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Just load it up and it immediately makes sense. Not everyone wants to take massive, complicated notes. Some people just like to write down a few sentences. Simplenote is basically a plain text editor with small organizational tools.

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You can only type text, with no formatting. Good old pen and paper can be useful for other reasons too. Notebooks are also surprisingly customizable, with lots of different organization methods like Bullet Journal or line edges.

Taking notes is easy if you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer

Pen and paper does have plenty of problems too. Photos by: Chris Lott , Guudmorning! The A. Thorin Klosowski. Filed to: back to school Filed to: back to school back to school college notes school note taking downloads evernote google keep onenote microsoft feature editor's picks. Share This Story. Take Note. About the author Thorin Klosowski. Thorin Klosowski Twitter Posts.

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Share Tweet. DIY Entertainment. Mac Productivity. Most people take notes in some capacity. Compared to other options, Notes is pretty barebones. So what are the best alternatives for Apple Notes on Mac? Choose one of these options to help you become a more efficient digital note-taker!

Agenda is a recent newcomer to the note-taking scene, but it has a unique approach to your notes.

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With Agenda, your notes get organized in a complete timeline, designed to help you move forward with projects and other tasks. Agenda is flexible.

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Notes get grouped into categories and projects, and you can format each note to your liking, turn it into a checklist, feature code snippets for programmer logs, or whatever else you need. You can assign a date to each note, which acts like a due date or reminder for when you need to finish something. These reminder notes then appear in the On the Agenda section, which shows important notes similar to a task list. With this, you get more tools like choosing calendars, saving searches, exporting Markdown, hiding watermarks on printed pages, and more.

Your purchase permanently entitles you to all the new features released during one year. Plus, an iOS version is coming in spring , where all data will sync through iCloud. Download : Agenda Free, in-app purchase available. Notes can end up in all kinds of formats, like checklists, sketches, audio clips, and even files.

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  • The generic Text card lets you drop in formatted text, lists including checklists , audio, and photos. You could even use the Notebook Web Clipper to add web clippings to your text note. And as you continue to edit the text note, you can browse through previous versions if needed. Even though you can use a checklist in a Text card, the dedicated Checklist card functions differently. You can even display Checklist cards in the Notification Center widget, as if it was standalone.

    Audio cards include complete transcriptions of the recordings, and you can add extra text notes while playing back the audio. Photo cards allow you to drop in as many pictures, web clippings, or documents as needed, and you can drag them around to rearrange. File cards let you view files, and are different from attachments in a note.

    Plus, you can just drag and drop files from your Mac into Notebook. All you need is a free Zoho account.

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    • Download : Zoho Notebook Free. If you want a powerful yet tastefully designed note-taking app, look no further than Bear. Bear is a beautiful app, featuring gorgeous typography and themes. But underneath this are powerful features. Read More. Most note-taking apps utilize notebooks or folders, but Bear focuses on tags, which are easier to manage in the long run.

      The 8 Best Note Taking Apps for Mac

      Just insert something like work in a note, and the tag acts like a folder. You can view all notes under a tag by clicking it in the sidebar. One of the best reasons to use Bear is the interlinking notes.