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Viewed 35k times. Is there any way to make this?

Boot Camp (software)

Install Ubuntu. When finished, restart and hold down the option key to invoke the Startup Manager. Open a Terminal application window. Mount the EFI System partition by entering the command given below. David Anderson David Anderson 2 2 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. How does step 7 work? Why would that only change the icon for the Ubuntu partition? Can I also change the icon for Macintosh HD so that there's a Sierra logo for the Mac partition and an Ubuntu logo for the Linux partition at the startup menu?

However, I have a feeling that putting the icon where you specified just makes it the default icon because putting the icon in the root of the Ubuntu partition didn't work. What if I were to install a third OS? There is no limit to the number of EFI partitions you can have. An example, of a second EFI partition, can be found at this answer. This answer saved me from insanity. I spent at least 4 days trying to solve an issue with my iMac. Basically, rEFInd corrupted the native display drivers of the iMac.

Not sure how but it would make the default resolution be the lowest resolution. The solution to that problem would delete the rEFInd.

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Reinstalling rEFInd would corrupt the drivers again, and so on and so forth. Thanks DavidAnderson. It's somewhat PC-centric, but most of the information applies to Macs. Rod Smith Rod Smith Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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At least this worked for me on new MacbookPro8,1 Intel Core i5 with You may want to exclude it from darned Spotlight. In the boot folder put at least the two files bootX In example below, the boot. No wireless, but wired internet a-ok! Bloggen auf WordPress. Follow: RSS Twitter. Tags As mentioned earlier boot processes crashed or froze. You should have 2 files on your USB drive now: bootX Boot from your USB Drive by clicking on the little arrow below it. Good Luck! Please keep me updated. Nothing special. Any questions? Till permalink.

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Emilia permalink. Christopher Warden permalink. Zebra permalink. Varrun permalink. Vincent permalink. Anthony Deaver permalink. Van Nilla permalink. O RYL? It's now very much iPhone styled. Beitrag nicht abgeschickt - E-Mail Adresse kontrollieren! Note that when the Lion installer added the Recover HD partition, it may have renumbered your partitions and maybe Ubuntu has a problem with that. Put it in a.

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This script is freely distributable. Use of this script could muck up your computer.

The author accepts no responsibility for what might happen when you use it. All VBR hashes use all the bytes starting from offset 0x It may be better to use a different range for each type of VBR I ran diskutil list and got this info:. But I am still no closer to getting it to work on rEFIt. I know my Linux partition is working as I can boot it up from the Windows EasyBCD boot loader, but a two-step boot process is less than ideal.

If the recovery drive has renumbered my partitions how do I fix that in rEFIt I don't see any settings like that in the config file? The script didn't work because the sourceforge comment didn't preserve the spacing and line lengths. I think you're using a boot loader on the Windows partition to boot the Linux partition. This means that your Linux partition needs it's own boot code in its own boot block the first block of the partition. Total Size: Total Size: 1. T f0: f 2c66 bb00 CPAu Invalid parti 6f6e 6c65 6f72 tion table. Error c 6f61 6e67 f loading operati 6e67 6d00 4d69 e ng system.

Missin a0: 6f70 e g operating syst b0: d 7b9a bb07 00fe em BSD 4. Non-system di b 0d0a e 6b65 sk..