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I like the name Safari. Every time I surf the web, I feel like I'm going on an adventure! And I very much like stories like this on the site. Little anecdotes about how things happen at Apple are great. Apple is by most measures the most successful technology company on the planet, and in fact one of the most successful companies on the planet in general. As a businessman, I enjoy getting some of the Apple backstory, as it's something anyone interested in business, marketing and technology would do well to research.

Guides Powerbeats Pro Apple's Beats brand in April unveiled the Powerbeats Pro, a redesigned wire-free version of its popular fitness-oriented Powerbeats earbuds. AirPods Guide If you're new to AirPods, considering buying a pair, or just want to pick up some new tips. Best Camera Apps iPhone If you're looking to take your iPhone photography up a notch, make sure to check these out.

See More Guides. Mac Pro Fall Apple Arcade Fall See Full Product Calendar. Apple today announced that its retail store in Zurich, the most populous city in Switzerland, will be moving at the end of the month. Apple's upcoming store at Rennweg 43 via MacPrime As Apple is searching for a large office in Manhattan with between , and , square feet of space, according to New York real estate site The Real Deal. One source cited in the report believes Apple last week announced an Apple Card Preview period and has since been rolling out Apple Card availability to many iPhone users ahead of a wider launch.

Apple aimed to make the Apple Card Last week, iPhone repair site iFixit highlighted a new iPhone feature described as a "dormant software lock" designed to prevent customers who get unauthorized battery repairs from seeing the We're likely less than a month away from a trio of new iPhones, and ahead of time, an anonymous user claiming to be a Foxconn factory worker in China has shared alleged details about the upcoming Apple customers who registered their interest in gaining early access to Apple Card were left confused last night after receiving an email from Apple asking for their Apple ID, despite having already Following a recall initiated by Apple, the Federal Aviation Administration has banned mid inch MacBook Pro models with faulty batteries from flights, reports Bloomberg.

Apple in June Advertise on MacRumors. Our Staff Arnold Kim. Eric Slivka. Juli Clover. Joe Rossignol. Marianne Schultz. Dan Barbera. Mitchel Broussard. Tim Hardwick. Chris Jenkins.

How To: Delete All Settings and History On Mac Safari Browser

Tim: I admit I'm completely at a loss to understand the first sentence in your post. It appears that you have imputed to my post a meaning that I never intended. Your use of the passive voice without a semantic subject makes it impossible to understand what you're talking about. And what claim are you referring to? Did you expect me to disagree with your statement that the "Advice for Mac Users" section contains sound advice for all computer users? I don't. I would agree that the people who subscribe to this blog and actually read it probably are a bit like the choir, preaching-wise.

But the readership is not limited to subscribers. For my part, I post links to NakedSecurity articles on several bulletin boards that are unrelated to security, and I occasionally send such links in emails. Some people appreciate it, and have learned from it, but for whatever reason they do not subscribe, and even those who do subscribe don't read it consistently. I think you're right about user education being the key, but "education" is not a bivalent condition…as in either you're educated or you're not.

Those who are genuinely educable recognize that learning never ends. That's why I keep reading. It certainly is possible to forward email, but forwarding infective spam is an unusual act. Some of the others are things I would expect to find in the browser caches of reckless wanderers, but they are hardly an infective threat to anyone from that position. The comparison to Chlamydia is worse than tacky, it is outright deception. Chlamydia is frequently asymptomatic in the short term but it is living and causes problems in the long run. Chlamydia is not less transmissible by people who have no acute symptoms.

For malware that requires Windows to run and propagate, presence on a Mac is not a quiet infection, it is at worst non-destructive storage. One of the reasons Mac users have been reluctant to adopt AV software is that it is perceived as bloatware that does nothing of direct value for a Mac user. Is it worth the AV overhead for the average Mac user to know when he has surfed past a page that has IE-specific evil JavaScript in it or when the latest blatant phish in his Junk folder is recognized specifically as containing a Windows attack vector?

Not really. Flashback and PubSab change that analysis significantly, but not enough for a lot of Mac users. I am not saying that all Mac users who come down on the bareback side are behaving wisely, even if they rationalize the decision. The windows infections you are seeing again on my machine are in a folder named "Evidence" in which I collected…evidence while running mail servers. I no longer need that, so I've removed the folder.

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But I don't think I'm quite a "standard" Mac user. Long time, as in early , yes, but not "standard". Isn't measuring Mac users who downloaded an AV program likely to overstate the amount of malware found on Macs in general? Until last week, Mac users were unlikely to install AV unless they thought their machine was infected e. So thats the measuring stick to go by? You could argue the reverse too: those who download an AV program are more likely to be security consious and thus less likely to be infected.

It's odd to see the reaction that "only" 2. If Sophos' data is representative, that is an enormous percentage of Macs that are infected. Some older unpatched Windows machines might have a higher rate, but this Sophos report seems to imply that the average Mac user could be 27x more likely to be infected by malware than the typical Windows 7 user. Which would make this Apple advertisement rather ironic. I very strongly suspect that the vaste majority of Windows malware found on Macs or Linux, or FreeBSD live in local caches of mail spam folders.

That's where mine are. Unless I choose to forward the email it came attached to, including attachments not the default how is it going to leap from my Mac to the Windows machines around me? Unless I actively choose to try to distribute it for some inane or malicious reason, isn't it just going to sit there, inactive and useless, until this drive is reformatted or dies? Yep, you're right, unless you share the file with someone else or unless you start running Windows on your Mac, it doesn't pose a serious risk.

