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But we would have two users—my wife and I would both need to work in QuickBooks, sometimes concurrently, on different computers.

Whether or not it would have been technologically feasible for us to share a license, I prefer to stick to the letter of the law. Web apps typically offer less-convenient interfaces than desktop apps, but in this case, the cost won me over. This was the cheapest plan to allow multiple users at once. For example, even after instructing Chrome to let the site open pop-up windows, most of those windows are far too small and have to be resized manually.

But on the whole, the online version has been fine. February 27, , admin, 4 Comments.

The Mac office: When QuickBooks for Mac is the wrong choice

For the busy startup entrepreneur, running your own business and juggling family life may take a toll on your sanity. Best for businesses looking for that traditional Mac UI and a good feature set. QuickBooks Mac is a locally-installed software program that just returned to the market after a three-year hiatus. There are an array of Mac-compatible cloud bookkeeping and accounting software products available suitable for small business use, most guaranteeing users the same full features and intuitiveness as the PC versions. Whichever OS you go for, howeve This article contains the most popular small business accounting software packages for Canadian small businesses, ranging from basic to advanced in features and cost.

Some are online-based cloud only, some are available in desktop or online versions, and some are hybrids of both. The software should also include detailed financial statements to give you insight into the health of your business. Here are some of the best bookkeeping and accounting software options for small businesses in You can automatically track your business's finances. Read reviews and buy the best small business software from top companies, including Intuit, Microsoft, Zoho Books, TurboTax and more.

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After analyzing more than dozens of programs, I have selected the best software that can provide practical assistance in the betterment of your business. You can also get free email support or search our knowledge base. Get help with AccountEdge.


AccountEdge Connect is a browser-based web application — usable from any device — that allows you, your employees or your contractors to enter key business data that syncs with your AccountEdge company file. All your information is kept secure and protected. Add or edit customers and jobs, monitor inventory quantities.

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Create sales, enter activity slips, record expenses, track mileage and manage receivables, all from any iOS device. Outgrowing AccountEdge or QuickBooks?

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