Force airplay mirroring on older mac

Get AirPlay Mirroring on Older Macs with AirParrot

If you plan to use a 4K display, the minimum requirement is the Mac mini late model. The base model, which sports the Intel i5 1. However, you have to consider that these typically contain mechanical hard drives.

Should you buy one? But the dual approach will also have some inconveniences. Two devices may not be better than one in this case. The last components you need are a mouse and keyboard, of which the Logitech K is a great option. Armed with my iFixit toolkit, the iFixit website, and some determination, I got to work upgrading the drive to an SSD.

I found that you needed to use a special tool available on iFixit to remove the motherboard from the chassis. I instead fashioned one using pliers and a large foldback clip. Installation is pretty straightforward.

How does AirPlay work?

Then copy AirServer to the Applications folder and double-click it to start. Note that AirServer licenses are platform-specific. You can find the AirServer settings in the menu bar. The icon looks nearly identical to the AirPlay one. In iOS, you can access screen mirroring from your control center.

In the AirParrot menu, go to the Preferences option to open the preferences window. If you get choppy streaming, experiment with lowering the video quality and framerates. Bear in mind that dropping the framerate too far makes viewing video more difficult.

In the Preferences menu is an option to force the streamed output to p resolution if streaming to a third-generation Apple TV at p is slow. You can also stretch apps during streaming to fill the Apple TV screen, if the aspect ratio of the screens mismatch.

You can also hide the mouse cursor here.

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Future University. Connect to the Apple TV After installing the app, its icon will appear in the menu bar. The issue here is the absence of "mirroring options" in the menu bar on the iMac. This option is selected in the display preferences, but it rarely appears in the menu bar - unlike my MacBook where it is available all the time. Nov 11, PM. Nov 12, AM in response to hotkeyz69 In response to hotkeyz Nov 12, AM. But that's beside the point. Nov 13, AM. Nov 13, AM in response to hotkeyz69 In response to hotkeyz The point was only that other users have said that some 3rd party software affected Airplay working as expected.

Do you by any chance get a blank screen when you try to connect to Apple TV? We are having the same problem. MacBook connects fine, brand new iMac will not connect. Thanks PN I understand why you asked the question. To the best of my knowledge I have the same apps on the iMac and MacBook, so I don't think this is a causative factor.

How to mirror iPhone display To MacBook iOS 12 & MacOS Mojave

Nov 13, PM. Thanks but you've skipped over key information in the original question. AirPlay is an option that you can select who an app such as QuickTime opens an m4v file, or is an option in the menu bar Mirroring options. It is the fact that the mirroring option is not available in the menu bar, or an app, to even try to AirPlay. Nov 13, PM in response to hotkeyz69 In response to hotkeyz Unfortunately, these things can be hard to track down unless there's common ish solutions out there, or some clue in logs.

Enabling AirPlay mirroring on an unsupported Mac

Even though Airplay won't work in Safe Mode , it does remove some caches, and again, takes little time. It's a long wait if sitting there watching, but left overnight, or even lunchtime, is perfectly reasonable. Another option would be to install High Sierra to a suitable external drive, then start the iMac from it; just to prove that the hardware does what's expected without any interference from apps or settings.

I don't know if they ever did, TBH, but it used to work perfectly well, even between different models, for me.