Probably still worth zapping though. I use ClamAV but it won't get rid of it. I just hate having a Mac. It is so much more fun when I have to reformat my hard drive and reload everything. A new OS comes out for my PC. Now I can reformat my drive and reload everything. Other than when I bought a new Mac I only had to do that once in 30 years hard drive crashed. It is so boring being able to run both Mac OS and Windows without a problem, on one computer.

A new Mac OS comes out.

Anonym surfen mac safari

What a pain deciding what to do. Just load the new one over the old and have everything still work or load the new so I can boot either one. But then, I prefer an automatic transmission in my car, also. Out of curiosity I installed the Sophos AV software. Turns out that, like the others above, I had a number of spam-flagged emails containing Windows trojans exe files.

Google Chrome für Mac: Schnelles Surfen, geringer CPU-Verbrauch

While it is nice that the software enabled me to easily detect and remove these, mails in a spam folder do not form a threat to anyone. Indeed, this proves that the spam detection measures are working properly. The title "1 in 5 Macs has malware on it. You could as well have written:. I applaud Sophos for providing free AV software for Mac users. But spreading FUD is a whole different matter. I will scan my Mac now and then. I'm sorry but this is shear bunkum. Having Windows Malware present on a Mac does not mean that the machine is infected with that malware. Nor does it mean that the mac can spread that malware to windows machines.

The malware whilst on the Mac is completely inert. It can do nothing. The only things that can happen are as follows:. No risk of it spreading here as it's not capable of using any of the machines facilities as it's written for windows. Thanks for the leaving your comment. It's an important difference. Windows malware won't run on a Mac unless you're running Windows on the Mac via Bootcamp, Fusion or Parallels or the like.. However, it's perfectly possible for Mac users to spread Windows malware to their PC-owning colleagues.

A bigger issue, to my mind, is the Mac malware we found on Macs. Although this is a much lower percentage than the prevalence of Windows malware on Macs — it poses a bigger risk to Mac users. Clearly the Windows malware on Macs isn't as big a problem as Mac malware actually running on Macs, but the fact that some of the Windows malware we found on Macs was five years old underlines that many Mac users simply aren't taking security seriously at all. The real problem is that MAC users aren't buying anti-virus software.

How are the anti-virus companies going to stay in business as an increasing number of people switch to MAC? It's not that some feel Macintosh users are big headed egos trippers. I mean they initially brought into something with an allure like how Windows users did. But when the vendor Apple tries to deflect the issue and justify their ignorance, it really mucks up things on the user side. So what if they could "claim" anti virus wasn't needed? If you want to poke fun at Mac-only users a little just say "you were more of a lapdog to be led to believe one company had some magic spell they casted on every computer they sold to make it immune to viruses.

Driven by sales? I don't make commission. And my commission on our free anti-virus product for mac home users is err… well, you can work that out I guess. I was hacked into last week from Nigerian hijackers. Five viruses. I have cleaned three but two Trojans remain and I can't get Sophos to clean them off. The windows remain grey. What can I do to make them live? I've used Windows PC since the advent of Windows, and have only had four instances of any viruses — none of which ever did any damage. I've always used an excellent 3rd party two-way firewall and antivirus software, plus intelligent browsing habits.

I've certainly "thought" about buying a Mac — specifically a Mac Mini — but, I've read posts from Mac users of their system mother boards failing after a couple of years. I'm basically a "hardware guy" and my home-assembled PCs simply don't fail. I've never had a motherboard failure with a PC, and since Apple makes it almost impossible for the user to maintain a Mac, I may have to rethink buying a Mac in the future. The only memory overflow error I've had is with the Windows Safari browser, which I uninstalled after constant problems.

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Macs have their place, and especially are useful in the publishing world, but for a person who assembles, maintains, and upgrades his or her own computers, Windows is the only logical, and cost-effective, choice. Here is what I want to know. Where did these "statistics" come from? With no independent verification to back it up the claims are baseless. No malware on the Mac and I fight several a month on the PC's.

The PC's have anti-virus and the Macs do not. This may or may not be true but hardly matters since they are not affected by it. Of course Macs get viruses. Apple has known this for years but their major selling point is the claim they are safe from viruses. Why would they offer an anti-virus download unless they knew there are Mac viruses out there? Also some Mac users will recall the Leopard OS that backed itself up every hour then restored itself if it detected a problem. What problem was it detecting?

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I dumped my Mac when I realized they had been lying to me for so long. Never trust a company afraid to tell the truth about getting virused. Who knows what other dirty secrets they are hiding that could put you in danger? Who is Sophos anyway? The author must have been paid by Sophos to write the article. The author ws a full-time employee of Sophos at the time he wrote the article. He has a Mac, or he did when he wrote this article.

This is a Sophos website, as is pretty clear from the masthead. Our Mac product is free for home use. Other than that…what point are you trying to make? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Why would a mac freeze or shut down 3 times a day? It is a Macbook Air inch, late model. Does it overheat?

Impossible to uninstall Safari 4 in Mac OS X – Apple pretty much follows suit with Microsoft

Stupidest article EVER. Not if you're running more than one OS on your Mac I know quite a few people who run both windows 7 and Lion 2. I believe most mac users have Chlamydia.