Forgot password mac os x 10.9

So in this article I wanted to show you two ways to reset the administrator password without a disk.

Reset Forgotten Admin & Standard User Password macOS and OSX

I think Macbook Air users will find this article especially useful just keep in mind that you may lose your files after running this tool ; therefore, make sure you have everything backed up. Click Terminal from the Utilities Menu and enter this:. The other option is to delete the Apple Setup file to trick the Mac into thinking it just came off the truck from the factory.

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To make it happen, we have to boot into something known as Single User Mode. This is a limited environment with no graphical user interface but is very helpful when you need to perform advanced troubleshooting. The command prompt is that right rectangle near the bottom of the screen. This is what it looks like on my Macbook Air:. The rm part removes directories.

Thanks for this but will all files and programs be retained, or does this effectively wipe the system?

mac os x reset admin password

Do send a mail to me if you want to get your data back… No need for file recovery app moizbharmal at live dot com. Data is almost always recoverable, with the right tools. A professional on these matters can help. Talk to a few people who work professionally in IT. If I miss something I apologize and disregard this comment.

This nearly wiped all the files I had, thousands of pictures and countless other thing, and didnt even work. AppleSetupDone …..

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How to Reset Mac OS X User Account Password

After turning it back on. My IMAC was not recognizing my password and therefore not allowing me to login after I replaced the hard drive and restored it from a time machine backup.

I did this coding suggestion and it started up like a new computer but after finishing registering it things got funky. It had me go through the registration a couple of times and now when I reboot it gets stuck at the blue screen with the pinwheel… Please help! I have yosemite Hi a week ago guy came in our store with MacBook Air inch, Mid and problem is that he cannot do anything right now. Can anybody help me or tell me what am I doing wrong? The single user mode will not wipe your files. After that, login with that account and all your files should be accessible again.

Restart in Recovery mode again, but this time run Disk Utility, select the system volume in its sidebar, and you should get an "Unlock" option it the toolbar. You can unlock it using yourr regular account password. Then, quit Disk Utility, run Terminal and resetpassword, and you should be able to reset the admin account's password. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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This is closer than I have been. After I clicked unlock, it asks for a password. Looks like it is asking for the admin password. Anything you can offer to help get me further?

How To Reset Mac’s PRAM on OS X 10.9 Mavericks

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