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The new Sidecar system works either with a direct wired connection or wirelessly via Bluetooth. As it doesn't use Wi-Fi, it means it will only work within a range of metres rather than connecting via your home network. Users will also need to be logged into the same iCloud account for it to work.

However, it doesn't require a dedicated app that has to load on either the Mac or the iPad. Instead, users will be able to simply connect to their iPad or iPad Pro via "display settings" in the menu bar on the Mac desktop. Sidecar is controlled via a new feature in MacOS You can only initiate the new feature from the Mac rather than the other way around.

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This feature is designed to extend or mirror your desktop rather than work as an independent monitor for your Mac mini, for example. Once you're connected, the iPad effectively becomes a dumb display, albeit with a few nifty, extra tricks. Just as you can with a standard secondary display, you can drag apps and other things over to the iPad screen - including your mouse cursor.

Pencil support in Apple Sidecar

The desktop screen effectively runs in an "iPad space", so you can still access other functionality features of the iPad - including "slide over" apps while using it as a display. What isn't yet confirmed is whether you'll be able to split-screen the desktop view with other iPad apps at the same time. As you can with current secondary displays you can choose to use your iPad to expand or mirror the desktop.

That could be really handy if you are showcasing features and don't want people to be huddled around your computer screen. In addition to expanding your desktop real-estate, Sidecar adds extra functionality through what Apple calls Sidebar.

Can I control my Mac with my iPhone -- over Bluetooth? - Ask Different

Running down the left-hand edge of the screen, it gives you access to your most commonly used controls. These include modifier keys to enable shortcuts in supported apps. Apple has also added a similar Touch Bar, as used on its latest MacBook Pro, which appears along the bottom of the iPad screen. If the app you are using supports Touch Bar it will show on Sidecar too. And no, you don't have to have a Touch Bar-enabled MacBook for it to work.

How to use Satechi Bluetooth Smart Pointer with iOS Devices

Both the older and newer generation iPad Pro models will support Pencil functionality. Besides expanding your desktop space, one of other the key Sidecar features is the ability to use it as a digital notepad, marking up images or drawing using supported apps. For Pencil support to work, the app will need to support Tablet Events.

But, don't worry, lots of creative apps already do. At the moment that includes many Apple apps, but also a range of applications from third-party developers, including Adobe and Serif. For artists, it means you'll be able to open an app like Adobe Illustrator and, using an Apple Pencil, draw on the iPad instead of using a dedicated drawing tablet from Wacom, your mouse or trackpad.

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Apple's Markup feature, as found in Preview, is likely to be one of the most common uses of the remote drawing functionality. Posted on Apr 5, PM. Page content loaded. I don't know of a general purpose Bluetooth only control that exists on the App store but that store is really hard to search these days for a needle in the haystack of apps , but one of the more common remote control software packages does say it will work without WiFi on the Mac.

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Once you've installed the free Mac software and tested that you are OK tethering the Mac to the phone which can use prodigious amounts of cellular data you can download the free and ad supported iOS app. There is IAP to remove the ads if you really like it over time. I prefer to use the computer's create network and tether over USB if needed for control in situations where I don't have a pre-existing WiFi network.

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