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I have a five year old macbook pro. I recently had to reboot the os, and now my computer reads that I cannot get into my itunes. So I tried to download itunes again, but that seems to require snow leopard. Can I download an older version of itunes that will work with os Posted on Mar 14, AM.


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Mar 14, AM in response to enoch In response to enoch Mar 14, AM. Page content loaded. This solved my issue So I have an iPhone 4s and after installing IOS7 and plugging it in to my computer to update my song list I get the following message. Go to www.

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To sync with an iPhone and the latest version of iTunes you need have an Intel Mac running Snow leopard Sep 19, AM. The issue is I don't recall seeing a warning saying if you use Pony service from apple in regards to graphic card issues for upgrading to I have I didn't realize that by upgrading the new software on my iPad, I would be sshut out of iTunes?

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Are there any work arounds, or do I need to purchase snow leopard? Highly unlikely there will be any work arounds. Sep 20, AM. Sep 20, AM in response to trodat In response to trodat. Thanks both - agreed - I bit the bullet and have the snow leopard being shipped. That will take care of everything. BTW - my Sep 20, PM. Sep 23, PM in response to trodat In response to trodat. Sep 23, PM. Page content loaded.

Hello I tried installing from my disk. I have all the requirements OK but still when i try to install snow leopard it says i can not install it on this computer? I attach screenshot. Thanks for any clarity. Jan 14, AM. Jan 14, AM in response to danykosmic In response to danykosmic. Click About this Mac. A smaller popup window appears.

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What is the source of the DVD you have? Jan 20, AM in response to stedman1 In response to stedman1. Jan 20, AM.

How to update your mac to 10.6 without external storage (For Free) 

Jan 20, AM in response to danykosmic In response to danykosmic. On the original Discs You must purchase a retail install disc version from Apple. Before embarking on a major OS upgrade, it would be wise, advisable and very prudent if you backup your current system to an external connected and Mac formatted Flash drive OR externally connected USB, Thunderbolt or FireWire , Mac formatted hard drive. Then, use either OS X Time Machine app to backup your entire system to the external drive OR purchase, install and use a data cloning app, like CarbonCopyCloner or SuperDuper, to make an exact and bootable copy clone of your entire Mac's internal hard drive.

A built-in display or a display connected to an Apple-supplied video card supported by your computer. This is what I meant buy the downloadable version on the link provided, instead of trying to buy a hard copy of it.

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Jan 21, AM. Jan 21, AM in response to danykosmic In response to danykosmic.

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  • To install OS X So, you would need to check to see if you have software on your Mac that maybe older than, say, or older. These types of apps will only cause your Mac issues later after the install of the new OS X version and you will have to completely uninstall these types of apps later.