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In this article, we will compare both companies in a very neutral manner! We will first understand which company started first, then the reason of the more successful entity. We also discuss which company is more relevant today and who are the majority users of both PC and Mac. We will also take a closer look to evaluate the important features and technical specifications in both; Macs and PCs.

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Because after all, we are not trying to convince you to change what you find suitable for you. All we want to do in this post is lay out all the facts for you, the consumer, so that you can decide all on your own! According to Wikipedia , the first successful personal computer to feature a mouse and a graphical user interface GUI was the Apple Macintosh , and it was introduced on the 24th of January The Apple Macintosh continued to sell successfully through the second half of the s until its sales began to decline in the s when the market shifted towards the IBM PC that was running a Microsoft Windows operating system.

The first Mac. The first Windows. The reason for this domination is simply because; Microsoft designed its operating systems to be compatible with various hardware created by a wide range of computer companies such as Dell, IBM, hp, and Sony, etc.

As a result, Microsoft is more popular than other operating systems in the market. Apple's iWork office suite, which includes Pages word processor , Numbers spreadsheets and Keynote presentation maker are only available on the Mac and iOS platforms.

The Best Alternatives to Apple's Mac and MacBook

Macs were hugely popular when the Macintosh was introduced in the mids. They pioneered the GUI and the mouse. With Windows 3. In the s, Windows grew by leaps and bounds and Apple went downhill. Apple's Macs have always had a small but passionate fan base. These have been parodied online, often with a 3rd character a woman for Linux. In September , Microsoft responded to the Apple campaign with a campaign of their own to break the PC stereotype.

In other words, a MAC can run Windows on it. Apple does not allow the use of its operating system on non-Apple hardware. Current prices of various models and accessories are available on Apple. PCs usually cost significantly less than Macs with comparable hardware. This is mostly because PCs are manufactured by a large number of hardware manufacturers, resulting in increased competition and lower prices. A wide selection of PCs with varying costs is available on Amazon. Share this comparison:. If you read this far, you should follow us:. Diffen LLC, n.

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Marco Time Apple products running the apple OS cannot access any server or print from any printer. Please be careful in your statements that could be contrued as misleading. It is easy to see that you are defense for Apple, and you statements tend to lose merit by having no subjectivity.

PC, Mac, and Chromebook. Which is right for you?

While it is technically possible to install a dual-boot Windows or even run some Windows applications from an Apple computer, this is not routinely the case especially in a business environment. This "dual-boot" scenario also introduces its own unique set of problems. Pc's can run OSX. Although it breaks an agreement with Apple when using it.

But this can be avoided just by placing the included apple sticker on the back of the unit. Log in to edit comparisons or create new comparisons in your area of expertise! Comparison chart Differences — Similarities —. Security Macs have a reputation of being more secure than Windows PCs. Market share Apple's share of the U.

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Source: Associated Press In Q1 , worldwide PC shipments were around 70 million up from 61 million in Q1 whereas worldwide Mac shipments were around 2. Gaming Traditionally PCs have had the upper hand when it comes to gaming because more publishers developed games for the PC platform. Mac vs. PC War. Follow Share Cite Authors. Share this comparison: If you read this far, you should follow us: "Mac vs PC. I'll be the first to admit that the iMac is a super-nice desktop computer. While many other PC makers try to ape this stylish, slim all-in-one, few truly match its appeal. It's also one of the models Apple's been the most consistent about keeping fresh; the current lineup runs on Intel's ninth-generation chips and Radeon Vega graphics to boot.

Mac OS Sierra vs Windows 10 on MacBook - Speed Test

With a wide inch curved display, you get the real estate of two separate monitors in one contiguous LCD panel. But whether you're popping full apps next to one another with room to spare, or just blowing up a widescreen movie to take up this entire screen, HP's Envy stands apart. Dell Precision Windows. That can be configured up to a core model with 1. And that's just the entry-level configuration. The bad news is that there are no other displays of this calibre at this price. Check back in a year. What about the Mac Pro itself?

To get that kind of power in a PC you're probably best off buying the components and building it yourself. This is what, for example, film studios do to create powerful editing workstations, but it's complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. System76 Thelio Linux. Another option would be to move to a Linux-based machine like System76's Thelio desktop. The base model of Thelio Major, matches up well against the Mac Pro.

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At the high end, the Thelio Massive can take on the maxed out Mac Pro as well, besting it in CPU cores and several other areas, but we've again entered the rarefied world of professionally priced machines. At the time of writing, the price of Apple's most powerful Mac Pro is still unknown.

While the Thelio is a powerful machine that can hold its own against the Mac Pro, it does lack the ProRes RAW accelerator card, which means it likely won't perform quite as well with high-resolution video. The other gotcha for creative professionals is that Adobe's photo and video editing software does not support Linux, the operating system that ships with Thelio.

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