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Numbers: How to make graph ignore 0?

Graph Paper Maker eliminates the need to create your own customized graph paper by hand. Today, digital designs rule, and so does digitally designed graph paper. From a simple, straightforward user interface, schools and businesses and students can design graph paper to fit specific requirements. Both X and Y axis can be set for scaling as well as linear or log scales.

Running Origin on a Mac

Graph Paper Maker comes with a dozen standard graph paper sizes, but you can create your own for specific projects. You control the color of the lines, weights for X and Y axis lines, range and spacing of labels. Titles can be added to each and the grid spacing can be specified, too.

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How many graph paper designs are there? From there you can customize each or dream up a graph paper design of your own.

Creating Charts in Pages for the Mac

My husband, Nathan, and I have used Macs for nearly 25 years. We're teachers at a private school in Chicago, IL.

How To Create A Bar Graph in Numbers

What can I do if the virtual machine is slow on Mac? What license types are supported when run Origin on Mac?

Graphs For Math, Science, And Fun

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Intro to scatter charts and bubble charts

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