Mac zip error 1 operation not permitted

My Mac will not open. What does Error message 1 mean? I then downloaded the latest version of Stuff it expander. I continue to get the error message: "Unable to unarchive "name of file" into "desktop". Error 1 - Operation not permitted. I've looked in all the Mac help forums and can find nothing.

Also, what do you think is the best place to get simple Mac help with quick responses? Your disc isn't full is it? You haven't been fiddling with permissions or anything silly? Let me know if there is anything you need from me. Dustin B. I should note that the error is being thrown when they have downloaded the file completely and are trying to unzip it. I guess you are getting this error on Mac only.

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Please try to extract the same downloaded zip file on a Windows system to see if it's actually corrupted. Actually in v3. We had tested on Snow Leopard and Lion and we hadn't noticed any problems. Let me know. I don't think they would be keen to switching to a PC though. No you misunderstood, Mac compatibility is important for us too and we already fixed the zip issues back in v3.

Current version is 3. I only said you should test the same zip file on Windows if available to find out if the zip was corrupted during transmission or if it was only a problem with Mac Archive Utility. So you need to provide more information like the Mac OSX version and the results with other unzippers like Stuff-it on Mac. For instance, I bet you will be able the extract the same zip file from Terminal on Mac.

Hi Cem, I hate to say it, but very few of our customers can unzip the files after downloading.

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The downloads are completing fully. They are all on Mac OSX. So this answers your question of why an error is thrown on Mac but not Linux. Most Linux distros ship with gnutar , and since the tarball was presumably packaged with gnutar , there will be no error when unpacking with gnutar , but there will be an error when unpacking with bsdtar. For further reading and reference, one might want to look at What are the differences between bsdtar and GNU tar?

Mac cannot unzip – error 1 operation not allowed

The existence of a duplicate file in the archive should not make it invalid or unable to be extracted on OSX, as by default, tar overwrites duplicates. So, I'm a little confused by the behavior in your Gist - OSX tar allows for duplicate files in an archive a throwback to its original purpose as a t ape ar chive utility, so it allows files to be appended to the end of the tape archive, and when the archive is restored the newest version of the file will overwrite the older version s.

Here I created an archive with a duplicate file then extracted it with no problem. It wasn't until I added the -k option that it warned me about the duplicate file:. A simple umask problem doesn't seem to be the culprit either, I tried changing my umask to and I can still extract the archive:. I thought I could duplicate the problem by deliberately appending an unwritable directory to the archive, but that didn't work, tar didn't update the permissions on the directory when it extracted the archive:.

So I'd really like to see the original archive that caused the problem and see what could have been in that archive to cause this problem. If a filename and directory share the same name, tar does have a problem extracting, but it has a pretty clear error message:. Turns out the OS X tar utility was the correct one! There was indeed an error in the archive. This email thread discusses it in more detail, but the problem is that there is a duplicate file in the archive.

OSX Archive Utility: Error 1 - Operation not permitted · Issue #4 · Grandt/PHPZip · GitHub

The SHA-1 hash of the new tgz is 5b4ef4a5bf9e50f9a62dd6f5f50c It's simply that bsdtar , which ships with OS X, handles duplicate files differently than gnutar , which ships with Linux. Adam Liter's answer here provides a thorough explanation of what's happening.

It's called Keka and I use it to unpack 7zip most specifically. Moreover, it can unpack other types like. It worked for the OP's specific tar file as well, but I attempted it after Geoff mentioned the team was working on repairing the file. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Why is extracting this tgz throwing an error on my Mac but not on Linux? Ask Question.

Tutorial: How to unzip files on Mac.

Asked 4 years ago. Active 4 years ago. Viewed 29k times. Here's the error I get when I try to unpack using the archive utility: In case the image ever gets broken, the text in the image says this: Unable to expand "scip Error 1 - Operation not permitted.

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Does anyone know what's causing this? Geoff Geoff 1 1 gold badge 4 4 silver badges 11 11 bronze badges. Does it work with another app like the unarchiver? Yes, it does! I wonder what they're doing differently. Part of the problem is that I have a bash script that's automating a bunch of things, and one of the things it needs to do is extract this tgz so that it can build what's inside of it.

How to Fix “Operation not permitted” Error in Terminal for Mac OS

I wonder if there's a bug in the tar command that comes with OS X. Quite possibly, there is a bug. I've found the built in OS X archive utility to be pretty crappy. Is there no way you can re-archive the needed files into a zip or something? Also, if you're scripting it up, does the error also occur when you gunzip -c scip