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If there is no option for restoring, then the last resort is Method 3, which does not require any backup and works on both Windows and Mac. If you have tried everything above but still unable to recover overwritten files or the files that you have deleted by accident or formatted files or files which are corrupted by some kind of virus attack. Then, rest assured as iReparo for PC will be able to get everything done as you desired. After the recovery, you will be able to access the recover files. It is suggested that you should save the useful files to somewhere safe as soon as possible. Though this file recovery software is very powerful, it is necessary to back up important data regularly.

Besides these data backup methods , please kindly share with us other methods you know. Toggle navigation. Home current Products Resource Support Search. How to Recover Overwritten Files on Windows and Mac with 3 Methods If you have replaced an existing excel or word document with a new but identically-named file in your computer, you might find the replaced original file is not in Recycle Bin, thus impossible to restore even if it is possible to recover files from Recycle bin after empty.

Method 1.

Method #1. How to Recover Overwritten File on Mac with Time Machine.

To begin the recovering process, follow the instruction below: Step 1. Navigate to the folder where the original file was stored. Step 2.

Right-click on the blank area, then choose Properties. Step 3. Go to Previous Versions tab. Select the latest version from there and click on Copy. Step 4. Click on Restore and recover replaced files or deleted files. Method 2.

Recover an earlier version of an Office file

In this section, we emphasize three strategies that help you recover overwritten files. If you have created a restoration point, you will be able to restore the deleted files through system restore.

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In fact, this is a very efficient way to get the overwritten files back. You can use a previous version of the Windows to get back the files that were overwritten. In fact, the Previous Version refers to a backup and a recovery feature available in Windows. You can use it to get back deleted, modified, lost, corrupted files.

With a bit of luck, you can get these files back on your computer through the Previous Version. As we mentioned before, recovering overwriting files is not the easiest of tasks. However, if you have a powerful data recovery software, you can simplify this complex process. This particular tool can easily recover files that were overwritten.

How to Recover Overwritten Files Mac (macOS Mojave Compatible)

However, we strongly recommend you to download the software and try the trial version. If the software shows some success, you should purchase it. The trial version of EaseUS is capable of showing the files that you are able to retrieve. So, you can decide whether to purchase the original version or not.

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  • With that being said, here are the steps to recover overwritten files using EaseUS. As the first step, you should download EaseUS software. Then, you should select the disk in which the overwritten file is stored.

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    That will start the search for the overwritten, lost and deleted files on the respective disk. Now, you will be able to see the initiation of a quick scan. Once the quick scan is completed, the program will start a deep scan. It will ensure that more files are found. Once the deep scan is completed, you can choose to recover the data that is you just found.

    Easy Ways to Recover Overwritten Files on Mac

    It is always better to recover these files onto a different drive or a device to avoid potential failure. As you may see, all those methods we mentioned above come with several drawbacks. For instance, the first method solely depends on the restoration point you created. If you have done any alternations after the restoration, you cannot recover those files through that method.

    Get Easeus Data Recovery. Macs are renowned for their speed and reliability. However, even Mac computers can lose their files and information due to user behaviors. Even an experienced Mac user is prone to make a mistake or two once in a while. Although some mistakes can be rectified easily, some require expert assistance. For instance, an accidentally deleted file can be taken back from the trash. But, it is difficult to recover overwritten files without proper knowledge.

    However, thanks to the instructions we offer, this section will teach you how to address such a situation effectively. Click it if your Apple Mouse Not Working.

    In this case, the old file will be replaced with the new one that has different contents. The contents of the old file will be gone.

    Method #2. How to Recover Overwritten File on Mac with Recovery Tool

    If you rename a file and the name you give is already existing in the same folder, overwrite happens. In this case, the old file will be gone. In fact, these are some common instances that can take place during general computer functionality. Even if you are an expertise Mac user, these mistakes can take place.

    So, can you actually recover overwritten files if you are using a Mac? Absolutely possible! In fact, Mac comes with a built-in feature that allows you to recover overwritten files. Mac computers come with an especially built-in feature called Time Machine. It comes in the form of software. This is a simple but effective software that lets you retrieve data on the Mac. Time Machine creates regular backups of selected data on Mac computers. That is exactly why it is possible to get back lost data back on Mac.

    Before start using the Time Machine, you should make sure if it is turned on. If it is switched off, you should turn it on to begin the process. Now, you should try finding the particular files located on the computer which are overwritten already. Locate the files or folders you intend to recover. It even allows you to perform a search to recover files. After locating the files, you should hit the Restore button in order to get them back. These steps will get the files back on the computer.