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Thank you, Aline. Wyatt, thank you for saving me a ton of time and needless work with your very quick and easy to follow tip! Hello Mr. Wyatt, A few weeks ago I was doing the final edits in Word on a Bible-based life coach book that I've written and while it was open, Mozilla freaked out and opened almost windows. After much frustration in not being able to regain control of my computer, I decided to let it be and go make dinner only to return 45 minutes later and find that my book now had almost 1, blank pages added to it!

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And no, I didn't leave anything lying on the keyboard pressing "Enter". I went to View then Thumbnails to try and delete and it wouldn't work at all. I then reached out to two friends that I believe to be savvier than me in Word and they didn't know how to mass delete blank pages. I looked up online video and article tutorials and not one of them worked, until I found you yesterday! This article of yours was the solution and I could NOT be anymore grateful! After following your very well done instructions, I emailed this page to each of my friends and told them to save it for their future reference because it fixed my issue in about 90 seconds.

It would've been even faster than that if I did it all at once but I did it in sections to be sure I didn't delete pages that I didn't want deleted. Thank you so much for your excellent instructions and desperately needed help! This works! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

How to delete a page from Word

Extend mode! The kind of thing I knew in and totally forgot about! Thank you! I have a document created by someone else that has different headers on different pages. That last page is also landscape orientation the rest of the document is portrait. When I delete it, it also flips some or all of the pages to landscape. I ound it very useful.

This deletes everything on the pages. I want the contents but I just want to suppress certain page numbers within the full document, such as at blank pages, etc. I've always had trouble deleting a single page in the midst of a document. I would just print it out and throw away the page I didn't want. However, if I wanted to send the document electronically, I obviously couldn't do this.

I had been searching the internet for a solution and got all kinds of very technical advice with many steps that i found very difficult to follow! For example, if you want to delete page 7 of a 15 page document, simply open a new BLANK document, copy and paste pages into the new document; then go back and copy and paste pages into the new document!

Page 7 gone!!! Save the new doc and throw the other one into the trash! This was the only online help that actually deleted the page!!! Great, I had a 3, page document created when I did a mail merge. This took care of deleting all those empty templated pages. Thank You so much sir It's very useful tip. Helped me a lot. Wen Mac, do you have change tracking turned on? That's what happens so a reviewer can see what someone deleted.

Delete a page in Word

Go to the Review tab and see if it's turned on. All it did for me was cross everything out. Nothing deleted at all. Took me more than 30 minutes on the word help tab to figure this thing out. Thank you so much for the helpful tip Shame on Microsoft This tip worked great! Is it possible to delete every other page on a word document without having to delete them one by one? Thank you so much! We are a non-profit agency and you just made our day! I have a document that includes an envelope and a 8.

I use it often and "save as" when I modify it.

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The envelope is page 0 zero , and the sheet is page 2. When I print all, a blank sheet is printed as page 1.

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There is no blank page. I can see only the envelope and the one sheet.

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If I print pages 0, 2 it's fine. How can I delete the invisible page 1? Do you know how long it took me to find wrong answers to how to delete multiple pages in word prior to finding your correct solution? Thank you so much. So much! I had a report due and it was 6 pages long. However, it was over pages of a complete mess. This was simple and helped me perfectly at first try!

This tip was very helpful! I'll be buying your book because of this one tip! Many Thanks This Helps A lot Good Work and Thanks Again!! Awesome, thank you - been highlighting a scrolling to delete for years! This site is for you! If you use a later version of Word, visit our WordTips site focusing on the ribbon interface. View the most recent newsletter. Toggle navigation. That being said, there is a relatively easy way to delete pages 10 to Follow these steps: Press F5. Word displays the Go To tab of the Find and Replace dialog box.

The Pages option should be selected, by default, at the left of the dialog box. Type 10 into the Enter a Page Number box and then press Enter. Word jumps to the beginning of page If the Find and Replace dialog box doesn't go away on its own it will in some versions of Word , press Esc. Press F8. This turns on Extend mode. Press F5. Word again displays the Go To tab of the Find and Replace dialog box. Type 16 into the Enter a Page Number box and then press Enter. Word jumps to the beginning of page 16, but selects everything from the last insertion point location because you are using Extend mode.

This means that you now have everything on pages 10 through 15 selected. Press the Delete key. Author Bio. Resetting Character Formatting in a Macro Want your macro to get rid of the formatting applied to a selection of text? Discover More. Showing Visited Hyperlinks Many people like to use Excel to keep track of lists of hyperlinks.

Automatically Formatting Text within Quotes Some people use quote marks around text to make it stand out. More WordTips menu. Creating New Windows A great way to work on different parts of the same document at the same time is to create windows. Changing Many Link Locations Word makes it easy to establish links between documents. At the same time, press the down-arrow on your keyboard to highlight one paragraph at a time. Continue until all the text you want to remove is highlighted, then release all three keys.

You can also use your mouse or touchpad to highlight all the text on the page you want to delete. Press the Backspace key once to delete all the text. The text is removed and you see the text on the following page. The process for using the Delete key to remove a page is similar to using the Backspace key.


The difference is that, if you want to remove text just by pressing the key, place your cursor at the beginning of the text you want to remove instead of at the end. Or, if you want to highlight then remove text, follow the instructions above, but instead of pressing the Backspace key to remove the text, press the Delete key instead. Share Pin Email. Microsoft MVP, Lynda.

Updated August 10, On the ribbon, select Home. Within your text, formatting symbols are now visible. To highlight and remove text using the Backspace key:.

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