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If you also have a similar query, then you have come to the right place. A lot of users like to know how to import contacts from iPhone to Mac.

Master Your iCloud Contact List

This helps them keep their contacts handy, prepare a backup for iPhone contacts , or transfer them to different devices. After when you are able to import contacts from iPhone to Mac, you can easily keep your data safe and accessible.

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To help you, we have come up with this guide. Read on and learn how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Mac in three different ways, both with and without iCloud. Since iCloud is an integral part of any Apple device, most of the users would like to know how to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac via iCloud. By default, Apple provides 5 GB iCloud storage for free to every user.

How to fix iCloud sync in seconds

Even though you can later buy more space, it is enough to keep your contacts and other important files handy. To learn how to import contacts from iPhone to Mac using iCloud, simply follow these steps:. In order to import contacts from iPhone to Mac via iCloud, you need to ensure that your phone is already synced with your iCloud account. Additionally, you can visit the iCloud settings and enable the syncing of Contacts as well. Now, to transfer contacts from iPhone to Mac, you can simply go to System Preferences on your Mac and launch the iCloud app.

Make sure that the feature is turned on. If not, then enable the feature and save your changes. This will automatically sync your iCloud contacts with Mac.

iPhone Contacts not syncing with Mac Address Book

Later, you can visit its Address Book to view the newly synced contacts. By following the above drill, you can learn how to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac using iCloud. Though, there are times when users wish to directly transfer contacts from iPhone to Mac. From its Settings, you can select all contacts and export their vCard file. This will let you export all contacts to your Mac in one go.

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The above-mentioned process to import contacts from iPhone to Mac can be a little complicated. Next, check all the devices that should be syncing. Follow these steps:. Once you know your system s are set up correctly, you can use this simple trick to force iCloud Contacts and Calendars to sync:. When you get to the next page just tap and hold your finger on the screen and drag the list down until the activity icon appears and release the page.

The activity icon will spin briefly, and you should find iCloud has synced your calendars for you.

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This also works with Contacts. Once you are in Groups, just tap and hold your finger and drag the page down as you did for Calendars. The activity icon will appear, and your Contacts will be synced. If you regularly experience sync problems with your iOS device s and you know your network is stable, then you should try logging out of your iCloud account on your iOS device or Mac, then log back in. Please make certain to use the same email address for your Apple ID across all your systems. This process usually solves any sync problems you may have, though you may find it necessary to repeat this sequence on all your devices.

If problems persist then close and restart the relevant iCloud-enabled app: Contacts or Calendar, for example. Double-click the Home button or swipe up to about halfway up the screen and hold for a second or so on iPhone X , swipe through your active apps and swipe up to close the app. You can long press the app icon and then tap the X that appears on iPhone X. Return to the Home screen and wait a few moments before launching the app again.

Another approach that sometimes works is to turn off iCloud Contacts and turn it on again. Never underestimate the power of a hard reset to resolve many iOS problems. To achieve a hard reset on iOS devices simply hold down the Power and Home buttons until the device turns off and the Apple logo appears. The device will restart and system processes will be refreshed, which sometimes fixes iCloud sync problems. However using them is not always convenient and reliable. Synchronizing Outlook and Mac is quite straightforward, difficulties arise when we talk about automatic synchronization - simply because there is no such thing.

This is when you need SyncMate , it allows synchronizing not only Address Book, but also other vital data in your Outlook online account. You need to setup SyncMate just once and all further syncing sessions happen in the background, you do not even need to be in the picture! SyncMate is a universal solution for syncing Mac with various devices and online accounts. SyncMate provides flexible settings for synchronization. Thanks to autosync, backup and other useful options all the data you need is always up to date. A: Because you want all your devices to be up to date regarding any personal or business information.

And rather than just doing it manually across all your devices, you can use SyncMate to keep everything up to date between all your account or devices.

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  • A: There is a difference between the two operations, yes. While data transfer only refers to moving data from one place to another and from one device to another, the synchronization process allows you to equally update each device with the same amount of information and organisation of files, contacts, notes and media files. A:You can use SyncMate with as many devices and accounts as you see fit.