allow it to make a large change to the clock, then quit.

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If network time is enabled in System Preferences or with systemsetup , however, you should never have to do this by hand. OSX starts ntpd with -g by default, so time should be synchronized at boot even if the clock's skewed by some huge amount and should stay synchronized after that ntpd is a background service and periodically checks to see if it's still in sync. I see it maybe 1 or 2 times a year. I have some users who never reboot too we have no policy to force users to do it.

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Learn more about JNUC. Settings and Security Management , Managed Preferences. Like Comment. Order by: Most Likes Oldest Newest. You can just run a script: set NTP server and enable systemsetup -setnetworktimeserver time. Hi marawu The method from bvrooman is the way to go I'm afraid. Hi davidacland Oh man, thanks info. Must apply parametrs during work PS.

But only part of the settings applied: How do I know which settings can I change and which are not?