Transfer data from mac to pc ethernet

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How to Connect Your PC & Mac Together Over an Ethernet Connection

Apr 23, 33 0 10, 0. Have you ever wanted to share files that are on your Mac with your Windows PC but have no USB or external storage, well look no further because all you need is any Ethernet Cable and you will be good to go. Windows PC. Apple Mac Computer. Basic understanding of both Operating Systems. Step 3 You should see a range of Network connections, There should be a network named Local Area Connection, double click on Local Area Connection and a window should come up with the general information.

Migrate Data from PC to Mac [HOW TO]

Click on the Details Button. Step 4 There should be a line that says "Autoconfiguration IPv4 add" for now, just remember that. At this point you should choose the file or folder that you would like to share with your Mac.

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Step 6 You should now be able to access and share files between both Computers. Then turn on Guest account.

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Then scroll down, select "Turn off password protected sharing. Restart your Windows computer. Then follow the previous instructions. Windows 7 1 Aug 8, S Question Get file sizes in directory. Windows 7 9 Aug 6, Question Deleted files show up in Pictures folder, when choosing wallpaper. When the migration is complete, quit Windows Migration Assistant on the PC, then log into the new user account on your Mac.

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After logging into the Mac, remember to authorize your Mac in iTunes so you can play content downloaded from the iTunes Store, and make sure to log into iCloud as well. A surprising amount of the data on a PC can be transferred to your Mac. Outlook users can also run the app on Mac as part of Microsoft Office for Mac and connect to the same servers for access to their contacts, calendar, and so on. The Photos app scans that folder for all photo files and presents them for review before being imported.

Finally, some system settings from the PC — language and location settings, web browser home page, and custom desktop pictures — are also moved to System Preferences.

How can I share files between Windows PC and a Mac via Ethernet cable? - Super User

Skip to content. Contact Us. In the Run window, type cmd and press Enter. In the command window, type chkdsk and press Enter. The chkdsk utility may report that it found problems. Used to be that when connecting two computers as opposed to a computer and a router or switch , you had to use a special crossover cable. Then ports started getting smart and auto-detecting the type of connection and adjusting accordingly. Is this auto-detection now universal?

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  • How to Share Files between Two Computers Using LAN Cable?
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Just from memory. This is a feature defined for GigEthernet. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. With so many complaints about FireWire disappearing from the MacBooks, I wondered if large files could be copied using just an Ethernet cable. It was successful, and the transfer was rapid -- less than one minute to transfer 1. I used an aluminum MacBook connected via Ethernet cable directly to an aluminum iMac. AirPort cards were turned off on both computers, the Ethernet connections were active, and file sharing in the Sharing System Preferences panel was on.

Under Shared in Finder, the computers recognized each other, allowing me to copy from one computer to the other. Basically, the Mac OS is smart enough to set up a functional network if you connect two machines together using Ethernet or FireWire cable. Once connected, transfers will happen very quickly.

Transfer files using a direct Ethernet connection 17 comments Create New Account. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. You are correct. Any old Cat5 will do. Crossover cables are never needed for any reason on newer Macs because the ethernet port does the crossover for you - something called Auto-MDIX. I bought a MacBook and threw away the crossover cable I always carried in my laptop bag.