How to connect a wireless mouse mac

Click the connected mouse to open a panel for device-specific customization. A Bluetooth mouse differs from a wired mouse in several significant ways:. You must remain relatively close. Although you can go as far as 33 feet away from your computer with a Bluetooth mouse — much longer than a corded mouse with a 6-foot tether — taking the mouse out of range might require that you re-pair the device.

How to Enable Bluetooth on Mac Without a Mouse in Mac OS X

The wireless mouse requires batteries. So you'll either need to carry spare batteries or a charging cable for wireless mice with non-replaceable batteries. Although most modern Bluetooth mice go for months or years on a single set of batteries, Murphy's Law suggests your mouse will die at the worst possible moment.

So plan ahead. Different mice support different numbers of paired devices. Some mice pair with one computer at a time; several models can support two or three devices. If you travel with one mouse but two computers e. Wireless mice and their dongles sometimes grow legs. If your computer requires a dongle, look for a low-profile model that you can leave permanently inserted into a USB slot. Larger dongles can fall off or become damaged in a laptop bag. Different computers load Bluetooth drivers at different points in their startup sequence. Should you need to troubleshoot a computer that's not starting properly, you might find that your Bluetooth mouse doesn't load before the computer goes awry.

Usually, USB drivers load before wireless drivers, so you may have better luck troubleshooting a wonky computer with a wired mouse. Continue Reading. Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Lifewire, you accept our. What is spring-loading? If you drag and hold an item over a folder in Finder, eventually the folder will open, allowing you to keep dragging the item without letting go.

How to set up earlier Apple wireless devices

Spring-loading delay determines how long you have to wait for the open to trigger. Lastly, click Mouse Options… to open a panel where you can adjust scrolling speed. Feeling limited by the basic settings offered by Mac? Then consider installing USB Overdrive , a third-party app that offers precision tweaking. This section is a list of actions that USB Overdrive will perform. The 11 items you see in the screenshot are the default ones set up by the app when you first install it.

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You can add new actions and remove existing actions as you wish. USB Overdrive will wait for you to do something with your mouse e.

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This section is a list of modifiers that determine when the action is registered. Note that for some actions, the yellow section acts as a configuration area. For example, Wheel Up allows you to choose a Direction Up, Down, Left, Right as well as Speed how many lines are scrolled with a single bump of the wheel.

This section is separate from the above.

How to Pair an Apple Wireless Mouse Without a Mouse // Ricochet by Chrys Wu

Wheel Button determines which mouse button acts as you clicking the scroll wheel. Speed is a more fine-tuned way to tweak cursor speed. Acceleration changes the acceleration ratio the faster you jerk the mouse, the more distance traveled by the cursor. Lastly, you can click Advanced Options… to tweak a few miscellaneous bits, like inverting axes and whether mouse movements should wake up your sleeping Mac. Here are the most common ways to fix a broken left mouse button. Read More? Check out these fixes for that problem.

When the trial ends, the functionality will cease until you purchase a personal license.

How to Connect a Wireless Mouse

BetterTouchTool comes with hundreds of predefined system-level actions e. But if you bind those buttons to their respective three-finger swipe actions, all is well. Not only does it have a more precise slider for setting system-level cursor speed, it also has the ability to change cursor speed whenever you hold down a modifier key.

Connecting a Wireless Mouse

Between System Preferences, USB Overdrive, and BetterTouchTool, you should be well-equipped to customize your mouse settings however you want, down to the nittiest-grittiest details. Read More , and incorporating Spotlight into your workflow. Which third-party mouse have you decided to go with instead?