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Most of the other form fillers and password managers available in other browsers do no more than filling user name and passwords. You still have to open the page yourself and submit the form manually. In Slimjet, the built-in QuickFill form filler lets you save the page link, form data as a single form file, just like a bookmark.


Fastest web browser for Windows (7/8/10), Mac and Linux

When you access the form file later on, Slimjet will automatically open the page, fill in all the previously saved form data and submit the form automatically. All the three steps are performed continuously without user intervention. If you have a lot of online accounts, QuickFill can really save you a lot of time. Slimjet is powered by the high performance Blink engine, the same engine used by Google Chrome.

Fastest Web Browser for Windows (7/8/10), Mac and Linux

Ever since the Blink engine is forked off the webkit engine, the guys at Google have made tons of improvement to the Blink engine so that it has become the best rendering engine in terms of performance and security. Firefox uses a single process architecture for all the tab processes and couldn't really make full use of the numerous cores available in modern processors. The Blink engine is also particularly designed to make sure there is little delay with every UI operation, which makes Slimjet the most responsive browser among all.

If you like sharing the sites and images you come accross on Internet, sharing them to your friends on popular social networking sites couldn't be faster in Slimjet.

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All the popular social networking services are just a single click away. You don't have to open facebook first, copy over the text, image or link and then post it manually. All that is taken care of automatically in Slimjet. To fetch more content, more searches, more communication on internet, all you need is a greater browsing speed. While Opera is prospering as a quick web program that makes your web experiences a breeze, for others the benchmark numbers support Google Chrome and Firefox.

But for those who are looking forward to an extra ordinary option, with extreme engine performance, usage competence, and level of mechanization, Slimjet is your answer.

How Download Manager Works?

It has plethora of features inclusive of automatic ad-blocker, fastest downloading speed, and high performance blink engine. Make an end to your search with the rapidest browser ever, which includes a turbocharger download manager that helps one to download files from the server using a single connection. Having 12 times better speed than any other browser, it allows you to upload any image with high resolution and do much more in matter of seconds.

Leech: Download Manager app for the Mac

Slimjet comes with unique features which amplifies uploading speed upto times. Whether you are trying to finish an assignment or busy with some deadlines, the slow running browser needs can be improved by some simple steps:. Basically, the speed comparison is carried out on the basis of features. Well, the good thing is that Slimjet scores really high when it is about security, speed, and performance. There are number of standard metrics which can be used to determine the excellence of a browser and some standards-based compliance tests, which Slimjet qualifies.

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  • When compared with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Opera, Slimjet comes out to be the fastest browser which can withstand for long, giving all the benefits that mainstream browsers offer. Built in Ad Blocker Tired of all those ads that are distracting, slows your system and wastes your time?


    Fastest File Download Manager Most of the other browsers only offer a primitive download manager which download files from the servers using only a single connection. Faster Photo Upload If you are a fan of sharing photos online, you would know how slow it is to upload a high-resolution digital photo. QuickFill Form Filler Most of the other form fillers and password managers available in other browsers do no more than filling user name and passwords. Faster sharing on social networks If you like sharing the sites and images you come accross on Internet, sharing them to your friends on popular social networking sites couldn't be faster in Slimjet.

    File download speed Up to 12x with multiple connections. Form filler Fill login and identity information. Automatic page navigation and form submission. Basic password manager Fill login and identity information. Basic password manager Photo upload speed Up to 20x 1x 1x 1x Video downloader 10x speed Social network integration One-click sharing. Add Comment. FlareGet is a full featured, multi-threaded download manager and accelerator for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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    Version: 4. It uses a robust in-place dynamic file segmentation algorithm to speed up the download.

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    • The download is split into segments to increase the speed. It integrates with all the browsers to replace their default download manager and start the download by itself. It supports almost all the browsers — firefox, internet explorer, google chrome, chromium, opera, safari etc. It uses an intelligent file management system to automatically categorize your files based on their extensions. All the downloads are grouped in different folders as per their categories. It can resume unfinished downloads even on power failures or system crash.