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A supercharged, bit DDR memory interface and 8 thrilling pixel pipelines generate the power to deliver real-time, Hollywood calibre graphics for the most demanding next-generation games. More than just a higher clocked Radeon , the Radeon Pro doesn't cease to impress because of the minor but potent improvements ATI made to the R core. If you want the best out today, look no further than the Radeon Pro; it's quiet, faster, occupies a single slot, and will enjoy much wider availability than the GeForce FX.

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The R neither makes much difference from its predecessor, R, nor offers any radical changes. The clock speeds have been raised, with some optimization to the drivers and some small architectural innovations added. The F-buffer proved to be the major innovation. This technology offers hardware support for the execution of shader having unlimited length through partitioning them into pieces.

Use of this technology gives some performance boost in shader-enabled applications. By and large, the R is simply a polished and optimized version of the R, even the quantity of transistors in the chip remained the same.

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There aren't any essential technological distinctions from the predecessor chip. There may be a chance that you have already damaged the GPU chip. Only running the card with a properly funtioning fan will tell. If, with a properly functioning fan on the card, you still have artifact issues, I would consider the to be damaged. View answer in context. Helpful answers Drop Down menu.

Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 1. Failed fans on cards seem to be a too-common story around here.

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If the fan is working, shut down and check it for crud build-up that could slow its rotation. Clean if needed. Sticky dust accumulated on the blades can slow the spin and overheat the GPU. I had shoulder surgery in March and there were some days when I didn't allow myself near a computer! On older ATI cards, a failed fan did not necessarily kill the card. I had the fan start squealing and drop to about half-speed on an original Radeon Mac Edition 32MB card, and the card still works.

However, it seems the 's are killed rather quickly when the fan dies. ATI warrants their cards for three years.

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If you bought the card new, talk to them. Their fan killed it--they should make it right. The unfortunate thing is that they gave up on the MB version of the and now have only a MB version.

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I would think they should "sweeten the pot" a bit if they can only replace your card with the current one. Loading page content. Thank you so much for the suggestoin! I will get back with the results when possible, for reals. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Should I still attempt to "clean" it? I mean, it's not looking TOO cruddy My G5 suddenly started freezing up, then sometimes the screen turned black and I'd have to hold the power button to restart.

The freezes happened within the first minute after booting up. This machine has been working fine Since I read all the horror stories of G5 freezing and so forth. I finally had time today to do a trial and error by removing all my ram, removing all the dirt. More Insider Sign Out. Sign In Register. Sign Out Sign In Register.

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